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PMG Chapter 715: The Wedding Day

Edited: Odd Man Out
PMG Chapter 715: The Wedding Day

“Lin Feng, take the Chi Xie troops and their horses with you. The roc can bring you back to Xue Yue.” said Yun Fei Yang. 

Lin Feng nodded and looked at the troops while saying, “Soldiers, come with me to the Imperial City we will fly on the back of the roc. If you don’t want to, just leave alone, otherwise we will avenge the general.”  

“Of course we want to come, how could we forget our general?” said the Duan Ren troops. All of them led their horse onto the back of the roc. They all looked cold. 

“Lin Feng, master, what should we do with the corpses?” asked someone. Lin Feng made a step forwards, he looked at Liu Cang Lan’s body and then at Liu Fei without saying anything. But then he spoke because Liu Fei didn’t say anything. 

“What do you want to do?” asked Lin Feng to Liu Fei. She was Liu Cang Lan’s daughter, she could, of course decide. 

“I will bring them back and incinerate them between Duan Ren Border and Duan Ren City, they were at home there. I will then spread their ashes in the valley. They will always pay attention to that road then.” said Liu Fei looking extremely sad. Her father had always protected Duan Ren City and Duan Ren Border. 

Lin Feng had no objection and nodded, “Alright, I will come back when I’m done and I will pray for their souls.” 

“Don’t worry about me, Lin Feng. You can leave.” said Liu Fei smiling, she had tears in her eyes. Lin Feng sighed, the beauty she had on her face back then had disappeared, she looked mature yet crushed. 

Lin Feng slightly nodded and caressed Liu Fei’s head, it made her shiver. 

Lin Feng didn’t dare spend too much time there though. He asked a few cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer to stay there and carry the three corpses. Then he jumped onto his winged tiger and landed on the back of the roc.

It seemed like that plot was also against him. Besides, his wedding was about to start so he had to hurry and go back. Even though he didn’t feel good, he had to act as if nothing had happened. It wasn’t a good feeling. 

The roc spread its incredible wide wings. They then immediately rose up in the air, they were flying at an altitude of several dozens of thousands of meters. 

The roc was clapping its gigantic wings and creating hurricanes and whistling sounds all around them. The roc was carrying an army…. People would have been astonished if they had seen that. 

A beast which could carry dozens of thousands of beasts… That was incredible. There were people all over its gigantic body. 

Yun Fei Yang looked at those people leave. His troops then moved back into the depths of Mo Yue. Liu Fei and the few cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer whom Lin Feng had left there went back to Duan Ren City with the corpses. They were going to carry out the funeral rite for those dead people. 

Very quickly, the sky became dark. Nothing was left at night in the gigantic mountain chain… Nothing except corpse Qi. It didn’t know where to go. 

In the darkness of the night, there were five black fingers.

There were subtle sounds spreading in the air too. Suddenly, a black silhouette appeared. 

That black silhouette was almost invisible in the darkness of the night. Apart from two dazzling eyes twinkling here and there, nobody would have been able to see anything. 

That black silhouette was in the sky and released a terrifying and evil physical strength. That person’s black clothes moved and a terrifying vortex appeared. In a flash, the corpse Qi which was still present in the mountain was sucked in by the vortex. All that was left was some smoke.

That mountain still had people a few hours before before the corpse Qi had disappeared into the sky. The Qi of the people who had died unjustly satisfied that person. He was absorbing it like a glutton. 

“How pleasant!” said that person in an evil way. That person looked particularly evil. Corpse Qi was really delicious to some. 

After a while, the integrity of the pure Qi disappeared into his body and he disappeared as if nothing had ever happened. 


The leaves were rustling in the Lovesickness Forest.

Lin Hai and Yue Meng He raised their heads up to the sky and looked a bit worried. That day was Lin Feng’s wedding day… 

“Little Feng hasn’t come back yet… What can we do?” said Yue Meng He in a low voice. Everybody was looking forward to seeing the wedding ceremony. Everybody was ready but Lin Feng had gone to Duan Ren City and hadn’t come back. 

Lin Hai frowned… Those days, the city had been quite calm, especially on the side of the Imperial Palace. Lin Hai felt a bit a nervous because of that, the princess was going to get married so how come the palace had been so calm? 

“Let’s continue to prepare everything. Lin Feng will come back.” said Yue Meng He putting on her favorite chang seom. She looked incredible beautiful. She had even put on some makeup on which made her look even more beautiful. 

“Even if he doesn’t come back today, Xin Ye and I will still be Lin Feng’s wives.” Yue Meng He turned around and saw Meng Qing’s magnificent smile. Even though her son was incredibly outstanding, he was also very lucky to have two beautiful wives… That was incredible and wonderful! 

“Lin Hai, go and prepare everything.” said Yue Meng He. Lin Hai nodded and went to the Imperial Palace. 

Even though the Imperial Palace was calm, the Imperial City was still filled with activity and noise. People had invaded restaurants and hotels. There were also many people on the roads. There were people everywhere, especially on the road between the Lovesickness Forest and the Imperial Palace, as if people had been expecting something. 

Lin Feng’s wedding was going to start. Lin Feng was the champion of the Great Competition of Xue Yu and the new ruler of Xue Yue. On top of that, he was going to get married with the princess of Xue Yue. They had to stay on that road, Lin Feng would come from there. 

“Lin Feng is so strong and powerful… He won the Great Competition of Xue Yu and is now the Ruler of Xue Yue… And he’s going to get married with the beautiful princess… Lin Feng will definitely become a unique ruler and monarch of the country.” said some people on the road. Lin Feng was their idol, they worshiped him. They had hoped that one day, they would become like Lin Feng. Coming from a small town or village didn’t mean that they couldn’t rise, Lin Feng had proved it to them. He had become the most dazzling young man of the country. 

“You imagine? Lin Feng is the ruler of Xue Yue, the Patriarch of the strongest sect of the country, the Yun Hai Sect. And his parents are two of the four most outstanding cultivators our country had twenty years ago. Besides, he had monstrous natural abilities, Xue Yue is already his… Nobody can surpass him. In a few years, he will have a terrifying strength.” said someone else. At that moment, a young man in black clothes was drinking alcohol in a restaurant. That person could hear what people outside were saying as he interrupted, “The Imperial City Clan should first let him to do that…. Will they allow Lin Feng to become the unique ruler of the country?” 

Many people were surprised when they heard that person. People had never thought about those questions… Did the Imperial City Clan agree with Lin Feng’s abrupt rise?
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