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PMG Chapter 707: Danger in Duan Ren City

Edited: Odd Man Out
PMG Chapter 707: Danger in Duan Ren City

The Country of Xue Yue dispatched people everywhere to tell the entire country that Lin Feng had become the ruler of Xue Yue, and that he was going to get married with Princess Duan Xin Ye. 

Many people were arriving in the Imperial City everyday. They all wanted to see the majestic wedding of the ruler of Xue Yue. That would be such a festive celebration.

The hotels and restaurants of the Imperial City were were packed full of people. There were even more people now than with the national genius competition before the Great Competition of Xue Yue. Those who had seen how dazzling Lin Feng had been at the Xiangjiang Lake had come back to the Imperial City. They all wanted to see how strong Lin Feng had become. Those who had missed the national competition didn’t want to miss Lin Feng’s performance this time, so they had all come. 

The wedding of a monarch or a ruler wasn’t necessarily something really attractive for most people, but Lin Feng had astonished the entire country and had ranked first at the Great Competition of Xue Yue. Then he had been conferred the title of ruler of Xue Yue. For many people, that was incredible. Many worshipped and admired Lin Feng, many were longing to become friends with Lin Feng and reach the clouds with him. 

There were many people outside the Imperial City. They all wanted to go into the city but very few wanted to come out.

“Eeeeya!” In the distance was an armored horse galloping at full speed. The person on that horse was wearing a red armor, red like blood. That person penetrated into the city at full speed like a hurricane.

“Stop!” shouted someone furiously trying to prevent that person from entering. 

“Fuck off!” shouted the knight, his spear turned into a blood-red light and immediately crashed into the guard’s throat. The cavalier didn’t turn his head around as entered the city, not caring about the guard. 

“It’s a military member from Duan Ren City!” thought the crowd stupefied when they saw that person. What was happening? Why was he rushing into the Imperial City? 

That Chi Xie armored horse didn’t stop and immediately galloped towards the Lovesickness Forest. Obviously that person was looking for Lin Feng. 

“Lin Feng!” said that person still on his horseback. He then entered the Lovesickness Forest but was ambushed by some silhouettes. They were white-clothed women were shouting at him coldly, “Stop!” 

Their sleeves fluttered as they blocked the Chi Xie horse. A terrifying force immobilized the Chi Xie armored horse. 

“Boom!” A terrifying attack crashed onto that person’s body causing him to collapse. His head was bleeding, he looked terrified as he said, “I’m looking for Lin Feng.” 

“What is happening. Speak.” said a woman in white clothes. Her tone of speech was still ice-cold. 

“Mo Yue and Lie Yun are killing our Xue Yue troops. A huge war has started. Duan Ren City is surrounded and it is a matter of life and death, the danger is imminent. A few hundred thousands of troops could die anytime. I want to see Lin Feng.” 

That person was speaking very quickly, ignoring his wounds. 

“What are you saying?” said a voice rolling in the air. Two people with bronze masks then appeared in front of him. Han Man immediately grabbed him and asked, “Are you serious?” 

“It is a real war, how could I joke about it?”” shouted that person furiously. Han Man was shaking, he then let go of that person, turned around and went to look for Lin Feng. But Lin Feng was already coming to them. 

“Lin Feng, brother, Duan Ren City is in danger.” said Han Man while gnashing his teeth. How shameless, Yue Mo and Lie Yun dared attack Xue Yue together….

Lin Feng looked expressionless as he walked towards that person. He raised his head and looked at Lin Feng, “Lin Feng, master, Duan Ren City is in danger.” 

“Did you immediately come from Duan Ren City?” asked Lin Feng. 

“Indeed.” replied that person nodding. 

“Why didn’t you look for the Xue Yue troops first?” asked Lin Feng. 

“Lin Feng, master, the danger in Duan Ren City is imminent. The troops could die at any moment, you have to save them.” said that person, falling down onto his knees and begging Lin Feng. He didn’t reply to Lin Feng’s question though. 

“Shut the fuck up!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. Han Man was astonished, what was Lin Feng doing?! 

“When did Mo Yue and Lie Yun attack?!” asked Lin Feng extremely loudly. That person’s brain was shaking. 

He raised his head and looked at Lin Feng, “Seven days ago! During the chaos of the war, I immediately left and came to look for you.” 

“Ridiculous! Seven days ago, you rushed over to the Imperial City but how did you know that I had come back to Xue Yue?” asked Lin Feng coldly. That person was shaking. 

“Lin Feng, master, you became the ruler of Xue Yue. Everybody knows that already.” 

“Even then, after you left the war, how did you know I was in the Lovesickness Forest?” asked Lin Feng furiously again. 

“Huh?” Han Man and Po Jun were stupefied. Indeed, Han Man and Po Jun hadn’t thought about that. 

“Besides, with your cultivation of the Ling Qi layer seven days wouldn’t have been enough to come here from Duan Ren City. Even though you are soaked in blood you don’t look tired or injured at all. Do you think that I’m stupid?” shouted Lin Feng furiously. He then added, “Who sent you here? What is your purpose?”

That person was astonished as he stared at Lin Feng. What a terrifying young man… 

That person then wiped the blood off his face and slowly stood up. “You can believe me or not.” said that person. Then a dagger appeared on that person’s heart. Lin Feng wasn’t ready. 

That person was smiling in a strange and evil way as he collapsed. Lin Feng couldn’t explain why that person had been so calm and why he had killed himself.

The most terrifying thing about such people was their attitude towards death, not their strength. Someone who didn’t fear death was terrifying.

“Lin Feng, what should we do?” asked Han Man slowly walking towards Lin Feng. Han Man had a strange sensation, especially because of that person’s evil smile. 

Han Man wasn’t the only one that felt that way, Lin Feng had the same sensation. It seemed like something was happening. 

“Go and find uncle Ren. They are officers and probably know how to get Duan Ren news quickly. Check if what he said is true or not, but do so as quickly as possible.” said Lin Feng. Han Man nodded and said, “Alright, let’s go.” 

Han Man then immediately left with Po Jun. The Yun Hai Sect wasn’t very far from the Lovesickness Forest, Han Man could go there very quickly.

After the two of them left, Lin Feng frowned, the wedding date was approaching quickly. He had already planned to go to Duan Ren city after the wedding to see Uncle Liu but he hadn’t thought that something so strange would happen. 

Lin Feng hoped that nothing bad would happen in Duan Ren City, but Ren Qing Kuang and the others had stopped communication with Duan Ren City. Besides, it seemed like obtaining news from Duan Ren City would require at least one night. Lin Feng had planned to go there but then a group of Chi Xie horses arrived in the Imperial City and they had gone to see Ren Qing Kuang at the Yun Hai Sect. 

They knew how terrible the situation was when Ren Qing Kuang and the others arrived. The leader was actually an officer of Duan Ren City. 

“General Lin Feng, Officer Ren Qing Kuang.” said the troops kneeling down. Their eyes were bloodshot and getting redder and redder. 

“Stand up and tell me clearly what happened!” said Lin Feng furiously. His voice made people’s souls shake. The became clear-headed suddenly. 

“Roger General!” said the troops standing up. The one who seemed to be their leader said, “Duan Ren City is about to collapse. Mo Yue and Lie Yun have gone insane. Surprisingly, they attacked Duan Ren City together. In one night our guards in Duan Ren Border all disappeared and the army abandoned it heading to Duan Ren City. Now, they have surrounded Duan Ren City, nobody can go out or in. We took a huge risk coming here. We had asked the government for help but they refused. They don’t care about saving us, they don’t care about the fact that Duan Ren City could disappear.”
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  1. Readtilltheybleed October 13, 2017 at 12:17 am - Reply

    Duan Wu Ya is such a snake. From his aditude it is becoming clear how poisonous he really is. I suspect that he was behind Xin Ye’s aphrodisiac poisoning and even her earlier kidnapping. If my assumption is true, Duan Wu Ya has been playing Lin Feng from the beginning.

  2. Ghalaghor February 10, 2018 at 3:36 pm - Reply

    You don’t need general Ackbar to know that this is a trap…

  3. Docarmageddon March 26, 2019 at 3:21 pm - Reply

    What a load of crap. Come on author. A lvl 7 long qi was able to kill himself before a lvl 8 xuan qi could react? And how does Lin Feng still not know the aphrodisiac crap was a plot by Duan Wu Ya? And why did the author turn Duan Wu Ya from a mysterious person into just another poisonous cannon fodder trash? Very disappointing.

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