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PMG Chapter 691: Dazzling Lights

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PMG Chapter 691: Dazzling Lights

There was a group of people arriving from the sky in the Imperial City of Dragon Mountain. They were very high up and were wearing imperial chang paos. The leader was wearing a dragon robe and looked particularly domineering and imposing with his warlord Qi.

That person was a respectable cultivator in Dragon Mountain and was returning from Mi Cheng. He was the emperor of Dragon Mountain, Jun Mo Xi’s father. There were several people from the Imperial City following him as well.

There was also a group of people of the Tang Clan on their right, and a group of people from the Cosmic Pavilion on their left. They were all gazing into the distance as if they had seen someone coming back.

Previously, they had heard the news that six people from Dragon Mountain had finished in the top 16 at the Great Competition of Xue Yu! 

According to the rumors, three people from Dragon Mountain, including Jun Mo Xi, had finished in the top five. Jun Mo Xi had finished fourth. Dragon Mountain had been the most dazzling empire of that year’s Great Competition.

There was a huge crowd forming below, they were trying to guess who had finished first at the competition. 

“What are your thoughts Shi Yun?” asked a middle-aged man to a young and beautiful girl. 

Shi Yun shook her head and smiled.

“Shi Yun.” said a young man again. He smiled and said, “My brother will come back soon, even though he didn’t finish the Great Competition of Xue. He was able dazzle and his cultivation level is now incredible. When he comes back I will propose the Huo Clan a marriage alliance. My clan will support me.” 

“I’m not interested.” said Huo Shi Yun indifferently. This made the young man very angry.

“Wu Xin, Shi Yun is not interested in a relationship. I am honored that you’re interested in her, but don’t mention such things again.” said Huo Jiu Yang frowning. That young man had neither learning nor skill and was just a pervert. He wasn’t as good as Shi Yun, she deserved much better than that. Besides, with what  happened last time, Huo Jiu Yang wasn’t going to force his daughter to get married anymore. If she wasn’t interested, then she wasn’t interested and he would respect her choice.

Cui Wu Xin was trying to get a girlfriend using his brother’s name, Cui Wu Ming. 

“Huo Jiu Yang, I, Cui Wu Xin already gave you face, don’t make me lose face now. Wait until my brother comes back, then you will see that you don’t have a choice.” said Cui Wu Xin groaning coldly. Huo Jiu Yang pulled a long face, what a bastard. That guy was incompetent and was trying to use his brother’s name and influence seeing how Cui Wu Ming was coming back.

“They arrived… It seems like they arrived.” said several people suddenly. They were gasping with amazement while gazing into the distance.

There were so many beasts, it really seemed like they had come back. 

“Alright, my brother came back.” said Cui Wu Xin smiling coldly and glancing at Huo Jiu Yang and Huo Shi Yun. He hoped that he could rely on his brother and clan to dazzle because he was so incompetent. Then he would get what he wanted, such as Shi Yun.

Huo Jiu Yang and Huo Shi Yun were also gazing into the distance. That group of people in the sky was getting nearer and nearer. 

“Beasts from Dragon Mountain. The candidates from the Great Competition of Xue Yu came back. 

People were intrigued and staring as they arrived. Someone noticed one person in particular, Jun Mo Xi. 

“Jun Mo Xi, the best cultivator of Dragon Mountain is back! What did he finish as? He must have been an extremely dazzling cultivator.”

There was also Tang You You, Qing Meng Xin, Cui Wu Ming, Leng Xue. They had all gone to the Great Competition of Xue Yu… There was also another young man. He was sitting on an ancient, ferocious, wild beast and was wearing white clothes. He looked majestic, but they had never seen him. 

That ferocious, ancient animal was extremely rare, it was a winged tiger.

However, Huo Shi Yun and Huo Jiu Yang were astonished to see him, especially Shi Yun who started trembling.

“It’s Lin Feng, it’s really Lin Feng… He hasn’t died, he’s still alive.. Lin Feng is still alive and has even participated at the Great Competition of Xue Yu.” Shi Yun’s eyes were twinkling and her thoughts were moving quickly in her head. She nibbled her lips and turned red, she had bit her lips so hard that some blood appeared.

He was moving in the wind very quickly. In a flash, the crowd arrived in front of the people from Dragon Mountain. 

“Jun Mo Xi.”

“You You.”

“Meng Xing!” 

Those three names were resonating together. They looked proud, Dragon Mountain managed to steal three places without counting the countries under its jurisdiction… Then there were thirteen other countries to count on.

Those young people looked matured. Besides, their Qi had completely changed. They must have gone through incredible things at that Great Competition of Xue Yu. They had faced death, they had kept fighting against their own selves, they had challenged ther other incredible geniuses. They had become stronger faster than anyone else could have. 

“Alright, not bad this time. Dragon Mountain finished with six people in the top ten and four people in the top six. We have three people in the top four… And the champion of the competition comes from a country under our jurisdiction! This time, you made our empire dazzle, you are the glory of our empire!” said the emperor receiving them with a resplendent smile. The crowd was astonished, how incredible, the champion of the competition came from a country under their jurisdiction…?

They looked at the crowd in the sky, everybody had thought that Jun Mo Xi would finish first. It had to be him, right?

“Qing Meng Xin from the Cosmic Pavilion, tenth! You are a dazzling cultivator in Dragon Mountain, thank you!” said the emperor bowing in front of Qing Meng Xin. Everybody was astonished, he was so respectful to those glorious champions. He was even thanking them.

“Emperor!” everybody raised their heads and looked at him in a respectful way, they felt moved.

“Yun Fei Yang, I don’t know where you’re from, Xue Yue, Tian Feng or Dragon Empire. But in any case, you made our empire dazzle because you finished eighth. Congratulations! Thank you!” 

The crowd also looked at Yun Fei Yang, he had astonished them back then before the competition had even started. They had had the impression that Yun Fei Yang was a bit too weak back then, they had never thought that he would end up amongst the most incredible geniuses at the competition. Surprisingly, he had finished eighth… How incredible! 

“Tang You You of the Tang Clan, you finished sixth. Congratulations and thank you.” said the emperor as nicely and respectfully as before. Tang You You had surprisingly finished sixth. How strong! Qing Meng Xin and Tang You You definitely deserved to be called the strongest women of the country. Not to mention, they were both extremely beautiful.

“Jun Mo Xi of the Imperial City Clan of Dragon Mountain, you finished fourth. You are a dazzling cultivator, you are the Prince of Dragon Mountain!” said the emperor making the crowd shiver. Jun Mo Xi was the prince… They knew that, but he had finished… Fourth? 

The emperor had said that three people from Dragon Mountain had finished in the top four… Who were the two others then? 

“The second champion of the Great Competition of Xue Yu is Duan Wu Dao, Prince of Xue Yue. He hasn’t come, but I would still like to thank him as well.”

Duan Wu Dao was the Prince of Xue Yue and had finished second… 

The second was from Xue Yue, who was the first one then?

They were all glancing at the crowd, they were eager to know who the first one was. Who was the most dazzling cultivator of Xue Yu? 
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