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PMG Chapter 694: Back Home

Edited: Odd Man Out
PMG Chapter 694: Back Home

After killing Xue Tu, Lei Mang, who was actually using a thunder staff, put it back on his shoulder. The thunders disappeared as he turned around to face Lin Feng. He seemed look at him in a friendly manner. 

“Thank you.” said Lin Feng nodding. Lin Feng would have died if Lei Mang hadn’t helped.

Lin Feng was actually wondering what sphere of influence Xue Tu belonged. Why had he chased him for such a long time to kill him?

“No need, I am just working for Shen Gong. Since you have accepted to go into the mystical world, Shen Gong must protect you. There’s no need to thank me.” said Lei Mang. “Lin Feng, please continue your journey.” 

“Alright.” Lin Feng waited until Qi Qiong arrived next to him and sat back on him. Whistling sounds began spreading in the air again. A moment later, in the distance, there were other cultivators of the Tian Qi layer fighting. His heart was furiously beating. 

Lin Feng had left but Lei Mang stayed behind. He remained in the distance. His consciousness had completely enveloped the entire area. Even a speck of grass or an insect couldn’t escape him.

Once Lin Feng left, Lei Mang said, “You’ve been chasing us for such a long time, just come out now.”

After a small period of silence, two silhouettes came out. Lin Feng hadn’t thought that four cultivators of the Tian Qi layer had been following him, three of them wanted to kill him. 

“I think you heard what I said earlier.” said Lei Mang aggressively. 

The two cultivators of the Tian Qi layer remained silent. A moment before they had seen everything. Lei Mang was extremely strong, he had managed to crush a cultivator of the Tian Qi layer very easily.

“Da Shu Kong, you’re the one who sent Xue Tu…. Such things will not happen again. After Lin Feng enters the mystical world, you won’t be able to kill him anymore. You will see.” 

The two cultivators didn’t look resigned to give up. Yu Mo had been killed by Lin Feng, then Miss Da Shu had been killed because of Lin Feng too. They were furious. They had come so far to kill Lin Feng but they hadn’t realized that Shen Gong had sent people to protect him.

“Then it’s fine if we don’t touch Lin Feng until after he enters the mystical area?” said Da Shu Kong coldly. 

“What? It doesn’t matter, Lin Feng must live. I don’t want to see you anymore.” said Lei Mang waving. 

Yu Mo’s teacher and Da Shu Kong’s eyes were twinkling. They couldn’t come out and they could kill Lin Feng before he entered the mystical world. They had to pay attention to those rules.


Lin Feng obviously didn’t know that two more cultivators of the Tian Qi layer had been following him. After having broken through to the Tian Qi layer, when in fusion with the earth, cultivators didn’t release a single iota of Qi. Plus they could fly from extreme heights. Lin Feng’s cultivation level was inferior to theirs. Even though his senses were extremely acute, he still couldn’t sense them.

But with Han Man, Po Jun and Xiao Ya, Lin Feng wasn’t going to be bored. He could always teach Han Man some cultivation tips. He could also practice his wind skill, there was plenty to do. 

Finally, some tall buildings began appearing from beneath them. The Qi in the atmosphere was familiar, Lin Feng felt like he could finally relax.

“We’ve arrived.” when Lin Feng saw that place, he smiled resplendently, he looked like a little ray of sunshine. 

“Go down.” said Lin Feng and immediately after the winged tiger nosedived. Under them was the Lovesickness Forest.

People who were walking on the main road of the Imperial City were surprised to see such a ferocious, wild beast in the air.

It was a red, ancient, ferocious animal. They were flying so fast that the crowd couldn’t even follow them with their eyes. 

“What kind of beast is that? Its Qi is scary.” thought many people watching that red beast in the sky. That Qi was a Xuan level Qi. Besides, that beast looked extremely ferocious. It was a level three Xuan beast but it was actually much stronger than ordinary beasts of the same level.

“It’s red like fire, it looks like a winged tiger.” whispered some people. Many of the others were surprised when they heard those whispers, a winged tiger?

“Such a long time had passed, the Great Competition of Xue Yu must be over now. I wonder who won… And I wonder if people from Xue Yue took any high rankings. Did Lin Feng come back? I think that was Lin Feng’s winged tiger.” thought some people in the crowd.

Had Lin Feng finished the competition? What was his ranking? What was his cultivation level like? Had he made progress?

What about Yue Tian Ming, Wu Qing and the others? They were wondering about Lin Feng’s ranking and especially about Duan Wu Dao, he was the best of the eight high-officials. Duan Wu Dao was the crown prince, he was extremely violent and aggressive. Had he dazzled? 

The crowd was eager to know about their rankings. The news hadn’t spread in the Imperial City of Xue Yue yet. The Yu Clan had already come back, as well as the Wan Shou Sect, but nobody had shown themselves.

Apart from the two geniuses of the Yu Clan, there was Wu Qing… They probably hadn’t finished amongst the best geniuses at the competition, otherwise their sect and clan wouldn’t have hidden away.

Lin Feng had no idea that so many people were wondering how he did. He was only thinking about going back to the Lovesickness Forest. 

There were several silhouettes in white clothes who immediately rose up in the air and blocked the way the moment when the winged tiger flew over the Lovesickness Forest. But very quickly, they were all surprised.

“Master, you came back.” 

“I did.” said Lin Feng joyfully. He moved forwards and jumped off the back of the winged tiger and onto the ground. 

He then looked around, he could see and sense everything with his incredible consciousness.

He slowly walked forwards in skillful and agile way. He wasn’t emitting any sound at all. In the secret area of the Lovesickness Forest, he could only hear the rustling sounds of the leaves. 

He then arrived next to a huge tree. In the distance were some familiar huts and lodge cabins. At the foot of one tree with a cabin lodge was a silhouette. That person was carving something, it was a middle-aged man. In the distance, there were two other people, women playing chess.

They looked calm and serene, it was a beautiful scene.

It seemed like Lin Hai had sensed something, he turned his head and saw Lin Feng.

“Little Lin Feng…” whispered Lin Hai. Yue Meng He and Meng Qing were shocked, they slowly raised their heads to see an outstanding-looking young man. 

“Little Lin Feng…” whispered Yue Meng He, she immediately stood up. 

Meng Qing also slowly walked a distance of a hundred meters. She stopped not far from Lin Feng

Yue Meng He and Lin Hai were behind and also stopped walking. They looked at each other and giggled.

Lin Feng saw those three people and smiled back just as cheery.

Meng Qing lowered her head, she looked cute and tender. She then raised her head again, she looked pure and holy. Her smile was moving and touching. Everything around her seemed nonexistent, even colorless. 

“You came back.” said Meng Qing. She had always been with Lin Feng since the Black Wing forest, she had never been away from him until he left for the tournament. She had never thought that her relationship with Lin Feng would be so intense.
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  1. Cass January 16, 2018 at 3:16 am - Reply

    Wait, his parents also called him Lin Feng? Kinda weird, isn’t it? I’d imagine it would have been ‘Little Feng’ or something along those lines instead.

    • Junichirou Kagami March 14, 2018 at 10:29 am - Reply

      It’s actually “Little Feng” though. Xiao Feng.

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  2. Rassum February 19, 2019 at 3:41 pm - Reply

    “Lovesickness Forest”

    it has been renamed?

  3. M4L4DD1CT10N April 9, 2019 at 12:03 pm - Reply

    And Han man, Xiao ya, po Jun, and winged tiger have once again vanished into thin air for this heartwarming scene to occur…

    This author pays soo little attention to details it drives me crazy as a reader with a brain who is trying to enjoy a good story…

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