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PMG Chapter 721: Xue Ling Long

Edited: OddManOut
PMG Chapter 721: Xue Ling Long

The crowd couldn’t believe their eyes. Lin Feng’s wife looked like a snow goddess with strength greater than Duan Ren Huang. 

Ice crashed onto Duan Ren Huang’s body and almost entirely froze him.

“Get lost!” shouted Duan Ren Huang furiously. Several terrifying warlord punches launched out. Meng Qing moved her hand though and then ice penetrated his body. Duan Ren Huang was projected a few hundred meters away. 

“Cough cough!” Duan Ren Huang coughed. He was still covered by ice and snow from head to foot. A moment before, the ice had penetrated into his body and he had almost froze to death. 

Snow was still falling unceasingly. Without realizing it, people had become snowmen already.

“How cold…” said one person shivering violently. He had been watching the battle for a while and had just realized that it was snowing.

Meng Qing’s snowflakes became even more powerful. She then jumped again and landed in a massive ball of ice and snow in front of Duan Ren Huang. 

There was no warlord punch, there was only a massive amount of ice Qi. 

“Kill her together!” shouted Duan Ren Huang. Out of the Imperial Palace suddenly emerged a terrifying energy which moved towards Meng Qing.

Some people appeared that weren’t weaker than Duan Ren Huang. 

“All of them are cultivators of the Tian Qi layer…” thought the crowd astonished. They were all cultivators of the Tian Qi layer! 

Meng Qing was in danger! 

All those people were of the Tian Qi layer and they were releasing a terrifying energy that threatened Meng Qing.

“Duan Ren Huang, you’re so shameless!” shouted Yue Meng He furiously. Her face was red and she was enraged.

“Hmph.” groaned Duan Wu Dao coldly. He began moving towards Yue Meng He as he said, “Today, you will all die.” 

“Yaaaa…..!” Another sound emerged in the air and in front of Yue Meng He appeared a silhouette. That person had white hair. He took the punch, causing him to stumble backwards, even closer to Yue Meng He. 

Yue Meng He looked at that old man, she couldn’t believe it. Her mouth was slightly open, but she didn’t say anything. She was speechless, finally, he had arrived! 


Yue Qing Shan turned his head around and smiled at Yue Meng He. This old man’s face looked sad and desolate.

“Little He, I finally heard you call me father.. Everything that happened in the past was my fault! Duan Ren Huang is no match for you, you deserve much better!” said Yue Qing Shan. No matter how strong anyone was, Yue Qing Shan loved his daughter the most, Yue Meng He! 

“Father, leave, all of this has nothing to do with you.” said Yue Meng He smiling. Her father had just admitted that everything was his fault, could she continue hating her father? No, he was her father, they shared the same blood. 

“Could an old man like me watch as his daughter dies in front of him?” said Yue Qing Shan while smiling wryly. Yue Meng He also smiled wryly.

“If you want to die, you should die together then.” said Duan Wu Dao, using his warlord punches to attack Yue Qing Shan. 

In the air were four cultivators of the Tian Qi layer surrounding Meng Qing, her ice energies were being oppressed. Those four cultivators of the Tian Qi layer were Duan Ren Huang, Da Shu Kong, Yu Mo’s teacher and someone from Jade Heaven.

“I, Yu Tian Huang, want that girl!” said the strong cultivator from Jade Heaven. In a flash, the three others nodded as they understood what he meant. Duan Ren Huang released some sealed doors intent. Eight doors appeared around her to seal her cultivation.

That holy and pure woman looked as cold as before. She looked like a goddess from ancient ages. 

Meng Qing raised her head and smiled in a terrifyingly strange way. It seemed like something had appeared in her head.

Some strange looking ice things fell from the sky. They were extremely cold, colder than anything which had appeared until now. The temperature continued plummeting.

Yue Meng He was shivering as she raised her head and looked at that woman who was an ice goddess. She started crying again. 

“Meng Qing!!!!” 

“Ahhhhhh!!!!” A terrifying shout spread in the air, it seemed like the universe could freeze… Meng Qing’s beautiful hair was fluttering in the wind. The strong cultivators of the Tian Qi layer who were surrounding her were scared, their facial expressions changed drastically. How cold! It was terrifying! 

A ferocious wild beast appeared from Meng Qing’s back. It was a beautiful ferocious wild beast, it had snowy-white fur! It had beautiful eyes too, it looked like a fox but it was much more beautiful than any ordinary fox! 

“That’s a fairy fox!?” whispered the crowd.

The cultivator of Jade Heaven was astonished! so that’s how it was… That pure and holy looking girl was surprisingly a fairy fox… Xue Ling Long. 

He would have never thought that there could be a celestial beast in Xue Yue, he had to capture it! 

“Die!” shouted Meng Qing furiously. She then dived into snow again and disappeared. But then immediately reappeared in front of Duan Ren Huang again.

Xue Ling Long, the master of foxes, the ice goddess… 

Duan Ren Huang wanted to move back but he couldn’t. The terrifying ice invaded his body and several explosions sounded. His body was projected away in the air. He was covered by ice and snow from head to foot yet again. 

“Very good, Xue Long Ling appeared…” said a voice in the Imperial Palace. A silhouette had appeared, that person was bathing in a terrifying Qi. The crowd started shaking violently, that person’s Qi made them suffocate. It was really too scary. 

“Xue Long Ling, the most beautiful beast who has the shape of a human being… I wouldn’t have thought that you would appear in such a tiny country as Xue Yue.” said that extremely strong cultivator. A gigantic hand then appeared in the sky and fell in Meng Qing’s direction. 

Those who were initially surrounding Meng Qing moved away. Meng Qing had jumped into the snow but the terrifying and gigantic hand had already invaded the entire atmosphere. Meng Qing was hit and got buried into the ground. 

“Roaaaarrrr!” The beasts in the surroundings were roaring violently. Meng Qing crawled out of the hole with fresh blood on her beautiful cheong sam. Her body then merged together with Xue Ling Long. She raised her head and her eyes looked extremely beautiful. Those were really Meng Qing’s eyes. 

“Meng Qing!”

“Meng Qing!” Duan Xin Ye and Yue Meng He yelled together when they saw Meng Qing turn into Xue Ling Long.

“Roaaarrr!” Meng Qing rose up in the air as another terrifying punch attack launched out at Meng Qing. She was launched back onto the ground, her fur was covered with blood. 

Xue Ling Long still looked like a celestial being, like Meng Qing. The Xue Ling Long illusion hadn’t disappeared yet. 

“Xue Ling Long, you shouldn’t be in Xue Yue. I want to bring you to Jade Heaven, I will help you become a human being again.” said the strong cultivator from Jade Heaven to Meng Qing. However, Meng Qing looked as cold as before. 

Meng Qing was getting ready to move up in the sky again. 

“No….!” shouted a familiar voice in the horizon. Meng Qing was surprised and her bestial body shook. It seemed like she was scared.

“Bzzzzz…. Bzzzz….. The Earth and sky were shaking, there was a hurricane approaching. People turned around and gazed into the distance with astonishment. 

There was a gigantic beast in the sky and it was flying with incredible speed. Besides, it had an army of people on its back. Its wings looked like castles…

On that beast was a person, that person flew off the back of the beast. That person’s eyes revealed terror but you could tell he was not resigned to give up!

Lin Feng had come back!
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