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PMG Chapter 720: Ghosts of Xue Yue

Edited: Odd Man Out
PMG Chapter 720: Ghosts of Xue Yue

“AAAARRRRRGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!” The stone ape’s eyes were bloodshot as he attacked the ground with its legs. Its eyes seemed to be tearing up. 

The gigantic animal turned around and looked at Duan Xin Ye, Lin Hai and Yue Meng He. The fact that the stone ape looked extremely sad confused Yue Meng He. 

“Little Feng…” whispered Yue Meng He. That stone ape was Lin Feng’s, Yue Meng He had almost forgotten about it… Perhaps Lin Feng already knew about everything that was happening… Maybe he could see everything clearly… Through the eyes of the stone ape.

“Don’t come.” said Yue Meng to the stone ape while shaking her head. However, the stone ape slowly turned its head and roared again. It looked like a mountain soaring to the skies. 

“You are extremely solid and robust, against all expectations you haven’t died yet!” said Duan Ren Huang coldly. A hand then appeared in the air and crashed onto the ape’s body. The gigantic ape fell down and a gigantic hole appeared.

Behind the stone ape appeared the colossal snake, it didn’t fear death either as it rose up in the air. 

“Huh?” Duan Ren Huang was surprised as another gigantic hand crashed out of his body and the snake whistled in pain. 

“Are the beasts trying to waste time?” So many beasts were coming one after the other, it seemed like they were all trying to waste time. 

“Wasting time?” The crowd was surprised, why would the beasts be trying to waste time?

Was Lin Feng about to come back?

Indeed, Lin Feng would probably arrived soon. He probably wanted those beasts to waste some time. 

“Useless. Die together!” said Duan Ren Huang, shaking his head. Evil lights were flashing in his eyes. He looked like a violent murderer, wanting all those people and beasts to die. 

“Stop!” said a voice coldly. The crowd turned around and saw a beautiful and proud looking woman in a magnificent cheong sam looking pure and holy. She was walking so slowly.

Meng Qing was walking slowly in her beautiful ceremonial cheong sam as she released an ice-cold Qi. 

Meng Qing arrived next to Duan Xin Ye and smiled resplendently, she looked so pure and holy. 

Yue Meng He shook her head unceasingly and whispered, “Meng Qing, don’t, you must leave.

Meng Qing smiled back, she looked extremely beautiful… She gently shook her head and said, “Yue Meng He, how could I leave? Lin Feng cares about you and them more than anything in the world. I am his wife now, if I left, Lin Feng would hate me forever.” 

“Meng Qing, you must understand that Lin Feng loves you more than anybody else here.” said Yue Meng He. She didn’t want Meng Qing to die, Meng Qing had to leave! 

“I will not leave. If you all died, Lin Feng would be crushed forever. I am happy that I could become Lin Feng’s wife today, without regrets, without remorse, without sadness I will stay here today.” said Meng Qing, she looked like a little sunshine. She then walked forwards, very slowly, she looked ice-cold and hopeless.

She looked at the gloomy sky, the wind was cold and desolate. Her beautiful cheong sam was fluttering in the wind. However, that beautiful woman couldn’t make the gloomy atmosphere look any happier.

The Earth and sky were getting colder and colder, even more gloomy. Some snowflakes started falling.

Some pure-looking snowflakes began falling heavily. In just a short time, people were covered with a layer of snow. They were feeling ice-cold and some people were even shivering. How cold! 

However, people saw that pure and innocent looking woman walking forwards, step by step. What a beautiful woman. 

That gorgeous woman was an ice and snow goddess. She rose up in the air just above the ground, her long cheong sam was hanging above the ground too. Gradually, she was covered with snow and looked like an authentic snow deity.

“Meng Qing!” Thought the crowd watching her… Yue Meng He was astonished and started crying. Lin Feng was so lucky to have such a wonderful life, he really couldn’t have any regret in this life…

“Huh?” Duan Ren Huang was surprised when he saw Meng Qing and he frowned. That girl looked stunning, she was even more beautiful than Yue Meng He in the past. How come Lin Hai’s son was lucky with women! Duan Ren Huang felt even more jealous and furious. 

Besides, that girl’s Qi was incredible.

White snow covered Meng Qing’s entire body, to the extent that her hair turned completely white. She had transformed into a snow goddess. She rose up in the air and ice covered the Earth. It seemed like the entire world was going to freeze. 

“fifth, seventh, eighth…. Xuan Qi layer!!!!!!!!!!!” 

“Ninth Xuan Qi layer!!!!!!!!!!!” 

“Tian Qi layer!!!!!!!!!!!!” 

Everybody was absolutely astonished, stunned, stupefied! The bride, that holy and pure looking woman was releasing an incredible ice which had the strength of the Tian Qi layer!!!!! She had broken through to the Tian Qi layer, just like Duan Ren Huang!!!!!! 

“She has the strength of the Tian Qi layer!!!!” everybody was astonished! What was happening?! Besides, it seemed like her strength was still increasing! She was a lot stronger than Lin Hai who also had the strength of the Tian Qi layer! She seemed to be as strong as Duan Ren Huang! 

How astonishing! Nobody dared believe it, it seemed too incredible! 

Duan Ren Huang was astonished too, he couldn’t believe his eyes as stared at Meng Qing. He had thought that Lin Hai was the only cultivator of the Tian Qi layer there… And on top of that, it was Lin Feng’s wife! 

“Die!” shouted Duan Ren Huang furiously! A terrifyingly brutal energy spread in the air. She had broken through to the Tian Qi layer, so what? He would still kill her, just like everybody else! 

“Warlord punches!” Some rumbling sounds spread in the air, those punches seemed like they could annihilate everything. They launched out at Meng Qing. Those punches were infinitely more powerful than those from Duan Wu Dao. 

The snowflakes condensed together and turned into a piercingly-cold ice. They then turned into a snow vortex and froze the punches. Those terrifying punches just fell apart afterwards.

Duan Ren Huang was astonished but then looked calm and serene again. He jumped forwards and threw himself at Meng Qing. He released the terrifying strength of the sealed doors, he wanted to seal Meng Qing’s body.

The snowflakes kept falling down from the sky. She looked like a snow goddess in her ice world. Everybody was covered with a layer of snow. The snowflakes kept floating and dancing gracefully in the wind. There was ice intent in that snow. One couldn’t see her beautiful silhouette clearly anymore, but the sealed doors intent seemed like it couldn’t affect her. 

“Die!” shouted Meng Qing coldly. Then her ice intent attacked Duan Ren Huang. That coldness was piercingly cold. It seemed like Duan Ren Huang was going to freeze.

That ice seemed like it could freeze the entire world. 

He couldn’t fight for long in that atmosphere filled with ice intent, otherwise he would lose. 

“Destruction!” said Duan Ren Huang while trying to destroy the ice vortex. He released even more sealed doors Qi, in the atmosphere eight sealed doors now appeared. However, the energy in those doors was even stronger than in his previous attacks.

“Seal!” shouted Duan Ren Huang furiously, the monstrous sealed doors seemed like they could seal the world. They turned into beams of light as they shot out towards Meng Qing. 

“Snow.” said Meng Qing in a low voice. Snow kept falling as a thick layer of snow surrounded her entire body. The sealed doors bombarded that layer of snow, and then Meng Qing disappeared.

“Die” a massive amount of snow appeared and surrounded Duan Ren Huang’s body. A beautiful and graceful hand appeared out of the air and launched towards him, that hand contained a terrifying ice Qi. 

Duan Ren Huang groaned coldly as he used his warlord punch again, but when he raised his hand some ice and snow penetrated into his hand and disappeared into it. A terrifying ice energy appeared from Duan Ren Huang’s back too. 

The crowd saw Duan Ren Huang surrounded by a terrifying white snow, it seemed like that white snow contained the energy of an ice goddess.

“Boom!” A terrifying ice energy crashed onto Duan Ren Huang’s body, he was astonished and the crowd was as well.

Lin Feng’s wife looked like an ice goddess, she was even stronger than Duan Ren Huang!
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