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PMG Chapter 718: Fury and Revenge

Edited: Odd Man Out
PMG Chapter 718: Fury and Revenge

“Duan Wu Dao is terrifying.” thought the the crowd when they saw his warlord punches. He had broken through to the ninth Xuan Qi layer, with his sealed doors spirit and Shen Gong skills, he had a terrifying power.

However, he hadn’t ranked first at the Great Competition of Xue Yu, Lin Feng had finished first. How strong was Lin Feng?

Besides, why wasn’t Lin Feng appearing at that moment?

“Lovesickness Drunkenness, Lovesickness Punch!” said Yue Meng He looking like an illusion in a dream. Her punches were bombarding the atmosphere, they gave people an impression of lovesickness, the surrounding people suddenly needed love… Those lovesickness punches even contained some intent and as they could make the warlord punches melt.. Love could make aggressiveness melt…

The warlord punches were getting weaker and weaker and then disappeared. Love had invaded the entire atmosphere.

“Hmph.” Duan Wu Dao groaned coldly and jumped forwards while shouting furiously, “Warlord punch!” Some rumbling sounds spread in the air, terrifying punches invaded the atmosphere, residual energy turned into hurricanes that were killing people who were behind Yue Meng He. 

Duan Wu Dao didn’t stop after his warlord punches, some sealed doors intent appeared and it seemed like it was going to seal Yue Meng He’s body.

“Jade Sky Burial! Destruction!” shouted Duan Wu Dao and a gigantic hand appeared. It was pitch black and was moving towards Yue Meng He at full speed, it seemed like that hand could bury her. Some rumbling sounds were spreading in the air. That kind of skill contained intent, it seemed like it was preventing Yue Meng He from moving and wanted to bury her.

Yue Meng He could sense how terrifying that attack was. That Qi was monstrous. 

Behind Yue Meng He, a silhouette slowly appeared as a terrifying intent appeared and broke Duan Wu Dao’s punch attack which was oppressing Yue Meng He. Then Duan Wu Dao’s punch suddenly disappeared. 

Duan Wu Dao’s face became even angrier. Immediately after, a terrifying physical strength crashed onto Duan Wu Dao’s body and projected him backwards. When Duan Wu Dao saw that person, he was astonished. 

“Tian Qi layer… you’re Lin Hai!” said Duan Wu Dao coldly while looking at the man next to Yue Meng He. 

“Indeed.” replied Lin Hai indifferently. The crowd was astonished, it was Lin Hai, one of the four geniuses from the country twenty years ago… He had broken through to the Tian Qi layer… How amazing! 

“Lin Hai.” said a voice in the distance. “In the past I had sealed your body and expelled you from the Imperial City. I wouldn’t have thought that you would break through to the Tian Qi layer, but even now I can still seal your body once again.” In the distance, a silhouette appeared. That person was wearing a golden crown and golden clothes, that person wasn’t the king though, it was Duan Ren Huang! 

“Duan Ren Huang, just like in the past, you’re as shameless as before.” said Lin Hai coldly. 

“Hmph.” said Duan Ren Huang. “It took you more than ten years to break the sealed doors and you just broke to the Tian Qi layer, nothing more… You came to my Imperial Palace to see the wedding…? Last time I sealed your body, now I will kill you.”

Indeed, Duan Ren Huang had sealed Lin Hai’s cultivation in the past, he had been unable to break free from the sealed doors for so many years, but in the end Lin Feng had slowly risen. He had practiced cultivation so hard, then Lin Feng had finished first at the Great Competition of Xue Yu. That had made Lin Hai feel so great. He was so proud of his son that his heart had enabled him to break free from the chains of the sealed doors, and then he had broken through to the Tian Qi layer. 

In a short time, Yue Meng He would also be able to break through to the Tian Qi layer. 

“Duan Ren Huang, what about you? What makes you think you can criticize me?” asked Lin Hai coldly. He then continued slowly, “Back then, you, Meng He and Wu Qing and I were the four strongest cultivators of the country. We were also four best friends, like brothers. We were doing everything together. I still remember that day when we went to the Nine Dragon Mountain Chain and killed some beasts and picked up some grass. You were like a brother but then when you became stronger you started courting Meng He and wanted to kill us, do you have a clear conscious? If you did have a clear conscience, you wouldn’t be so weak now.” 

“Shut the hell up!” shouted Duan Ren Huang furiously. His voice made the entire atmosphere shake… The crowd was surprised, the four of them used to be best friends…What had happened twenty years before hadn’t been transmitted properly to the later generations and there were so many different rumors… 

“Haha, you’re still getting angry because of such things… We all forgot about what happened in the past, you’re the only one who cannot get over it. Nobody would have thought that you would still think about it…” said Lin Hai mockingly.

Duan Ren Huang looked cold and glum. He slowly rose up in the air and glanced at the crowd from above. He looked emotionless. 

“Lin Hai, prepare to die.” said Duan Ren Huang while releasing some terrifying intent. His intent was also sealed door intent but it was much stronger than that of Duan Wu Dao’s. Of course, he had broken through to the Tian Qi layer. At that moment, the crowd was astonished and couldn’t move. They had the impression that they couldn’t breathe anymore. 

Duan Ren Huang then released the integrity of his sealed door energy. 

Lin Hai jumped forwards and rose up in the air while releasing a terrifying Qi. Two hurricanes collided and merged.

“Seal!” shouted Duan Ren Huang furiously. A terrifying strength bombarded the atmosphere, Lin Hai’s body was covered by it. The sealed doors intent surrounded his entire body, there was a huge difference between them. 

Yue Meng He rose up in the air and released some energies which moved towards Duan Ren Huang. 

Duan Ren Huang glanced at her and shouted coldly, “In the past, you made a mistake and now you are as dull and stupid as before. You will die together now!” 

A terrifying warlord Qi emerged in the air and a gigantic light bombarded them both. Both of them were projected backwards, they even collapsed on the ground. Both of them together couldn’t rival with Duan Ren Huang.

“Crrrr crrr….” A terrifying sword Qi invaded the atmosphere from a distance and moved towards Duan Ren Huang. A moment before it was extremely far away but now it was extremely close. 

“Die with them too!” shouted Duan Ren Huang while bombarding the sword energy with a terrifying punch. In a flash, the sword Qi disappeared without leaving trace. The one who had used the sword was also punched and had crashed onto the ground next to Yue Meng He and Lin Hai. 

“Cough cough!” Lin Hai was coughing blood. He looked at the person who had just arrived, smiled wryly and said, “You don’t need to.” 

“We have been separated for so many years and now we are all reunited.” said Zhu Ge Wu Qing. He usually looked expressionless but at that moment he had a smile on his face. 

“Very good, I also gave you a chance in the past, Zhu Ge Wu Qing. Now you are acting as my enemy. You will die with them.” said Duan Ren Huang in a disdainful way. Back then, they used to be best friends and now Duan Ren Huang was fighting against them. 

Now, he wanted to kill the three of them. 

Lin Hai and the two others glanced at each other and smiled.

“Wu Qing, I got Meng He in the past, I hope you’re not angry.”

“I wouldn’t have protected your son if I had blamed you.” said Zhu Ge Wu Qing while shaking his head. Yue Meng He had a resplendent smile on her face, any man would have fallen in love with her… 

“I wouldn’t have thought that we would die in his hands though.” said Yue Meng He, standing up. She turned her head, looked at Meng Qing and said, “Meng Qing, you must leave. Everybody, you must escape from Xue Yue!” 

Lin Hai and Zhu Ge Wu Qing looked at Yue Meng He, they understood what she meant. They were going to die… 

Even if they were going to die, they had to fight. They would die as heroes to keep their honor. Unfortunately, so many people were involved… Even Meng Qing and Lin Feng 

“Alright, if you want to die, I will kill you.” said Duan Ren Huang releasing a terrifying deadly energy. He looked cold. His deadly energy was terrifying, the crowd couldn’t breathe anymore. 

Would the problems which had started twenty years before between the four most outstanding people of Xue Yue stop now? 
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