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PMG Chapter 713: The Crown Prince of Mo Yue

Edited: Odd Man Out
PMG Chapter 713: The Crown Prince of Mo Yue

“Mo Jie!” Lin Feng was stupefied. He had already met that person, it was the crown prince of Mo Yue. He was an incredible genius who was really difficult to defeat. 

He had only lost in Duan Ren City against Lin Feng back then. 

However, even though it was only Mo Jie’s silhouette, the voice sounded very similar.

“Your Highness the crown prince!” said those terrified troops from Mo Yue. It seemed like a hero had come to save some insignificant people. Mo Jie made a step forwards and penetrated into the hill, he then looked at Lin Feng coldly and said, “Lin Feng, it’s me.” 

“Ehhhh….” a subtle sound spread in the air as Mo Jie took off the mask on his face. The crowd was absolutely astonished, had the crown prince of Mo Yue Mo Jie always been wearing a mask? 

The high-ranking officials from Mo Yue weren’t surprised though, they had already seen Mo Jie’s mask. The young man in front of them was their real prince. 

However, Lin Feng was even more surprised at that moment… He was staring at that person, Mo Jie…. A few words slowly came out of Lin Feng’s mouth: “Yun……… Fei…….. Yang…..!” 

The crown prince of Mo Yue was surprisingly the one who had gone to Mi Cheng with them and had participated at the Great Competition of Xue Yu as a genius…. Yun Fei Yang… And on top of that he had become one of Lin Feng’s great friends… He was the crown prince of Mo Yue. 

No wonder nobody knew who he was in Xue Yue. No wonder he had said that he was from Duan Ren City and no wonder Lin Feng hadn’t recognized him with his real face.

“It’s me Lin Feng, I am the crown prince of Mo Yue, Mo Jie. But I have another name, Yun Fei Yang.” said Yun Fei Yang looking glum. The people of both countries were astonished, even the high-ranking military officials of Mo Yue… Lin Feng and Mo Jie knew each other…. 

Their crown prince had finished tenth at the Great Competition of Xue Yu…. He was extremely strong, he could definitely protect them. 

“The general and the two officers can’t have died for nothing, you killed them.” said Lin Feng while glaring at Yun Fei Yang in an ice-cold way before adding, “They died because of you so you will die too!” 

Lin Feng had become one of Yun Fei Yang’s great friends. However, because of Yun Fei Yang, Liu Cang Lan had died. How could they remain friends?

“If I did it, I am willing to bear the responsibility and die.” said Yun Fei Yang looking glum. Back then, during the war, he had seen that Lin Feng and Liu Cang Lan were good friends and then his general had killed him… 

“No need to kill them.” said Yun Fei Yang coldly while pointing at the high-ranking military officials, their hearts were pounding. They had the feeling that Yun Fei Yang was quite weak in front of their prince… It seemed like Yun Fei Yang was sure he was going to die in Lin Feng’s hands. 

“Step step…” Yun Fei Yang jumped forwards and arrived in front of the three hanging corpses. He looked at Liu Cang Lan and then immediately knelt down onto the ground. 

Everybody was astonished.

Yun Fei Yang was prostrating himself in front of the corpse, his head was frenetically bombarding the ground emitting bumping sounds. 

He then raised his head, blood was flowing on his forehead, “We have been at war for twenty years and now you died in the hands of the troops of Mo Yue. Please forgive me.” 

Then Yun Fei Yang prostrated himself once again very violently, his head brutally crashed onto the ground. 

“I am ridiculous, I left the country and and told the general to help me. Even though you refused, I still wanted to forget the misery of the last years… And now the result is tragic. Please forgive me.” 

Then Yun Fei Yang was prostrating himself again. 

“Because of me, the general and two officers died. Many troops were killed and injured, it is my fault, please forgive me.” 

Yun Fei Yang then slowly stood up and cut the ropes on the corpses that were hanging, he then carefully grabbed the corpses and put them down on the ground, flat. 

Yun Fei Yang then moved in front of Lin Feng again and some letters appeared in his hand, they were all written by different hands. 

One handwriting was Mo Jie’s. 

The other handwriting style was Liu Cang Lan’s. 

Yun Fei Yang and Uncle Liu had been writing to each other just like Yun Fei Yang had said, they had made friends. They had been talking about everything together. Yun Fei Yang had proposed to Liu Cang Lan to leave Xue Yue and become the general of a big army in Mo Yue. They would have then tried to invade Xue Yue together and Liu Cang Lan would have been at the top of the operations.

Liu Cang Lan had refused though without explaining why. 

“Lin Feng, this is the last letter I received. He must have written those words before his death. Unfortunately, I went and hid to practice cultivation, if I hadn’t confined myself he might not have died.” said Yun Fei Yang handing over a letter to Lin Feng. Lin Feng opened it and saw some words written with blood. 

“Mo Jie, no this time I will call you Yun Fei Yang. This might be the last letter you’ll get from me. I made friends with Lin Feng and you, you are both geniuses. I am happy with what I did in this life, it wasn’t in vain. I refused your offer many times, it wasn’t because of Xue Yue because I have stopped believing in Xue Yue a long time ago. However, I have many brothers in Duan Ren City, they would have hated me if I had betrayed them. They would have been fighting all those years for nothing, the only thing that would change the situation would be if I died..” 

“Fei Yang, after reading that letter, if you have the opportunity, talk to Lin Feng for me. If someone can see those letters, it has to be Lin Feng. What I wrote in them is what I want to tell Lin Feng……”

“Little Feng: If you ever see that letter, it means that I am already dead. Don’t have doubts about Yun Fei Yang, my death has nothing to do with him. The people who killed me are not from Mo Yue, people from Mo Yue cannot kill me so don’t kill them. Those who killed me are from Xue Yue. Little Feng, don’t try to avenge me but do your best so that my brothers don’t die worthlessly. Please take care of Fei Fei, that is my most important request.” 

Lin Feng was shivering, Xue Yue had killed Liu Cang Lan…

Lin Feng rose up in the air and handed the letter to Liu Fei, “Is it Uncle Liu’s handwriting?”

Liu Fei lowered her head and looked at the letter, she started shaking violently.

“It is my father’s handwriting, no doubt.” said Liu Fei with a trembling voice. Xue Yue had killed her father. 

“Lin Feng, I will explain everything to you.” said Yun Fei Yang. He then looked at the troops from Mo Yue, his eyes were twinkling as he said, “Where is Mo Feng?” 

They looked left and right and were shaking, the Chief Commander of Mo Yue, Mo Feng, wasn’t there.

“Mo Feng, get your ass over here.” said Yun Fei Yang coldly, glancing at the crowd. In a flash, a silhouette rose up in the sky. That person was wearing a normal armor, that person was the incredible Chief Commander of Mo Yue, Mo Feng. 

“Your Highness.” said Mo Feng landing on the hill and bowing calmly.

“When did you start betraying Mo Yue?” asked Yun Fei Yang codly. 

Mo Feng smiled and shook his head, “You have personally come here, Your Highness. I have no way to escape so I will probably die. I can tell you the truth, about five years.” 

“For which Xue Yue person are you working for?” asked Yun Fei Yang. “You’ve been betraying us for five years. Because of you, people from Duan Ren City, people from Mo Yue and people from Lie Yun have been dying unceasingly. Who in Xue Yue is so cruel and so heartless to make you do such things? Who started such a diabolic plan such a long time ago? Who is able to calculate so far in the future?”
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