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PMG Chapter 714: The Roc

Edited: Odd Man Out
PMG Chapter 714: The Roc

Incredibly, the crown prince of Mo Yue was Mo Jie, also known as Yun Fei Yang. He had lost in Duan Ren City in the past, and one reason for all those defeats was Mo Feng had betrayed Mo Yue. When Yun Fei Yang wasn’t there, Mo Feng used to be the Chief Commander of Mo Yue. Mo Feng had been on Yun Fei Yang’s side for five years.

Because of that stratagem, Liu Cang Lan and two other officers had died. On top of that, many of Liu Cang Lan’s troops had been injured or killed. However, Xue Yue didn’t care because they didn’t appreciate Liu Cang Lan, and in any case Liu Cang Lan’s army didn’t belong to Xue Yue. Xue Yue wanted Liu Cang Lan to die. They had always wanted to eradicate Duan Ren City from the map, because of that stratagem, people from Lie Yun and Mo Yue had also died in huge quantities. The only entity which could be at the origin of such a thing was Xue Yue. 

Xue Yue had sent some elite forces which couldn’t be blocked by Mo Yue and Lie Yun and they had killed people from both countries. In the end, they had killed two birds with one stone, how wonderful! 

Lin Feng was fixedly staring at Mo Feng, he had already guessed that someone evil was behind such a plan. What a disgusting person. 

“Speak!” said Yun Fei Yang while jumping forwards. He then raised his hands which immediately landed on Mo Feng’s shoulders. Some crackling sounds spread in the air, his shoulders were broken, however, Mo Feng was still smiling. 

“Your Highness, I have no choice but to admit that you are extremely talented and gifted. No matter if we’re talking about intelligence or cultivation, you are a genius. You will become a hero, however, compared with him you still have much to do. Even in times of peace and prosperity, he will become an incredible hero, but you are not cruel enough, you don’t have enough hatred in your body.” said Mo Feng slowly. He then closed his eyes and said, “Your Highness, kill me, I deserve it.” 

Yun Fei Yang looked pale and cold. He wanted to kill Mo Feng. He then raised his hand, he was about to kill him. 

“Wait wait!” said Lin Feng. Yun Fei Yang’s hand stopped in the air, he then turned his head around and looked at Lin Feng. 

“You think that we will avenge the death of a few hundreds of thousands of troops with your life? You are a worthless dog. You’re ridiculous. Die? No no, you are too trivial.” said Lin Feng coldly. Mo Feng’s face changed. He raised his hand, he wanted to kill himself but Lin Feng appeared in front of him and his hand crashed onto his body. In a flash, his cultivation was crippled. 

“You wish you had died…” said Lin Feng coldly. Immediately after, Mo Feng had the impression he had no strength in his legs anymore. Then Lin Feng grabbed his feet and hung him upside-down where the general and the two other corpses had been hung. 

“Every member of the Duan Ren City troops will shoot an arrow at you, but you will not die. Your blood will flow until the final moment.” said Lin Feng in an evil way. Mo Feng kept shaking. He was hanging by the feet and arrows kept crashing onto his body. Blood kept flowing. Lin Feng was more cruel than he was. 

He finally started shaking with fear, it seemed like he was finally releasing how cruel Lin Feng was and how important his offense had been. 

Yun Fei Yang slowly turned around and looked at the general of Mo Yue. 

“Didn’t I tell you not to attack anymore and not to do anything to Duan Ren City?” asked Yun Fei Yang coldly. They all started shaking, they finally understood what had happened. Mo Feng had betrayed the country and had used them. He had used the national troops to betray the country. They knew that their prince was furious at that moment. 

“Did I not tell you that Liu Cang Lan was the general that I respected the most and that you had to respect him, that you couldn’t harm him?” said Yun Fei Yang again. The high-ranking militaries from Mo Yue were shaking and walking backwards, they could feel that their prince’s anger. 

They had thought that Yun Fei Yang would just come and save them, but at that moment, he was blaming them. 

“You forgot everything I said, you even joined hands with Lie Yun to attack Duan Ren City and caused a massive amount of blood to flow. You disrespected the general and even hung his body, you violated my orders should you be executed or not?” 

“Your Highness, we received Mo Feng’s orders, please forgive us.” said some people while kneeling down. The prince of Mo Yue, Mo Jie, was as stubborn as a mountain. Nobody dared violate his orders. He was known for his firmness. If anyone violated his orders, they would die! 

Yun Fei Yang raised his head and sighed, “I taught you everything you know, you are all here thanks to me and now you will die…” 

Yun Fei Yang then started stepping on the ground violently and a terrifying physical strength oppressed those people. Blood started splashing, that group of high-ranking military officials then groaned together and collapsed. They were all dead. 

Lin Feng looked at Yun Fei Yang and turned his head around as said to Liu Fei, “Liu Fei, read those letters for the troops too please.” 

Liu Fei looked at Lin Feng and nodded. She then did her best to read the letters as clearly and loudly as possible without crying. 

When Liu Fei finished reading the letter, no matter who, the troops of Mo Yue or Duan Ren City, they were all moved. Mo Jie initially wanted to forget everything that had happened all those years but then Xue Yue had plotted against them.

The troops of Duan Ren City raised their heads towards the sky, they looked calm and solemn. Xue Yue had killed their general and wanted them to die, how tragic. 

“Help me to take care of them.” said Lin Feng to Yun Fei Yang. Those troops couldn’t stay in Xue Yue, it was an enemy territory for them. Lin Feng wanted to hand over those troops to Mo Yue, what a joke! 

“No.” said Yun Fei Yang while shaking his head.” He then continued, “Those are your troops, you must be responsible for them. If Xue Yue is against you, you must have them with you.” 

“I must hurry back to Xue Yue, their ultimate goal isn’t that army, but me.” said Lin Feng while shaking his head and sighing. He wasn’t strong enough to resist against everybody. 

“Roc…” shouted Yun Fei Yang extremely loudly. The earth and the sky started shaking violently. In the distance, it seemed like the sky was going to cave it. A gigantic silhouette appeared in the sky with enormous wings. It was slowly coming towards them. 

People had a feeling of oppression, it seemed like that thing was as big as the sky. 

“Is that a beast?” wondered some people while staring at that silhouette in the sky. That silhouette was way too big, it seemed like it was one kilometer wide from where they were… 

“Boom boom boom !” People’s hearts were pounding, their legs were weak. A terrifying hurricane started blowing, they were about to fall, many people actually fell down on their bottom. Finally, a terrifying beast appeared, its pupils looked ice-cold. 

It was an ancient beast from primeval times. It’s wings were a few kilometers wide when opened. It could blot out the sky and cover up in the Earth all by itself. It looked like a gigantic castle. 

“This is the totem of Mo Yue… The Roc!” People from Mo Yue were astonished, it was the roc, the emblem of their country. There were many rumors about it in Mo Yue but people didn’t know if it existed. Apparently, the rumors were true.” 

Lin Feng was astonished too, he had never seen such a terrifying beast.

“It is the emblem of my country, Mo Yue. Only in cases of extreme national danger can we use it. Since I came back from the Great Competition of Xue Yue, I recognized the roc as the protector of our country and oldest ancestor. Now, I want to help you for the general, for the blood of the troops, and for you yourself.” 

Yun Fei Yang sounded calm and solemn. He was speaking slowly. Lin Feng remained silent for a moment and nodded. Xue Yue was so cruel, he didn’t need to care about them anymore.

“Roc, sorry for getting you involved.” said Yun Fei Yang while bowing in front of the roc. The roc shook its wings, it appeared above the ground again, they couldn’t see the sky anymore. It looked like a gigantic celestial object. 

The roc then landed on the sky. Ten thousand Chi Xie troops could easily stand on its back.
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