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PMG Chapter 702: The End of An Era

Edited: Odd Man Out
PMG Chapter 702: The End of An Era

That day was going to be a bloodbath. The sound of the horses hoofs clopping was a wardrum, the armored horses were galloping towards the Yu Clan. 

“Those are people from the Yun Hai Sect..” Some people in the Imperial City saw Lin Feng’s army. They looked desolate and sad. What did the Yun Hai Sect want to do?

There was a ferocious, wild beast flying above that looked red like fire. And on that beast there was somebody, Lin Feng. 

The winged tiger had become Lin Feng’s emblem in Xue Yue. Lin Feng wasn’t fare when you saw that winged tiger appeared.

Lin Feng had come out of the Yun Hai Sect, why? 

Back then, Lin Feng had brought some troops to annihilate the Hao Yue Sect and the Ice and Snow Mountain Village as well as the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue. His troops weren’t troops anymore, they were much stronger. Lin Feng had also become much stronger, he had become the ruler of the country. He could annihilate any sphere of influence with ease. 

“The Yu Clan and the Wan Shou Sect..” The crowd was shaking when they thought about those two names. Lin Feng hated them, and everybody in the Imperial City knew that. Now, Lin Feng had come back to Xue Yue as a hero. He would never let them off! 

The Yu Clan and the Wan Shou Sect were going to be exterminated…

“It is the end of an era…” thought the crowd. There used to be lots of spheres of influence in Xue Yue. First, Duan Tian Lang had destroyed the Yun Hai Sect and had brought other sects to help him out. Meanwhile, the smallest spheres of influence in the country had always been under pressure. However, Lin Feng had risen up then. He had first brought his Chi Xie troops to destroy the Hao Yue Sect and the Ice and Snow Mountain Village which were spheres of influence outside of the Imperial City of Xue Yue. A bloodbath had started and a hero had risen. In such a short time, nobody had been able to stop him or prevent him from becoming stronger. However, after the battles some opportunities had appeared for other groups.

Xue Yue was witnessing the beginning of a new era. 

Without the Yu Clan and the Wan Shou Sect in the Imperial City, there would be more space for other spheres of influence. Nobody knew what would happen then, would there be a civil war or something like that? Anyways, some chaos was always occured in the history of any country. 

Lain Feng had gone to the Imperial City in the past and had changed the history of the Imperial City. 

The Yun Hai Sect had one main goal: the Yu Clan. 

The Yu Clan knew what was going to happen and they were all panic-stricken. Everybody had gathered in the main hall of the clan, it seemed like Yu Liu Shui had become their last resort.

Yu Liu Shui didn’t know what he could standing there in the main hall of the Yu Clan. He had seen Lin Feng during the Great Competition of Xue Yu and knew how strong he was… He also knew that Lin Feng was so strong that the Yu Clan couldn’t defeat him.

After having gone back to Xue Yue, Yu Liu Shui a hadn’t thought of taking the core disciples of the clan and leaving with them… He hadn’t thought of trying to escape from Lin Feng… How could they escape? The two most incredible cultivators of the Yu Clan had been killed by Lin Feng in the evil area during the Great Competition of Xue Yu… How could Yu Liu Shui escape…? There was no hope.

He could only hope that someone would help him face Lin Feng. However, Lin Feng had come back to Xue Yue as the champion of the competition and the new ruler of Xue Yue, who could oppose him?

“Boom boom boom!” A terrifying energy spread in the air. The entire Yu Clan was even more panic-stricken. Immediately after, the Yu Clan was surrounded. 

Lin Feng had arrived on his winged tiger and he had landed on the palace where Yu Liu Shui was. Without emitting any sound, Lin Feng used his sword to crush the palace. This caused a few silhouettes to come out, including Yu Liu Shui.  

“Head of the Yu Clan!” Lin Feng shouted at Yu Liu Shui. Yu Liu Shui was defeated, Lin Feng had come to kill him… He couldn’t hide anymore.

“You threatened me many times, you tried to kill me many times. You spread words of unceasing hatred during the Great Competition of Xue Yu. You wanted to kill me and now I am here, will you try?” said Lin Feng sounding arrogant. Yu Liu Shui was terrified. 

Could he kill Lin Feng? 

“Since you’re not attacking, I will attack.” said Lin Feng indifferently. His infinite quantity of sword energy then emitted whistling sounds in the atmosphere and his sword began twinkling. There were only sword lights in the atmosphere.

All the people of the Yu Clan were shaking as they watched Lin Feng. They looked desperate, there was no chance to win. Lin Feng had already progressed so much. 

“Die!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. Some terrifying lights rolled in the air like waves. Some strong cultivators released their pure Qi but it was useless. Lin Feng’s sword lights lacerated everything. In a flash, everybody had died. Everybody from kilometers around had all died. 

Lin Feng’s sword could kill people over such a huge distance. 

“They’re dead…?” Lin Feng had just said the word “Die!” And then many people from the Yu Clan had suddenly died. They were all cultivators above the fifth Xuan Qi layer. None of them had managed to escape. They didn’t even the time to emit horrible shrieks, they had died in the blink of an eye. 

Yu Liu Shui closed his eyes, he hated Lin Feng. He had offended a death god. He had never thought that such a day would happen. 

“The Yu Clan didn’t participate at the destruction of the Yun Hai Sect so today I will be merciful. I will not destroy your clan. The weakest ones, children, women and old people can leave. I’ll give you five minutes to leave. After that, the Yu Clan will not exist anymore.” said Lin Feng indifferently. In his hand had appeared a sword which looked extremely powerful.

Yu Liu Shui was standing there but he didn’t try to do anything. Resisting was useless. Lin Feng was being merciful so there was some hope. At least Lin Feng wasn’t going to slaughter them like he had done in the past, there was a silver lining. 

“The weakest ones, children, old people and women, hurry up and leave!” shouted Yu Liu Shui furiously. In a flash, Lin Feng’s sword light descended from the sky and then Yu Liu Shui, the head of the Yu Clan, eminent personality in Xue Yue, had died. 

The winged tiger roared furiously and in a flash a bright red light, like fire, streaked across the sky. The winged tiger had immediately left. 

The Wan Shou Sect was very far from the Yu Clan. They were also all panic-stricken when they heard that Lin Feng was going to come and slaughter them. The strongest cultivators of the sect had even prepared to leave. 

All the cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer of the Wan Shou Sect rose up in the air about to leave, they didn’t care about the sect anymore.

They had seen Lin Feng at the Great Competition of Xue Yu and knew how terrifyingly strong he was. If they didn’t leave, they would die.

“EVERYBODY STOP MOVING!” shouted a voice on the horizon, that voice rolled in the air. Those who were already in the air immediately got nervous, then a sword light descended from the sky. Their hearts were pounding, and in a flash they died. 

In a flash, they had all died. 

“Anyone who dares make half a step will die.” said a voice which resonated in every corner of the Yun Hai Sect. People raised their heads and saw a young man who looked astonishing.

He was so young and had dazzled at the Great Competition of Xue Yu. Now, he was the ruler of Xue Yue. He alone could annihilate an entire country already. 

It did not matter how many people there were facing a such a powerful cultivater, they couldn’t do anything. 

“Haven’t you heard me?!” asked Lin Feng, looking into the distance with his sharp eyes. Someone was still trying to escape, but then Lin Feng’s sword light descended from the sky and killed that person. Nobody had even been able to see that sword clearly.

“Roaaarr roaarrr!” The ferocious wild beasts of the Wan Shou Sect started running and roaring. They were furious and terrified at the same time. People remained silent, absolutely silent. 

“Teng Wu Yao, come out.” said Lin Feng. Immediately after, Teng Wu Yao appeared in the sky staring at Lin Feng. 

Lin Feng looked at Teng Wu Yao. Surprisingly, Teng Wu Yao, who usually looked furiously, suddenly smiled in a particularly strange way. 

“Teng Wu Yao, in the past you tried to steal the well of pure Qi I found in the mountains of the Nine Swords. You and your people wanted to kill me. That is how we started hating each other. Back then I was only a tiny little insect in your eyes, now things have changed..” said Lin Feng whose words were like needles in Teng Wu Yao’s heart. Back then, it had seemed like an insignificant event for Teng Wu Yao at the well of pure Qi, but now…
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    The Head is such an idiot.

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