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PMG Chapter 709: Duan Ren City

Edited: Odd Man Out
PMG Chapter 709: Duan Ren City

“Besides…” said the girl in a very low voice, lowering her head. She wanted to say something but words wouldn’t come out. 

“What is it again?!” said Lin Feng while staring at that girl. 

“They hung the three bodies on a wall at the Duan Ren Border and insulted Xue Yue. They said that Xue Yue didn’t have any strong cultivators and that nobody could protect the country.” said the girl in a low voice. Lin Feng gnashed his teeth and a thread of blood flowed down his cheek. 

“Little Feng, someone wants you to leave the Imperial City and to go to Duan Ren City.” said Yue Meng He. Even though she hadn’t exchanged much with Liu Cang Lan in the past, she knew that he was a heroic and incredibly benevolent general. She was also saddened by his death, she still wished that he would be avenged though.

“I know.” said Lin Feng nodding. He obviously knew that someone wanted to him to leave the Imperial City, someone had sent that fake Chi Xie soldier to him… And then he had killed himself after having been uncovered. Besides, he had smiled in that evil way. Ren Qing Kuang had gone to Duan Ren City with incredibly strong beasts but had still died… In order to do that, a cultivator had to be at least the eighth Xuan Qi layer. 

Besides, in such battles there were always extremely strong cultivators to manage. Somebody knew that Lin Feng was close to Liu Cang Lan and understood Lin Feng’s temperament. Lin Feng had to go to avenge those who were close to him and had been killed.

Perhaps someone from Xue Yue had participated at that battle. 

“Xue Yue…” whispered Lin Feng. Everything sounded ridiculous, Liu Cang Lan had always protected Xue Yue and someone in Xue Yue could have plotted against him. 

“Lin Feng, you should go.” said Meng Qing smiling.

Yue Meng He was astonished, she looked at Meng Qing and said, “Meng Qing, the wedding is in a few days.. If he goes, everything will maybe be lost… Besides, nobody knows who’s really behind all of this, he could die. But if Lin Feng leaves, someone could be here in the Imperial City waiting for him to leave and kill us.” 

“Yue Meng He, if Lin Feng doesn’t go he will regret it his entire life. I don’t want him to suffer because of our wedding. Besides, it will affect his determination if he doesn’t go. Lin Feng has said many times that he wants to break through to the Tian Qi layer, he needs to stick to his initial intentions.” said Meng Qing in a soft and gentle voice. She was suggesting that Lin Feng had to go to Duan Ren City. The wedding wasn’t the most important thing, she couldn’t prevent Lin Feng from listening to his own heart.

Lin Feng touched Meng Qing with his hands, she looked so pure, so innocent and so beautiful. 

“I will definitely hurry and come back. Wait for me.” said Lin Feng looking at his mother. 

“You can go.” said Yue Meng He sighing. She knew that Meng Qing was right, Lin Feng had to go to Duan Ren City. 

“Thank you, mom.” Lin Feng then rose up in the air and his winged tiger appeared.

“Let’s go.” said Lin Feng jumping onto the back of the winged tiger. While moving out of the bamboo forest, he broke some branches and some bamboo leaves flew in the wind. 

Sad songs were resonating in Lin Feng’s head, he wanted to drink the blood of Mo Yue people. The general had died… They had no homeland and no home, apart from grief, people in Duan Ren City had no other feelings. 

In Duan Ren City on the ramparts, there was Liu Fei. She had become a stunning young woman, she was very mature. However, she was in a Chi Xie armor and had a white helmet on her head. She was crushed, her heart was shattered into a thousand pieces. She was desperately looking at her father’s corpse hanging on the walls of Duan Ren Border and she felt powerless.

“Miss. Let’s go and fight to the death.” said an old man behind her. That old man had followed her father for many years. Her incredible general had died in such tragic circumstances.

“Yes, let’s fight to death miss. We are not afraid to die.” said someone else but their words couldn’t affect Liu Fei’s heart. She just shook her head gently and said, “No, nobody can fight.” 

“But…. Miss…..” 

“Shut the hell up!” shouted Liu Fei furiously. The old man then stopped talking. Liu Fei had become an adult but the general had died already. Even though she had the magnificent body of a woman, she had no strength, what could she do…? They knew that Liu Fei was crushed. 

After remaining silent for a moment, the crowd looked at the general’s cadaver in Duan Ren Border and then sighed. 

“I can’t stand it anymore!” shouted a soldier furiously. He immediately left Duan Ren City and threw himself in the direction of Duan Ren Border.

“Come back!” shouted Liu Fei furiously but it was too late. In a flash, a thousand arrow came from Duan Ren Border and impaled him. He died in a flash.

The soldier’s eyes were still open and staring at the general’s body. He then slowly collapsed while looking at the three hanging corpses. Blood appeared and flowed down on the ground. That person hadn’t even closed his eyes in death, he wasn’t resigned to abandon his general. 

That tragic scene made even more soldiers furious. Their eyes were bloodshot, so much so that it seemed like blood was going to flow out of them. 

“Boom boom boom!” Suddenly some buzzing sounds spread in the air. People in Duan Ren City were stupefied. They looked at Duan Ren Border and saw some people move. At the foot of the mountain were more people moving. Was Mo Yue making its troops retreat? 

Horses were galloping and the three corpses were taken down after that the troops left. Lie Yun and Mo Yue were retreating. Why? Everybody was baffled on the ramparts of Duan Ren city. 

They didn’t understand why the two countries had attacked but weren’t persevering. They had killed the officers and the general as well as many extremely strong ferocious wild beasts. The enemies were extremely strong, they could have annihilated anyone in Duan Ren City. However, they weren’t attacking anymore, instead they were retreating. 

What was their goal?

Mo Yue and Lie Yun had fought on the front together. 

“Why retreat?” asked an officer from Lie Yun in silver armor, to the ones in black armor from Mo Yue? They looked even more cruel than the people from Mo Yue. 

“How can I know what they’re going to do?” said the general from Mo Yue looking emotionless and indifferent.

“Where are we going?” 

“A few dozens of kilometers away, in the Eerie Death Mountain Chain.”

“Fighting is good but why go so far? Besides, in the depths of Mo Yue…” said the officer from Lie Yun, he was surprised. “We agreed to destroy Duan Ren City. I came with a powerful army so why not kill them?” 

“Nobody asked you to stay. If you want to stay here and wreck their city, do it.” said the one in the black armor with a cold smile on his face. He looked like he was making fun of people from Lie Yun. A powerful army? Ridiculous. 

“Alright.” Groaned that person coldly. The officer waved and people from Lie Yun stopped. 

The Mo Yue general smiled coldly, his army was divided into two. 

At that moment, people from Duan Ren City invaded Duan Ren border again. Liu Fei was at the top of Duan Ren Border and gazing into the distance at the two armies coldly. 

“Miss, there are still some people from Lie Yun, let’s fight them.” said the old man. If they didn’t break through the barricade created by Lie Yun, they wouldn’t be able to grab the corpses.

“Indeed, let’s fight, miss. Otherwise, the corpses will be lost.”

Liu Fei’s eyes were bloodshot. She remained silent for a moment and then said slowly, “All units, let’s mourn and then get prepared to fight.” 
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