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PMG Chapter 722: Like A Demon

Edited: OddManOut
PMG Chapter 722: Like A Demon

“What a gigantic, ferocious, wild beast!” The crowd was staring at that gigantic beast, it looked like a monumental castle. It was blotting out the sky and covering up the Earth. There were dozens of thousands of people on it, what a terrifying beast. 

“Bzzzz…. Bzzzz….” Buzzing sounds were mixing with the sound of the wind. The cultivators of the Tian Qi layer were looking at that beast, it was a roc from ancient ages! How astonishing! 

The beasts which were on the ground couldn’t compete with that kind of beast… 

“Hmph, you finally arrived.” said Duan Wu Dao, who was still fighting against Yue Qing Shan.. Duan Wu Dao then immediately rose higher up in the air. 

“Get lost!” shouted Lin Feng furiously, making people shiver. His terrifying voice turned into sword energy and left a sword mark in the sky. It then moved towards Duan Wu Dao, who inturn shivered. His silhouette immediately flickered as he moved aside. 

Lin Feng ignored Duan Wu Dao, at that moment, he was only looking at the illusion. 

“Mhhh…” That beast which had the eyes of a celestial being moaned when it saw Lin Feng. Xue Ling Long was crying. She turned around and moved away, she didn’t dare look at Lin Feng. 

“MENG QING!” shouted Lin Feng which made Xue Ling Long turn around. 

“Meng Qing!” said Lin Feng while jumping towards Meng Qing. He had stretched out his hand. 

Lin Feng tried to hug Xue Ling Long, who still looked pure and holy. Xue Ling Long was crying and shaking. Meng Qing hadn’t disappeared, she was staring at Lin Feng. 

Lin Feng was also looking at that silhouette, he stretched his hand but couldn’t touch her… 

“Lin Feng…” said a voice which resonated in Lin Feng’s ears… It was a warm and gentle voice which made Lin Feng’s heart melt… Meng Qing could still speak… 

“Sorry Lin Feng, I always lied to you. I’m actually a beast…” said the illusion. Some tears were flowing out of her eyes… The beast moved into Lin Feng’s arms, even though it was just an illusion, it still wanted to be there. 

“I know, I always knew…” Meng Qing’s voice was making Lin Feng’s heart melt. Lin Feng was able to control so many incredible beasts but in front of Meng Qing, beast of Tian Qi layer, what could he do… He was powerless. He could only watch as those cultivators of the Tian Qi layer attack her. 

Lin Feng had always known that Meng Qing was a beast, she was so pure and holy. How could she have lived in the depths of the Black Wind Mountain where no beast ever attacked her. 

Back when he had seen the Tian level cat in the Nine Dragons Mountain Chain, he had understood that Meng Qing was a beast and that she was undergoing the human transformation process. That was why she didn’t have the strength of the Tian Qi layer as a human being. Her strength was restricted during the transformation process, just like the cat back then. However, during that crucial period, Lin Feng had defeated the cat. 

However, because of Lin Feng, Meng Qing had used her strength of the Xuan Qi layer a few times to protect him. She had taken huge risks back then. And she had suffered a lot because of the ice corroding her body. 

“Lin Feng, do you remember how I liked to hear you tell me the story of the white fox. Can you tell me that story again?” asked Meng Qing when she heard Lin Feng say that he knew that she was a beast. The illusion was smiling, she looked warm, gentle and soft. She loved to hear Lin Feng tell her the story of the white fox. She loved to hear stories that didn’t exist in that world. 

“I am a thousand year old fox, I have been a lonely fox for a thousand years so who could love me? I love you unconditionally, you are bewitching, I could study cultivation with you forever. Leaving you would be the worst thing in the world. Getting married with you is the most beautiful thing in the world, I could dance with you forever, I am you….” Lin Feng was chanting that poem slowly… But Meng Qing was becoming less and less real. 

However, that disappearing illusion looked as beautiful as before and she still had a resplendent smile on her face. 

Who could put an end to her loneliness?

Who could make her so happy? 

Who could make the ice in her heart melt? 

Who could make her cry and smile at the same time because of love?

Who accepted to sacrifice himself for her without regret? 

For whom was she willing to abandon everything?

For whom was she willing to give her best to make him happy? 

For whom was she willing to suffer without repenting it?

Tears started flowing on Lin Feng’s cheeks, they were falling down on Meng Qing’s illusion. Finally, Meng Qing’s illusion disappeared but Lin Feng kept hugging that lonely fox as if he hadn’t noticed it. Xue Ling Long was shivering with cold.

Yue Meng He walked towards Meng Qing and caressed her white fur while crying. 

“Lin Feng, Meng Qing is not like the other beasts, she is a celestial beast. Xue Ling Long can have the body of a human being. If she hadn’t had sex with you she would have become a real person, but because she accepted to do so, she gave you her pure Qi and postponed the transformation process. That’s what’s happening now…” said Yue Meng He slowly. Xue Ling Long raised her head and looked at Lin Feng, she was shivering with cold but Lin Feng kept hugging her tightly. 

The dark clouds were still in the sky, wind was brushing away on Lin Feng’s skin but it seemed like he felt nothing. There was only an endless coldness in his heart.

Lin Feng’s body was gradually surrounded by a black layer. That black layer was becoming denser and thicker. 

Yue Meng He looked at that darkness and started shivering, Lin Feng’s body was getting darker and darker… 

“Huh?” When the crowd heard Lin Feng’s chant. They were captivated by him but then they watched as his body was being enveloped by darkness, pitch-black. People’s heart started pounding. 


The atmosphere was gloomy and Lin Feng’s body was turning dark like the atmosphere. His hair was turning pitch-black too. 

His body temperature was turning ice-cold, terrifyingly cold. 

“That is the darkness of a… Demon!” The crowd started shivering and shaking, Lin Feng’s color was the color of evil. 

Xue Ling Long was still in Lin Feng’s arms when she sensed something, she started shivering even more and moaned. She raised her head and looked at Lin Feng with her beautiful eyes. Lin Feng pet her head when he saw that she was looking at him. 

Lin Feng’s eyes revealed how much he loved her, that was the only hint. The expression in his eyes was warm and gentle.

A terrifying coldness invaded the atmosphere, the only creature who could see his smile was Xue Ling Long. 

“Go and kill him.” said the strong cultivator from Jade Heaven. In a flash, Duan Wu Dao jumped forwards and arrived in the sky above Lin Feng while releasing a terrifying Qi. 

“Lin Feng, today you will die by my hands.” said Duan Wu Dao coldly. However, Lin Feng seemed like he hadn’t heard him at all. He was still looking at Xue Ling Long and hugging her. 

“For me, you turned into a beast, not caring about the irreversible, without regrets.” 

“For you, I am willing to hand in my soul to the demons and become a demon. I am willing to annihilate all those stray dogs.” said Lin Feng while releasing a monstrous evil energy which soared the skies. People’s hearts started beating violently when they heard him. 

The blackness became even darker as Lin Feng turned into a demon. Whistling sounds started spreading in the air as a hurricane began sweeping away around him. 

“Mother, take care of Meng Qing.” said Lin Feng while handing over Xue Ling Long over to his mother. Yue Meng He couldn’t recognize her son anymore, was he really her son? His Qi was ice-cold and made her soul tremble. 

“Little Feng…” whispered Yue Meng He. She stretched out her hands and grabbed Xue Ling Long who was still shivering violently. Her beautiful eyes watched Lin Feng with extreme anxiety. 

Lin Feng smiled one last time when he saw Yue Meng He hug Meng Qing. Then he raised his head and a terrifying black light dashed to the skies, his demonic eyes stared through Duan Wu Dao. Duan Wu Dao started shaking, his soul was even shaking! 
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