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PMG Chapter 704: Gathering Ferocious Wild Beasts

Edited: Odd Man Out
PMG Chapter 704: Gathering Ferocious Wild Beasts

In a gigantic library in a building of the Imperial Palace of Xue Yue, there were some people sitting and talking. 

The leader of those people was wearing a golden crown. That person looked like the king, however, it wasn’t the king that people had seen last time. 

That person wasn’t the king but was wearing the golden imperial crown… What an offense! That was defying human and divine laws.

There wasn’t a single guard outside of the library, nobody dared come closer as if it had been a forbidden area. It also meant that nobody dared make a remark to that person about the imperial crown… Nobody wanted to offend that person. 

The other people sitting around that person were all incredible. If Lei Mang had been there, he would have recognized Da Shu Kong… And Yu Mo’s teacher… They were all incredible cultivators of the Tian Qi layer.

As expected, in order to sit down with people of the Tian Qi layer, one had to be of the Tian Qi layer as well. 

The one wearing the imperial crown was a cultivator of the Tian Qi layer, but in Xue Yue it seemed like cultivators of the Tian Qi layer didn’t exist… If there was someone of the Tian Qi layer in the Imperial Palace wearing an imperial crown, there was only one explanation. It had to be Duan Ren Huang, one of the four most outstanding cultivators of the country twenty years before!

At that moment, Duan Ren Huang, Da Shu Kong and the Yu Mo’s teacher were talking together.

“Your Majesty, Hei Sha wants to see you.” said someone outside the room at that moment. Hei Sha was one of the officers of the Snow Dragon Imperial Guards. The Snow Dragon Imperial Guards were loyal to Duan Ren Huang, His Majesty.

In Xue Yue there was a king, but Duan Ren Huang, even though he wasn’t the king, was also considered a king. Everybody called him “His Majesty”. 

Only extremely strong cultivators could make decisions, Duan Ren Huang could thus control everything in the country of Xue Yue, it was possible to say that he was the authentic king. 

“Come in.” said Duan Ren Huang. A moment later, Hei Sha came in and bowed very low in front of Duan Ren Huang. He didn’t look him in the eyes when he said, “Your Majesty!” 

“What do you want?” asked Duan Ren Huang sounding imposing. 

Hei Sha raised his head and looked at the other people. He was surprised.

“You can speak here.” said Duan Ren Huang when he saw that Hei Sha didn’t feel like talking in front of the others. 

“Understood, Your Majesty.” said Hei Sha while nodding. “Your Majesty, Duan Wu Dao is on his way back to the country.” 

“When he’s back, tell him to come and see me.” said Duan Ren Huang, nodding indifferently.

But Hei Sha didn’t seemed finished with just that. Duan Ren Huang looked surprised and said, “Talk if you have to add anything.” 

“Your Majesty, Duan Wu Dao is coming back with some people of the Jade Heaven Imperial Family.” said Hei Sha lowering his head. Duan Ren Huang was surprised.

At the same time, Da Shu Kong and Yu Mo’s teacher were surprised as well. Some extremely strong cultivators from Jade Heaven were coming to Xue Yue… 

Duan Ren Huang rolled up his sleeves and immediately stood up. Then he said, “Come with me, we’re going to greet the strong cultivators from Jade Heaven.” 

Da Shu Kong and the others also stood up. Duan Ren Huang was careful, people from Jade Heaven were so strong that he had to greet them personally. If they got angry they could destroy the entire country of Xue Yue without much effort.


In the Nine Dragons Mountain Chain, the stone ape was still roaring furiously but Lin Feng looked expressionless. He just screamed, “ENOUGH!” 

A terrifying sound wave spread in the air, it was as sharp as a sword as it crashed onto the ape’s body. Lin Feng was extremely far from the animal but his voice could still harm it.

The stone ape was roaring furiously but finally stopped. Lin Feng said coldly while fixedly staring at the animal, “Submit yourself.” 

“Roaar!” A deep roar emerged out of the ape’s mouth. Immediately after, the ape started running at Lin Feng causing the ground to shake. It lifted its hands to grab Lin Feng and crush him. 

If you don’t submit yourself I will test how strong your defense is.” said Lin Feng indifferently. He then condensed a gigantic sword in his hand. 

Rumbling sounds were still spreading in the air, Lin Feng’s soul was shaking but he looked as expressionless as before. A terrifying sword Qi had spread in the air and then the sword fell down.

“Kacha!” Some crackling sounds started spreading in the air and then the sound stopped abruptly. The stone ape was speechless as it lowered its head and saw a sword mark on its abdomen, there was blood. 

Lin Feng was a bit surprised, he hadn’t thought that the stone ape was that strong, Lin Feng had broken through to the eighth Xuan Qi layer and had used level one sword intent. He required so much strength just to harm the stone ape, most other animals would have died after such an attack. 

“I haven’t used my full strength yet. You have to submit yourself or you will die.” said Lin Feng coldly. At the same time, his dragon spirit started roaring. From his back appeared his nine dragons celestial fangs spirit, the stone ape was astonished.

That spirit was a dragon spirit… 

“Initially, I could make you submit yourself with my spirit, but I just wanted to be nice to you.” said Lin Feng, as coldly as before. His shaman spirit then began staring at the stone ape with its gigantic pupils. The stone ape’s eyes couldn’t evade that shaman spirit. 

Unsurprisingly, Lin Feng managed to make the stone ape submit itself. Just like he had said, he was able to make it submit itself very quickly without any effort, but he wanted the stone ape to fear him so he had used his sword first.

People had to be extremely strict to animals to make them respect them. 

“Go to the periphery of the Nine Dragons Mountain Chain and wait for me there, I need some other animals.” said Lin Feng to the stone ape. Immediately after, he moved forwards the depths of the mountain chain.

Rumbling sounds were spreading in the air. The stone ape immediately started running towards the edge of the mountain chain. It also met some humans which were scared to death seeing it. People were terrified, what was such a strong ferocious wild beast doing at the periphery of the nine swords mountain chain. Was that a beast flood?!

However, the crowd at the periphery of the mountain started shaking. 

A slayer tiger, a cyan-winged clouded leopard, a celestial eyes snake, an eight-leg violent bull… All of those animals had appeared at the edge of the mountain chain. People were going insane with fear, all those beasts were at least level five Xuan beasts… People didn’t dare approach the mountain chain anymore. Sometimes the beasts would glance at those people and scared them even more.

“Is it a beast flood?!” thought the adventurers… More beasts were still arriving, some by sky and some on the ground… They were all extremely strong. 

All the weakest beasts of the Nine Dragons Mountain Chain were escaping and running far away when they sensed the monstrous Qi of all those beasts. They didn’t dare get close.

What astonished people the most was that all of those beasts were gathering together. They weren’t fighting against each others, they were just calmly waiting together.

Then some whistling sounds spread in the air, causing people to raise their heads. They saw a silhouette in the sky and it was a human being on the back of a fire-red ferocious wild beast. That person flew to that gathering of ferocious wild beasts. 

The crowd started shaking violently… Could it be that….? 

They were finally thinking about a possibility… 

It was a winged tiger, so the young man on its back had to be… Lin Feng!
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