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PMG Chapter 700: Public Announcement

Edited: Odd Man Out
PMG Chapter 700: Public Announcement

Deep in a forest In the Imperial Palace, opposite a waterfall, there was a beautiful woman next to a river. In front of her was a painting, it was a man’s portrait.

There were many colors and the style was refined and elegant. Water was flowing next to her but all she was focusing on was the portrait she was painting. She was painting the man she loved.

She was using her heart to paint. 

“Princess.” said someone at that moment, she was surprised to hear someone interrupting her. Duan Xin Ye stopped painting, her brush shook as she made some messy strokes. Duan Xin Ye frowned and turned her head around, “Xiao Xin, why are you bothering me?” 

“Princess, I have some good news.” said Xiao Xin with a resplendent smile on her face.

“What news?” asked Duan Xin Ye a bit surprised. She didn’t like being disturbed while painting. What was Xiao Xin talking about?

“Lin Feng is back. He just arrived and has proposed a marriage alliance.” said Xiao Xin proudly. Duan Xin Ye was so surprised that she dropped her painting brush. Lin Feng had come back and had asked her father for her hand.

“Did he reply?” asked Duan Xin Ye a bit anxious. 

“He did and he accepted. Master Lin Feng defeated Duan Wu Dao at the Great Competition of Xue Yu and he finished first. He has now become the Ruler of Xue Yue, that title was conferred to him by the Dragon Mountain Empire. He has came back a hero.”

Duan Xin Ye’s heart was pounding furiously. Lin Feng had defeated Duan Wu Dao and was the champion of the Great Competition of Xue Yu… He had also become the ruler of Xue Yue… All of that was great news. Duan Xin Ye was speechless. 

“Where is Lin Feng?” asked Duan Xin Ye suddenly. She looked delighted.

“I just heard the news so I rushed over to tell you these things. I think he should arrive at any moment now.” said Xiao Xin. Xiao Xin hadn’t even finished talking when Duan Xin Ye was already running away. Her cheong sam was fluttering in the wind. 

A silhouette appeared in front of her making her stop. She was so happy to see that person, it was the man she had been painting so many times over… He had come back… And to her great surprise, her father had accepted their alliance. 

She smiled magnificently when she saw him. Lin Feng looked mature and mysterious. Duan Xin Ye lowered her head, her face had turned red.

She wanted to control herself, but in the end tears appeared in her eyes and started flowing down her cheeks.

Duan Xin Ye used her sleeves to wipe off the tears, she lowered her head and smiled. She wanted to make herself beautiful but unfortunately she had started crying. 

Lin Feng slowly walked forwards and arrived next to Duan Xin Ye. She slowly raised her head still wiping off her tears with her sleeves. 

“Silly girl, if you want to cry then just cry.” said Lin Feng, stretching his hands out and hugging Duan Xin Ye. Then she was crying and crying. Duan Xin Ye tightly hugged Lin Feng, she felt warm. She was hugging him so tightly, it seemed like she was scared that he would leave her. 

Even though Lin Feng had finished as the champion of the Great Competition of Xue Yu, nobody had been able to predict what was going to happen there. Duan Xin Ye had been scared the whole time, she had thought that Lin Feng might die there. She had missed him so much but she had also been terrified. She didn’t like it when Lin Feng was away. She had had so many nightmares and had only been able to comfort herself alone and try to convince herself that Lin Feng would come back safe and sound. 

Now, he had come back and was right in front of her. 

Behind them was Xiao Xin smiling in a sweet way. She left them in silence without drawing their attention. She was happy for the princess. 

Lin Feng remained calm and serene, he didn’t say anything. He just let her cry as much as she wanted. 

“Lin Feng, in the future you must bring me with you if you go somewhere.” said Duan Xin Ye staring at Lin Feng. She wanted to stay by Lin Feng’s side all the time. She felt like she had a stone in her heart when Lin Feng gone. She felt like she was suffocating each time. Even if the situation was dangerous, she wanted to be with Lin Feng. 

“Okay.” said Lin Feng, wiping off her tears with his hand. She looked so sad, how could Lin Feng refuse her request?

She smiled again when she heard Lin Feng. She wiped off her tears with her sleeve again looking so cute. 

“Let’s go to the Lovesickness Forest.”

“Alright.” said Duan Xin Ye nodding like a good girl. Immediately after, Lin Feng rose up in the air and flew towards the Lovesickness Forest.

Nobody could stop them in the Imperial Palace, Lin Feng was the ruler of Xue Yue now and the king had even agreed to it. Lin Feng was the most powerful man in the country. She Huan had died opposing him, who else dared to argue him?

Lin Feng and Duan Xin Ye had left very quickly. 

Lin Feng’s life was usually calm and tranquil but now it wasn’t. He had come back to Xue Yue as a hero, he was the champion of the Great Competition of Xue Yu and had been conferred the title of Ruler of Xue Yue. The king had announced that news himself to the people. 

Yangzhou City now had a certain reputation since Lin Feng had been entitled as the ruler of Xue Yue. It had become an even stronger city. Some extremely strong cultivators were now going to Yangzhou City to live there. Great opportunities would surely present themselves there in the future. There were so many extremely great skills and techniques, foreigners were travelling there more there more frequently. Yangzhou City was becoming a large city.

Besides, at that moment in the sky above Yangzhou City, many silhouettes had appeared. They were riding ferocious wild beasts of the Xuan level. 

Everybody in Yangzhou City was terrified and panic-stricken, who were those strong cultivators and why had they come to Yangzhou City? 

Some golden papers were falling from the sky. The ferocious wild beasts were dropping those golden papers which floated in the wind. The sky of Yangzhou City was dazzling as they left. 

The crowd looked at the ferocious wild beasts leaving, a strong cultivator then rose up in the air and grabbed some of the golden papers.

“The Chi Xie Marquis has come back and he is now the champion of the Great Competition of Xue Yu. He has come back to Xue Yue as a hero. Now, he is the ruler of Xue Yue! Besides, he is going to get married with princess Duan Xin Ye. “

Many people were reading the words on those golden papers, some strong cultivators were shaking… Lin Feng had won the Great Competition of Xue Yu…. And had come back as a hero. Now he had been conferred the title of Ruler of Xue Yue by the emperor of Dragon Mountain… And was going to get married with the princess Duan Xin Ye.

People were astonished, some people slowly turned around and looked in the direction of the government building. Now, the leader of the city had become the ruler of the country… The castle which served as the government building would be a holy place In the future, another imperial palace.

People in Yangzhou City were reading the golden papers one after the other. They were all shaking. 

The champion of the Great Competition of Xue Yu was their leader, Lin Feng. And on top of that he came from Yangzhou City himself!

“Lin Feng!” The crowd looked so proud. 

“Lin Feng!” Some other people looked at the golden papers and sighed… How moving! Lin Feng from the Lin Clan.

This time, he hadn’t astonished Yangzhou City but he the entire country and even the entire region. They were all very proud because Lin Feng came from Yangzhou City!
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