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PMG Chapter 712: Bloodbath in Mo Yue

Edited: Odd Man Out
PMG Chapter 712: Bloodbath in Mo Yue

The armored horses were still galloping at full speed. A cloud of dust was floating in the air around them as the ground was shaking beneath them. 

After having destroyed the troops from Lie Yun, the Duan Ren City troops continued moving forwards into the territory of Mo Yue. People were running away terrified when they saw that army approaching.

In the air was a gigantic ferocious wild beast, it was a ferocious ancient animal and it was bright red like fire with gigantic wings. Each time it clapped its wings, it could travel across a kilometer, creating a hurricane all around. Lin Feng and Liu Fei were on the back of that beast and remained silent. 

Lin Feng looked as cold as before and it seemed like that ice Qi could cover an area of hundreds of kilometers. They were gazing into the distance but there were no troops from Mo Yue anymore. 

They had heard that on the day before, the troops from Mo Yue were still there but now they had disappeared as if they knew Lin Feng was coming. Someone had probably told them that Lin Feng was coming.

Lin Feng was convinced that all of that was a conspiracy, someone had plotted against Liu Cang Lan, the Duan Ren City troops and someone was still plotting against Lin Feng. Lin Feng firmly believed that those who were plotting were the people from the Imperial City, only people like that could do something that big. 

Whistling sounds kept spreading in the air at the same tempo as the wings of the winged tiger. They kept moving deeper into the territory of the country of Mo Yue. In front of Lin Feng appeared a gigantic mountain chain. That mountain chain was extremely dangerous and filled with a terrifying death energy. A terrifying black energy rose up in the air, it seemed like that terrifying black energy was filled with demons. 

Lin Feng looked at the mountain chain, that black fog could easily hide an entire army, maybe there was an illusion inside. 

“What a terrifying corpse and blood Qi… How many people’s lives are required to create such an illusion?” thought Lin Feng and then said, “I will enter alone, Qi Qiong and you can stay here.” 

Then, the winged tiger stopped in the air, Lin Feng had immediately jumped into the black energy. 

His strength of the Heruka started rotating in his body, he was surrounded by a golden light illuminating the world, delivering sentient beings from suffering. Evil energies couldn’t compete with that golden light. The black fog even moved aside, evil was afraid of that pure and holy light. 

Liu Fei was astonished to  see Lin Feng’s body turn golden. Lin Feng could turn into a golden Buddha against which evil couldn’t do anything, how incredible! 

Lin Feng’s body was surrounded by a magnificent golden light, he was penetrating deeper and deeper into that black fog. He continued chanting some mantras in sanskrit as golden sanskrit letters were moving out of his mouth. Golden hands kept bombarding the atmosphere, and then horrible shrieks spread in the air, the black fog had weakened.

A terrifying sword light then appeared, Lin Feng transformed into an authentic golden Shakyamuni and he was releasing monstrous amounts of sword energies. Lin Feng’s soul was extremely strong but Lin Feng was realizing that the black mountain chain was like an endless black hole. He didn’t know how deep it was. In any case, if it was an illusion it couldn’t be controlled by a simple soldier of Mo Yue. 

“Die!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. An infinite amount of sword Qi lacerated the evil Qi. Lin Feng was moving at the speed of sounds but that evil Qi was becoming more and more powerful as he got deeper. Some roaring sounds spread in the air, an evil Qi turned into a zombie dragon which emitted whistling sounds in the air. It opened its gigantic mouth unveiling its putrid cavity, it wanted to swallow Lin Feng. 

Lin Feng didn’t stop chanting his mantras in sanskrit though and the golden letters kept crashing onto the zombie dragon, gradually ripping it apart. The body of the dragon was progressively losing its strength. However, with those bones, the dragon didn’t have any sensation of pain. It kept moving towards Lin Feng without fault.

Lin Feng jumped forwards and into the mouth of the gigantic dragon. His golden body didn’t fear evil energies. The dragon swallowed Lin Feng in one bite but then Lin Feng released a monstrous amount of sword light which cut through everything and destroyed the dragon. 

Lin Feng didn’t stop after having destroyed the dragon, he continued diving into the depths of the mountain chain bombarding the illusion with his golden body. His sword light also continued lacerating his surroundings until he completely destroyed the illusion. However, in front of him there was still an incredible amount of terrifying Qi and many zombie dragons filled with evil Qi. 

“The illusion is not so big, it cannot harm me but it wants to stop me…” thought Lin Feng coldly. His golden light then progressively transformed and turned black, it turned into an evil energy. Lin Feng turned into a demon. 

“Yaksha, Asura, and indestructible demon!” said the demon as three demons appeared. The Asura was opening the way, the Yaksha was releasing killer energy and the indestructible demon kept destroying the illusion in front of them. 

Lin Feng was moving extremely fast, that illusion was extremely strange. It seemed like it was endless even though Lin Feng kept destroying it, he couldn’t see the end.

“Time, time…” Lin Feng was pulling a long face, he had no time. He then rose in the air and raised his bloodthirsty sword. He released some level five sword intent, his sword descended from the sky. The evil Qi was cut into two and the atmosphere divided itself. 

“I arrived.” thought Lin Feng suddenly. He was speechless, he had arrived at the end… He followed the road he had created with his sword, the infinity of corpse Qi disappeared and a big road appeared in the mountain chain, there were many corpses on that road. In front of Lin Feng was a hill. In the middle of that hill was a huge crowd, the troops from Mo Yue were all there. 

The people in the hill were all wearing the clothes of high-ranking military officials actually, and they also had three bodies as trophies: Liu Cang Lan, Ren Qing Kuang and Feng Yu Han.

Lin Feng looked emotionless as he released a terrifying ice energy. 

The troops looked at Lin Feng, how brave. Surprisingly, he had come alone and had managed to destroy the illusion. How strong! 

“Die!” Said Lin Feng, raising his bloodthirsty sword in the sky. The terrifying sword could destroy the Earth and sky it seemed. Its Qi astonished the crowd, they looked terrified. That sword Qi was terrifying. 
“Die!” His bloodthirsty sword then descended from the sky, it seemed like the atmosphere was cut into two. An infinite number of small red lights appeared and crashed onto the hill. Blood splashed and gushed out of the mountain, with one sword, Lin Feng had killed a massive number of people. 

With only one sword, Lin Feng had managed to make the army of Mo Yue panic-stricken. What was going on? That young man was terrifying, how could he kill so many people in one attack?

Lin Feng didn’t care about them, he raised his sword again as red lights like blood appeared again and then his sword descended from the sky. An infinite number of horrible shrieks spread in the air at the same tempo as blood was gushing ceaselessly. The troops of Mo Yue were actually scared to death, what was going on? 

A group of cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer threw themselves at Lin Feng but Lin Feng raised his hand and slashed the atmosphere with it. All those people died in a flash, all those cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer had been unable to withstand a single attack. 

They were terrified and panic-stricken. How could such a thing happen? Where was the mystical cultivator of Mo Yue?

“Boom boom boom!” The ground was shaking as a cloud of dust was flying in the air above the mountain chain. The troops from Xue Yue were also arriving. The illusion had disappeared so it was easy to come. Lin Feng had wasted too much time because of the illusion.

The troops felt even more courageous and full of courage and vitality once they saw Lin Feng hacking away at the enemy troops. 

“Die!” shouted Lin Feng in a terrifying voice. When the Chi Xie troops continued to trample on their enemies dead bodies as they rode into battle.

Lin Feng kept moving forwards while the high-ranking military officials kept moving backwards. 

“Lin Feng, stop!” said someone on the side of Mo Yue. That voice was familiar, Lin Feng was a bit surprised. He raised his head and saw a young man whose face looked hideous!
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