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PMG Chapter 711: Great Regrets

Edited: Odd Man Out
PMG Chapter 711: Great Regrets

Many people were looking at that silhouette in the sky, they were so focused on him that they were even forgetting to fight. The young man who had just arrived was terrifying. He was even more terrifying than all the beasts which had come before.

That young man didn’t look imposing at all but in front of Liu Fei, he looked like a mountain. A mountain that was impossible to destroy.

She remembered the first time she had seen Lin Feng in the valley where she used to practice cultivation. She had chased Lin Feng to kill him, Lin Feng was extremely weak back then, he was extremely skinny too. Step by step, she had witnessed his rise. Even his father liked Lin Feng a lot and had hoped that his daughter would someday marry Lin Feng. 

Lin Feng, these days didn’t even need to move but he could release a terrifying sword light which could cover the entire atmosphere. He had become much stronger than Liu Fei, Lin Feng’s sword light was as strong as ten thousand swords together. It could lacerate everything, it was astonishing. Liu Fei couldn’t imagine what it was like to be that strong. She had never thought that Lin Feng would become that strong either, she had the feeling that she hadn’t seen him for a century. Lin Feng and Liu Fei didn’t belong to the same world anymore.

At that moment Lin Feng looked ice-cold, despising all the enemies. He then shouted, “everybody stop!” 

His terrifying voice rolled in the atmosphere like sound waves making everybody’s brain shake. Some people even started shaking violently. Everybody was forgetting that they were there too fight. They raised their heads and looked up at Lin Feng. 

“Duan Ren City troops, move back!” said Lin Feng in an ice-cold way yet extremely firmly. The Duan Ren City troops, of course knew who Lin Feng was. That young man, who at that moment was riding a terrifying ferocious ancient animal had, in the past, set the city on fire and saved everybody. Was he going to influence the battle again? 

Last time, Lin Feng had proved how smart he was.

The troops chaotically moved back, moving away from the Lie Yun troops. They were moving very fast. 

Lin Feng, like a hero, had made the entire troops move back. 

All the troops were listening to Lin Feng without hesitation, of course they trusted him. Thanks to what he had done in the past and also thanks to his strength at that moment. 

“Can he really change the course of the battle alone, by himself…?” whispered Liu Fei… That was a really peerless cultivator… Being able to affect the course of a war alone just like Mo Jie’s teacher, Han Mo, and the principal of the Celestial Academy Number One, Yan Yu Ping Sheng. With their strength, in the past they had been able to affect the course of an entire war. With the strength of one strong cultivator, the course of an entire war could change… Had Lin Feng reached such a strength…? 

Very quickly, The troops of Duan Ren City and Lie Yun were away from each other, there was a big empty area between them. Both armies raised their heads and looked at Lin Feng. 

The general of Lie Yun narrowed his eyes, there was no extremely strong cultivators with them. Was that young man extremely strong?

“Go and kill him.” said the general to two strong guards on his side. Those two were guards of Lie Yun, they were some of the strongest cultivators they had. They had both broken through to the sixth Xuan Qi layer. He didn’t believe that Lin Feng was that strong. 

But those two cultivators looked solemn and serious, they were strong enough to know that Lin Feng was a real threat for them. With his attack a moment before, he had showed them how strong he was, they couldn’t afford being careless. 

The two cultivators jumped into the air, however, Lin Feng didn’t even glance at those two people. He put his hand on his back and unsheathed a sword. 

“Buzzzzzz….” The sword was emitting some buzzing sounds. In Lin Feng’s back appeared a blood-like red light which rose up in the air. It seemed like he was attacking the clouds as a terrifying sword energy then invaded the entire atmosphere. 

The two enemies were stupefied… That sword energy contained sword intent! 

The red light had appeared and made the Earth and sky shake. Whistling sounds were spreading in the air. That sword Qi and intent were terrifying. The crowd had the feeling that they were being oppressed. The two enemies in the air suddenly stopped.

“No… It doesn’t look good.” The two of them started moving back down but it was already too late. The crowd saw Lin Feng’s sword descend and the bright red light streaked across the sky. The two cultivators were lacerated like minced meat as blood gushed everywhere. However, the blood didn’t fall down, it moved back and penetrated into Lin Feng’s bloodthirsty sword. That sword could drink blood. 

The two cultivators of the sixth Xuan Qi layer had been destroyed in a flash. 

Everybody remained silent. That sword made excitement and ardor invad the hearts of the Duan Ren City troops. However, the troops of Lie Yun were terrified and shaking. 

“ARrrrgggghhhh…..!” After a short moment, the troops of Duan Ren City shouted furiously as if they had been trying to evacuate their sadness and fury. Back then, a mythical hero from Mo Yue had appeared and he had been wearing black clothes. He had killed a massive amount of people, now they were the ones who had a real hero on their side, he was strong enough to be called a hero. 

That young man had traveled over huge distances to save the princess in the past, he had then tricked the Mo Yue troops into Duan Ren City and had set the city on fire. Now he had already become a real hero. 

“You will pay with your blood for what you have done, now you will regret it forever.” said Lin Feng slowly. A massive amount of sword intent appeared, people’s hearts were pounding even faster. 

Lin Feng made a step forwards, took a deep breath and it seemed like his sword intent could annihilate the planet. 

“You will pay with your lives!” said Lin Feng, his eyes were bloodshot and looked cruel and ferocious.


“Die die!”

“Die die die! 

Lin Feng shouted the word “die” which resonated in the atmosphere like waves, the Earth and sky were vibrating. The sword Qi was emitting loud whistling sounds and the sword energy turned into a real sword light which moved towards the army of Lie Yun. It was taking their lives one after the other, just like specks of grass. The people from Lie Yun were collapsing one after the other. They looked extremely weak at that moment. The sword light kept moving and nobody could stop it. 

That oppressive sword light was incredible. After Lin Feng’s sword energies streaked across they sky, filled with sword intent, blood started flowing on the ground like a river. 

Liu Fei and the Duan Ren City troops were stunned, Lin Feng had really become monstrously strong. He had just killed a few dozens of thousands of troops in a flash. 

They had heard rumors that some extremely strong cultivators could cut through mountains, kill people as if they had been cutting specks of grass, and could kill millions of people in a flash. However, they were only now understanding what those rumors meant. Those rumors were not groundless, such strong cultivators existed, Lin Feng was furious and was doing those things. Blood kept flowing like a gigantic river. Under that sword light, everybody had to die. 

People couldn’t breathe under the pressure of that sword light. They raised their heads and saw Lin Feng raise both his hands, the sunlight was shining upon Lin Feng’s bright red sword, it was dazzling. 

The red light then streaked across the sky and lacerated another group of people, not a single one was left. The other group left was was terrified. Their hearts were pounding violently. Dozens of thousands of strong cultivators were like tiny little insects in front of them, just like specks of grass.

Those who were still alive lied down on the ground, they were sweating intensively. They regretted so much, everything they had done. 

The general of Lie Yun was also shaking. Now he understood why the general of Mo Yue had left. 

Staying there would lead them to their death, and the mystical cultivator in black clothes hadn’t appeared this time. 


Lin Feng’s bloodthirsty sword was pointing in the direction of Mo Yue. Horses started galloping at full speed, his Qi had invaded the entire atmosphere. The Chi Xie armored horses were moving forwards and galloping on the corpses of the people from Lie Yun and on the bodies of those still alive, killing them on the way. 

In the end, nobody survived and Lin Feng’s sword kept moving towards Mo Yue. 
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