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PMG Chapter 710: Lin Feng’s arrival

Edited: Odd Man Out
PMG Chapter 710: Lin Feng’s arrival

There were many troops gathering at the Duan Ren Border. Five kilometers away, there were people from Lie Yun. They could attack at any moment. They didn’t need to take the initiative since Duan Ren City had decided to attack, they were going to become a bunch of corpses, but Lie Yun had to fight.

The hoofs of the horses were emitting loud sounds in the air. The atmosphere was filled with deadly energies. After a short time the troops of Duan Ren City had finally gathered. A white light appeared and it was dazzling, especially in the middle of all those red armors. 

At the very front of the troops of Duan Ren City was Liu Fei. She was riding a red horse and looked expressionless. She had learnt how to fight with her father, she was used to blood and cruelty. She had become stronger and more determined than ever. Even though her father had died, she could still lead an entire army. 

If she lost her temper, her troops would lose theirs. 

She raised her head and gazed into the distance to see a tragic scene. 

“Father, I will not give up. I wasn’t able to protect you and I might not be able to avenge you, so now I will fight to death. I hope that you won’t blame me.” whispered Liu Fei in a low voice. Liu Fei then bent her body and started shooting arrows which emitted whistling sounds in the air. 


“Die die”!

“Die die die!” Liu Fei’s voice kept resonating in the air, the atmosphere was filled with a deadly energy. The army also threw themselves at the people from Lie Yun 

The general of the Lie Yun troops gazed into the distance and smiled coldly. He then unsheathed his long sword which emitted ice-cold lights in the air. 

“People from Duan Ren City are so weak. Without the order to withhold our attack, you would have died many times over.” whispered the general from Lie Yun. His sword was pointing at the army moving towards him. The sound of the horse hoofs was resonating everywhere in the region. It seemed like the ground was going to break apart. 

“Die!” The ground kept shaking, the sky too. There were deadly energies everywhere and whistling sounds were growing louder and louder. Some Lie Yun people then rose up in the air and their silhouettes flickered. Their Qi was extremely powerful. They were all strong cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer. For an army, cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer were already extremely strong.

“Die!” shouted an ice-cold voice. Some pure Qi rose up in the air and more people died. Chi Xie troops were elite but when facing cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer, they had no way to resist. 

“die die die!” That group of strong cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer from Lie Yun couldn’t be stopped. They were annihilating people one after the other. 

Liu Fei raised her head and looked at the cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer in the sky. She released her arrow spirit and a terrifying arrow appeared.

She put that arrow in a bow and her horse started galloping forwards, she then rose up in the air. Liu Fei had already broken through to the second Xuan Qi layer. 

“Eeeee….” her arrow landed in someone’s hand, making them cry in pain. That person had broken through to the first Xuan Qi layer, he was staring at Liu Fei in an ice-cold way. 

“Liu Cang Lan’s daughter must be taken home so all of can have fun, she’s probably very sweet in bed.” said some perverted people staring at her. They were very aroused by Liu Fei’s red clothes, they looked as hot as fire. 

“Pay attention.” Said one of them looking evil. They had been in the army for such a long time, it was boring. They surrounded Liu Fei again and another arrow appeared in her hand which made them groan coldly. A terrifying physical strength then attacked Liu Fei. 

The arrow lacerated that physical strength, but at the same time, many other people were attacking her.  She groaned in pain as she was projected backwards. 

“Boom boom boom!” There were galloping horses in the distance and around them was a cloud of dust. The crowd looked at Duan Ren Border and saw a several dozens of thousands of troops. 

“Chi Xie troops, all of them.” thought the crowd surprised. When Feng Yu Han heard that Liu Cang Lan had died, he ordered their troops to come with him. Were they going to attack? 

“Everybody listen to me. Lin Feng is coming from the Imperial City, I heard that. Please persevere.” said the officer to his troops who had all broken through to the Xuan Qi layer. Then they rose up in the air. 

The army rose up in the air in front Duan Ren City, but the fact that Lin Feng was coming didn’t make them feel better. Even with Lin Feng, what could they do? Lin Feng was too young and couldn’t keep such a dangerous situation under control. They didn’t know that Lin Feng was very strong… 

“Hmph.” Some troops groaned coldly and more people rose up in the air. They all had huge blades in their hands.

“Die!” said two people moving like the wind They then attacked two cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer with their blades. 

“Miss Liu. We are sorry for General Liu. Now, we will take care of you.” said the two cultivators, their Qi was extremely powerful. Liu Fei looked ice-cold as she took out a sword, however her sword was immediately broken by the enemies as an energy wave bombarded her body. Blood gushed out of her mouth. 

“Miss Liu, you don’t need to suffer so much. We will always love you.” said two cultivators moving towards Liu Fei, whose face had turned deathly pale. Strong cultivators from Lie Yun were so much stronger than Duan Ren City’s people. 

“Eeeee….. Roaaarrrrr!” In the distance a beast was roaring. People shivered and raised their heads, then they saw a red beast, it was a ferocious ancient animal… Its wings were clapping at full speed.

“General Lin Feng arrived.” said some Chi Xie troops who had come from the Yun Hai Sect. Lin Feng then descended from the sky. 

“Arrow!” shouted Liu Fei loudly. Immediately after, her bow spirit shot an arrow which cut through the sky at full speed. 

“Die!” Two other people with blades then lacerated her arrow and continued chasing her. 

“Destroy!” said someone behind Liu Fei coldly. The atmosphere was filled with a monstrous sword energy which could lacerate everything. However the blade energies had still managed to hurt Liu Fei and sent her backwards. 

Liu Fei then sensed a gentle energy grab her body and prevent her from falling down. She realized that she landed in someone’s arms. 

She could see some footprints on the ground that were left by an animal. She then turned her head around and was in disbelief.

She had seen those eyes already, they looked deep and enigmatic but as before twinkling. There was some coldness inside of those pupils now. Back then, he looked infantile but now he had become mature. He looked even smarter, it was the same young man as before but with a completely different Qi. She couldn’t even sense that Qi clearly.

“Stand up.” said Lin Feng putting Liu Fei on the back of the winged tiger. He turned his head around and looked at the two cultivators using blades. He then released an ice-cold energy, it seemed like the ice-cold blade of a sword. That energy immediately penetrated into those people’s eyes, they were terrified and their hearts started pounding.

That young man was very strong. 

His terrifying sword energy then rose up in the sky, they were shaking. They couldn’t help but shake violently. At that moment, they were bathing in an infinite amount of sword energy and couldn’t break free. 

“Die!” shouted an ice-cold voice. Whistling sounds spread in the air. A terrifying sword light streaked through the sky and those two people started shaking brutally. An infinity of sword lights impaled them, they were fixedly staring at Lin Feng and were terrified. 

The wind was blowing on their bodies, the sword light covered them once again. Their bodies turned into dust and the wind blew them away. 

It was astonishing.
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