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PMG Chapter 708: Extreme Sadness

Edited: Odd Man Out
PMG Chapter 708: Extreme Sadness

Lin Feng and the others were speechless as their hearts kept pounding. It really seemed like the situation was catastrophic for Duan Ren City.

Lin Feng’s eyes looked ice-cold. Lin Feng had never counted on Xue Yue for anything.

Back then, Xue Yue already only cared about themselves. A few hundreds of thousands of troops had died away from their hometowns because of Duan Tian Lang. And on top of that Liu Cang Lan had almost gotten killed. Lin Feng, had hurried to save Liu Cang Lan but from that moment on, Lin Feng knew that the king of Xue Yue was heartless. So many troops had died but nobody cared. Those who controlled the country treated people like toys. They were like animals and if they died, it didn’t matter. 

Uncle Liu also knew that from the beginning to the end, he had always given his best to protect Duan Ren City. No matter what the situation was, he wanted to protect the country from foreign invaders.

The soldiers of Xue Yue had sacrificed their lives to protect their country, however, Xue Yue had done nothing to protect them. They had treated those human beings as mere objects and had let them die in such tragic conditions. 

“The one who killed himself was surprisingly telling the truth…” thought Lin Feng. He didn’t understand that person, why had someone sent him to Lin Feng? 

“Let’s go to Duan Ren City.” said Lin Feng jumping forwards and began leaving.

“Lin Feng.” said Ren Qing Kuang. “It will be your wedding soon! Everybody knows about it, you can’t go. I will go.”

“Indeed, Lin Feng, you cannot go. Let us go.” said Feng Yu Han. 

“You’re not going either. I’m going alone, I’m taking beasts and Chi Xie troops and that’ll be enough. With the current strength of the Chi Xie troops and the Xuan level pills we now have, we will easily be able to defeat those people from Mo Yue and Lie Yun.” said Ren Qing Kuang. Feng Yu Han could tell from Ren Qing Kuang’s eyes that he understand what he meant. 

Duan Ren City had been surrounded, someone had sent someone to find Lin Feng. It seemed like someone wanted Lin Feng to leave the Imperial City. 

There were two possibilities: one was that someone wanted Lin Feng to go to Duan Ren City where it would be dangerous. The second one was that immediately after leaving the Imperial City, something dangerous could immediately happen. In any case, the situation was dangerous, so Lin Feng couldn’t go anywhere.

Ren Qing Kuang was worried, so he had prevented Feng Yu Han from coming with him. He wanted to go alone with some Chi Xie brothers. 

“No, how could I not come?” asked Lei Qing Tian. They were all fighting to go. 

“Little Feng has come back with so many monstrously strong, ferocious wild beasts… I can fly with them and the Chi Xie troops can follow, that should be enough to fight… A few more people would be useless… Lin Feng’s wedding is soon going to be happen, I can go alone.” insisted Ren Qing Kuang. 

Feng Yu Tian and Lei Qing Tian still wanted to talk but Ren Qing Kuang looked at Lin Feng and said, “Little Feng, you give your orders. We will obey your orders. Duan Ren City is waiting.”

“Uncle Ren can go with the beasts, if there is something wrong tell the beasts to leave. Otherwise, Uncle Feng go with the Chi Xie troops on the ground and surround them.” said Lin Feng. He knew that he had to hurry so he immediately gave the order. At the same time, he asked the beasts to gather around them. 

The situation was an emergency, there was no time for civilities. Ren Qing Kuang took some cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer and jumped on some beasts. Then they all rose up in the air. Feng Yu Han had gathered a part of the Chi Xie troops and left with them. They were all galloping on the huge road at full speed. It was astonishing, people were wondering what was happening. 

“Uncle Lei, you establish a system of special intelligence forces so that we can communicate with Uncle Ren, as well as with Uncle Feng. We need the news from Duan Ren City in most real-time possible.” said Lin Feng, after Ren Qing Kuang and Feng Yu Han left. Of course Lei Qing Tian knew what he had to do. 

Lin Feng sighed, he hoped that everything was going to be fine. 

Even though he didn’t feel like it, he continued preparing for the wedding. Meng Qing and Xin Ye were still waiting for him, no matter what. In the old world women were the most important things in your life, one couldn’t be careless with them. 

Even though Lin Feng was extremely worried, time passed by slowly and he still hadn’t managed to calm down. He had the feeling that anything could happen at anytime. 

In the blink of an eye, there were only five days left before the wedding and there was no news from Duan Ren City. Lin Feng was sitting on a bamboo chair in the Lovesickness Forest. 

Meng Qing came towards him looking stunning, and sat down on Lin Feng’s lap. 

“Are you still worried about Duan Ren City?” asked Meng Qing. Lin Feng nodded and stretched his hands, his arms surrounded Meng Qing’s waist. He suddenly felt a little bit warmer in his heart. 

“Don’t worry, nothing bad will happen.” said Meng Qing, smiling in a gentle way and hugging Lin Feng. She then lied down on Lin Feng with her entire body resting on him. She was extremely attractive and seductive. Lin Feng didn’t have any perverted thought with that beautiful woman so close to him. Besides, Meng Qing had to be right, nothing could happen. Lin Feng was definitely going to get married with Duan Xin Ye and Meng Qing.

That kind of person was extremely rare, she was always comforting and supporting him. She had always been on his side, silently. Lin Feng could still remember how incredible Meng Qing looked on that night under the moonlight when they had first met. He could still remember the first time they had ridden a horse together… It had felt like a honeymoon. He could still remember how every man found her gorgeous… He could also remember that she had suffered a lot because of him when her body was corroded by ice energy and how she had suffered alone in her room. 

Now he loved her deeply, she was finally going to become his wife. The ice in her body had finally melted. She was smiling in a resplendent way most of the time. Nothing could stop them from loving each other. Even though they hadn’t promised each other anything, they would stay together forever. They would always cherish their relationship.

Lin Feng lowered his head and kissed Meng Qing, making her turn red. He then firmly hugged the woman he loved. It felt warm and sweet in his heart. 

Meng Qing looked extremely shy and blushed. 

“Crrrr… Crrr…. The wind was making the leaves from the bamboo trees flutter. It was a bit cold as Lin Feng had the feeling that there was a stone in his heart.

Suddenly, some sounds spread in the air as a few women in white clothes arrived. Only those girls could disturb them.

“Master!” shouted the girls. Yue Meng He was there too, Lin Feng’s heart was pounding at full speed.

“Speak.” said Lin Feng, he only said one word.

“Master, General Liu Cang Lan…… Has been killed by people from Mo Yue…” said a girl in white. Lin Feng’s chest was bouncing back and forth extremely violently. 

Uncle Liu had been killed? 

Lin Feng narrowed his eyes. They felt painful, as if he had been about to cry. 

That incredibly benevolent and courageous general owed his white hair to Xue Yue for whom he had fought his entire life… And now he had died by enemies from Mo Yue! 

He could still remember Liu Cang Lan’s voice and face. Such a good person had been killed… 

“What about Uncle Ren and Uncle Feng?” asked Lin Feng. 

“Officer Ren immediately died when he arrived in Duan Ren City. Officer Feng told his troops to stop to protect them, but he died himself with his brothers.” said the woman. Maybe she didn’t know the meaning of the word brothers, she was so young.. But knowing that those people had died, she felt sad too. 

“They all died…” Lin Feng was stupefied.. Uncle Liu, Uncle Ren and Uncle Feng had all died… Those incredible people… Two of the three incredible officers… They had died so suddenly with all their brothers!
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