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PMG Chapter 690: Wrath

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PMG Chapter 690: Wrath

Bei Ming accompanied them as they left. After all, he was the leader of Shen Gong North.

“Don’t forget, three months later we will see each other again.” said Bei Ming to Lin Feng and the others. Everybody smiled. Amongst those five, the weakest were Yun Fei Yang and Qing Meng Xin but their future was still going to be incredible. They would probably become incredible geniuses in a timeframe of ten years. Of course, only if they left Xue Yu. 

Lin Feng and the others, however, would have to leave Xue Yu.

“Leader, don’t worry about walking us out.” Said Lin Feng. Bei Ming nodded, he had been extremely good to them already. He was the leader of Shen Gong North and had given them face the entire time. Besides, being the leader of Shen Gong North meant that he was already an incredible cultivator, He wasn’t an ordinary cultivator of the Tian Qi layer.

“Alright.” said Bei Ming nodding. He then turned around and moved back into the palace. Xue Wu Chang also nodded to them and said, “Lin Feng, I really look forward to seeing you again.” 

“I do as well, I hope you will remember me.” said Qing Chan, smiling at Lin Feng. She looked a bit sad, almost sick at heart.

“Mister Xue, Qing Chan, I will remember you.” said Lin Feng with an honest smile. He also looked kind hearted, but things had to change. This time Jun Mo Xi, Tang You You, Xue Wu Chang and so on… Lin Feng’s head was filled with beautiful memories. 

“Let’s go.” said Xue Wu Chang. Then he and Qing Chan went back into Shen Gong…. Life was filled with surprises. 

“We are the only ones left.” said Lin Feng to Jun Mo Xi and the others. Everyone else had all joined Shen Gong, even Yue Tian Ming. Maybe Yue Tian Ming would become even stronger there.

“Indeed, we are the only ones left. Let’s go.” said Jun Mo Xi smiling. “It’s a good thing that you have to cross Dragon Mountain on your way back to Xue Yue. We can chat together on the way back.”

“Did your parents go back?” asked Lin Feng. Jun Mo Xi nodded and said, “They left when we were in Shen Gong.”

“Let’s go to the fighting stage, some people are waiting for us there.” said Jun Mo Xi smiling. Then they rose up in the air and flew towards the fighting stage of Xue Yu. There weren’t many things left on that stage, everything looked destroyed or broken. Lin Feng’s sword had left so many marks inside.

Around the fighting stage were still some people, they looked like they were still recalling the events of the Great Competition of Xue Yu. They shivered when they saw Lin Feng and the others come back.

“Lin Feng, Jun Mo Xi… It seems like they have decided not to join Shen Gong.” thought the crowd. They were a bit surprised. Dragon Mountain had seen six of its geniuses obtain excellent rankings. Three of them were in the top five. Lin Feng had finished first and Jun Mo Xi had fourth, and they were such good friends now.

“Your excellency.” said some people from Dragon Mountain. Lin Feng looked in the air and saw a ferocious, wild beast there. Someone was chasing that beast. 

“You won’t escape animal!” threatened someone while smiling. That animal was a ferocious, ancient animal.

“Roaaarrr!” The winged tiger roared when it saw Lin Feng, it seemed furious. Lin Feng had come so Wu Qing couldn’t stop him anymore. He didn’t dare.

“How audacious!” shouted Lin Feng furiously, a cloud of dust rose up along with Lin Feng. 

“Roaaarrr!” The winged tiger was furious as it lowered its head. Lin Feng immediately landed on its body and the winged tiger calmed down.

The one chasing the winged tiger had stopped, he started shaking out of fear.

Lin Feng! 

He had seen Lin Feng win the competition and knew how terrifying Lin Feng was. He had even been able to defeat Duan Wu Dao and Di Ling. When he saw how docile the became, he realized that it must have been Lin Feng’s. 

“Get lost!” shouted Lin Feng. 

“Roaaaar!” The winged tiger chased that person. It seemed like he was still furious, but then he realized how strong Lin Feng was. That young man was becoming even more terrified. Lin Feng looked calm and serene, surprisingly. 

Of course, the winged tiger was also proud of Lin Feng.

Lin Feng moved back to the fighting stage of Xue Yu. Jun Mo Xi smiled and jumped onto the back of the winged too.

“Xiao Ya, Han Man, Po Jun, hop on as well.” shouted Lin Feng. All of them jumped on the winged tiger. And then they dived into the clouds. 

Everybody raised their heads to watch the silhouettes leave. Those geniuses were leaving, and the other geniuses had already left for different places. Some of them had joined the East Sea Dragon Palace, some the Jade Heaven Imperial Family, some the Nine Cloud Swords Sect, and the rest to Shen Gong. 

In the air, clouds were rolling. The winged tiger was clapping its wings as it flew towards Dragon Mountain. 

Jun Mo Xi looked to Tang You You and said, “We succeeded this time, Dragon Mountain succeeded. We have the best winnings statistics. You You, let’s take out some alcohol to celebrate!”

“I can’t waste the alcohol.” said Tang You You smiling. Then she started taking out a massive amount of bottles,. Jun Mo Xi and the others each grabbed a bottle or two smiling. 

“Han Man, Po Jun, I want to warn you that those are fine liquors. Let’s drink together!” said Lin Feng, passing them bottles as well. The liquors of the Tang Clan were precious.

Han Man and took a bottle with his eyes twinkling. He immediately opened it and tried it.

“Good stuff, bro. I’ve never had the occasion to drink alcohol in the army.” said Han Man sounding a bit saddened. He had a hard life in Duan Ren City.

“How is the army? How is Uncle Liu? Is he alright?” asked Lin Feng frowning. He was wondering how people in Duan Ren City were doing. 

“Very difficult.” said Han Man shaking his head. “We fought against Mo Yue for a long time and then we withdrew troops. We suffered too many losses. We stopped fighting at the Duan Ren Border so we could defend the north west. The country of Lie Yun had intervened and wanted to steal Duan Ren City. We lack good fighters because what happened at the Duan Ren Border. Everyday is a bloodbath. The most terrifying fact is that we are dispirited. Xue Yue doesn’t help us, we have no food, no medicine, no weapons… We have nothing. We have been abandoned to the enemies, we are at the mercy of two countries.” said Han Man sounding desperate. His eye had become bloodshot when he spoke of his misfortunes.

“We are Xue Yue troops. If you hadn’t been there Lin Feng, we would have died last time. Xue Yue wouldn’t have helped us. How could we still hope for help…” said Po Jun mockingly. He didn’t understand why they let people die in Duan Ren City.

A blood bath, troops dying everyday… But the monarch didn’t care as if their lives didn’t count.

Lin Feng was furious when he heard him. He took another sip of alcohol and said, “When we’re back in Xue Yue, I will put an end to it.”

“Alright.” Han Man’s eyes gleamed with hope. With Lin Feng’s strength, the troops would become motivated, and to back them up was Po Jun and Xiao Ya. They would be pleasantly surprised. 

The winner of the Great Competition of Xue Yu, he who despised the high-officials and even the crown prince Duan Wu Dao was coming back a hero!
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