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PMG Chapter 717: The Great War

Edited: Odd Man Out
PMG Chapter 717: The Great War

The king was a megalomaniac. Could he allow someone to be his equal in his own country? No matter what, even if Dragon Mountain had decided it, they couldn’t allow Lin Feng to be as strong as the king. 

The king had told the entire country that Lin Feng was going to get married with Duan Xin Ye because he wanted everybody to assist with their wedding. But actually, it seemed like he wanted to execute Lin Feng in front of everybody. Maybe he wanted to show everybody what it would be like to want too much power.

However, the most surprising thing, in the crowd’s eyes was that nobody was reacting. It seemed like they hadn’t anticipated that the situation would be like that. Yue Meng He didn’t look surprised at all.

Yue Meng He wasn’t surprised and nobody else was surprised around her. She was just looking at those people releasing their Qi. It seemed like a great war was about to start. 

“What a terrifying army.” thought the crowd. However, those people who were in the center were panic-stricken and started running around insanely. Such things had nothing to do with them, they had just come to assist to the wedding… They were guests… It seemed like nobody had planned such a situation. 

Now there were sharp arrows pointing at them. It seemed like they could die at any moment. 

“All those who have nothing to do with this can piss off.” said Duan Wu Dao extremely aggressively. Some silhouettes flickered and people disappeared far away in the distance. 

The Imperial City was going to attack them?

Lin Feng had made the Yun Hai Sect rise, he had destroyed the Yu Clan and the Wan Shou Sect. Now the Imperial City wanted to destroy the Yun Hai Sect… And the Lovesickness Forest?

The Yun Hai Sect and the Lovesickness Forest had become too influential in the country, even for the Imperial City. Destroying those two spheres of influence wouldn’t be that easy, otherwise, Duan Wu Dao would have done it alone with his Snow Dragon Guards. 

Yue Meng He slowly walked forwards and looked at Duan Wu Dao, she then said coldly, “You really have no integrity, you first accepted to let the princess get married with my son and now you refused and plot against him. You have no moral values. You don’t even care about giving face to the princess.” The Imperial City didn’t care about the princess, they were using her as a toy. 

“You call yourselves kings but if you were defeated, you would be considered as bandits. You’re just a motley crowd. Lin Feng could marry the princess in your dreams only, but you dream too much.” said Duan Wu Dao aggressively. He then raised his hand and made a sign meaning that the archers could shoot arrows. 

“Roaaarrr!” The stone ape roared violently and hit his chest with its gigantic hands. It then started running and the ground started shaking. The other beasts also started moving. The gigantic snake and all the others were moving at full speed.

“Release!” said Duan Wu Dao. All the arrows then crossed the sky and moved towards the group of people of the Yun Hai Sect. 

“Slash slash slash!” The atmosphere was shaking. The stone ape was moving towards the arrows which crashed onto his body but nothing happened. 

In a few steps, the stone ape arrived in front of the group of attackers. Some horrible shrieks spread in the air and those who had just shot the arrows died. 

“Roaaarrrr!” The stone ape then roared violently and terrifying whistling sounds made them flew away. Blood even splashed out of people’s seven apertures, nose, ears, eyes, mouth… 

The snake also arrived in front of the crowd and after avoiding two arrows, it hit the crowd with its gigantic tail. A terrifying venom spread in the air and nobody could sopt that venom. 

Only a few people of the Yun Hai Sect were killed by those arrows. Those archers weren’t strong enough. 

However, Duan Wu Dao remained expressionless and calm. In a flash, the Imperial Snow Dragon Guards released a terrifying pure Qi at the same time, then they all jumped towards Lin Feng’s people. At the same time, behind them appeared some extremely strong cultivators. They were all cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer and were terrifying. 

“Where are those extremely strong cultivators from…?” thought the crowd baffled. They had extremely powerful skills and techniques. The people of the Yun Hai Sect were ordinary people, they would be easy to kill. What a tragic moment! 

“Go and fight against the beasts.” said Duan Wu Dao. Then the three commanders of the Snow Dragon Guards flickered at the same time and they threw themselves at the beasts.

The three commanders were all cultivators who had at least broken through to the seventh Xuan Qi layer. 

The dark clouds were still blotting out the sky and covering up the earth, it was supposed to be Lin Feng and Duan Xin Ye’s wedding. Now it was turning out to be a terrifying event. Murder and desolation had invaded the atmosphere.

“Lin Feng still hasn’t arrived… What a tragedy for the Lovesickness Forest and the Yun Hai Sect…” thought the crowd. The Imperial City Clan was much stronger and had a monstrous amount of cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer. The strongest cultivators of Xue Yue, the Snow Dragon Guards, were even attacking. The Yun Hai Sect and the Lovesickness Forest were going to disappear…

“When is Duan Ren Huang coming?” asked Yue Meng He coldly to Duan Wu Dao. 

“He’s not needed to fight against you.” said Duan Wu Dao indifferently. He then released a terrifying and brutal energy.

“Make Lin Feng come here for a battle!” said Duan Wu Dao whose battle energy was burning violently all around him. Last time, he had lost against Lin Feng and felt incredibly humiliated. 

“You are a loser, you cannot fight against him.” 

“Hmph. Duan Ren Huang was the first one and it’s been twenty years since. Even if Duan Ren Huang doesn’t come out, I can still defeat you, you have no geniuses.” said Duan Wu Dao while releasing a terrifying Qi. He was looking at those people fighting and said, “Everybody stop and move back!” 

His terrifying voice rolled in the air and resonated in people’s heads. Everybody immediately moved back.  There was blood and corpses already where the people of the Yun Hai Sect and the Lovesickness were,.

“Back then, people called you and your husband geniuses, now you are pieces of trash! Yue Meng He, I will kill you with my own hands and then kill your son Lin Feng!” shouted Duan Wu Dao furiously. 

“Sealed doors, appear!” In the air, eight sealed doors appeared. Duan Wu Dao could use the power of his spirit to oppress Yue Meng He. He needed to regain face and now he had the opportunity to do so. 

“Roaaarrrr!” A celestial fangs spirit appeared, Yue Meng He, like Duan Wu Dao released her dragon spirit. She also had the nine dragons spirit. 

Her spirit had eight heads and looked hideous. 

“You want to fight, all your people will die!” said Duan Wu Dao. “Doors, seal!” 

The eight doors then turned into beams of light as they moved towards Yue Meng He. 

Her eight dragon heads then roared furiously and crashed onto the eight doors while explosions sounded. The doors were oppressing all those heads and it seemed like they were going to be sealed.

Duan Wu Dao made a step forwards and a terrifying warlord energy oppressed Yue Meng He. 

“Warlord punch!” shouted Duan Wu Dao furiously. His warlord fists then dashed to the skies. It seemed like Yue Meng He was too weak and was going to be crushed. 

Yue Meng He’s hands were fluttering, it looked mysterious and fascinating. She looked fragile and sweet. At the same time, the warlord punches seemed like they couldn’t break her fists.

“Such a vast Qi is indestructible, die!” shouted Duan Wu Dao furiously. Some terrifying whistling sounds spread in the air, those strident sounds painfully pierced through people’s ears! A terrifying warlord Qi was bombarding the atmosphere in Yue Meng He’s direction! 

Duan Wu Dao’s skills were extremely brutal and violent. Besides, he had joined the Jade Heaven Imperial Family and felt more powerful than ever, he despised everybody in the world!
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