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PMG Chapter 723: Strong Cultivators Fighting!

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PMG Chapter 723: Strong Cultivators Fighting!

The dark clouds in the sky were making the atmosphere look even colder. Lin Feng slowly stood up and that pitch-black demon slowly rose up in the air. His black chang pao was fluttering in the wind, his entire body was surrounded by evil energies which were bone-piercingly cold. People’s souls were trembling. 

Duan Wu Dao watched as Lin Feng rose up in the air. However, Duan Wu Dao moved back, he was surprisingly scared.

Lin Feng’s pitch-black eyes glanced at Duan Wu Dao darkly. Lin Feng despised him. Duan Wu Dao was shaking, his self-confidence was breaking apart. He initially wanted to kill Lin Feng and regain his prestige, but now, against all expectations, he was moving back. 

The black color was insanely rolling in the atmosphere and emitting whistling sounds. Lin Feng, with the power of his heart, made the blackness roll in the air like a hurricane. The hurricane made his chang pao flutter and his long hair rise up in the air. 

“How terrifying…” thought the crowd watching Lin Feng turn into a demon. He was too scary! That handsome young man was turning into a demon with an ice-cold, pitch-black Qi. 

The cultivators of the Tian Qi layer were all astonished watching Lin Feng. That guy was turning into a demon, but it was useless in front of them. He couldn’t do anything and they could kill him as they wished.

Lin Feng was about to die. 

“Kill him.” said the cultivator from Jade Heaven indifferently. Lin Feng was staring at him and the other cultivators of the Tian Qi layer coldly. 

Those cultivators of the Tian Qi layer slowly moved towards him, they wanted to kill him. They had to hurry because Lin Feng was already threatening them. 

“Stop!” shouted someone furiously from above. In the air, some thunders appeared and crossed some of the dark clouds. What a strong energy! 

Lin Feng raised his head and saw Lei Mang, however, he still looked emotionless. Lin Feng didn’t care about anyone else apart from his closest friends and relatives. Other people were insignificant for him. He had to sort out his issues with blood. 

Apart from Lei Mang, other people appeared in the distance, silhouettes were flickering. They were all extremely strong and powerful and had all broken through to the Tian Qi layer. People from Shen Gong had surrounded Lin Feng to protect him. 

People were stupefied, there were extremely strong cultivators who wanted to protect Lin Feng but they had never seen those people.

“Yun Fei Yang, bring people and help me exterminate the Imperial Family of Xue Yue!” said Lin Feng while looking at the gigantic roc in the sky. People’s hearts were pounding even more violently. Lin Feng wanted to exterminate the Imperial Family of Xue Yue…?

Yun Fei Yang nodding without saying anything. The roc started clapping its wings creating a hurricane, people could barely stand fast on their feet. The crowd watched as the roc penetrate into the Imperial Palace and land on it. Some rumbling sounds spread in the air. 

Horses started galloping making the ground vibrate. There were no incredible sounds, there was only the sounds of the hoofs clacking on the ground. There was a gloomy Qi in the atmosphere, when really furious words were useless, silence was a real symbol of fury.

A few dozens of thousands of armored horses were furious and releasing a terrifying energy. Their hearts were filled with murder. 

Those dozens of thousands of armored horses were surrounded by terrifying deadly energies. They wanted to exterminate the Imperial Family of Xue Yue. 

The people from the Imperial Family were astonished, they were pulling long faces. The elite troops of the Imperial City were outside… No matter how strong the Imperial Family was, stopping an army of a few dozens of thousands of troops was difficult. It might not even be possible.

“Kill them!!!” said the strong cultivator from Jade Heaven, he still sounded indifferent. He, himself had jumped forwards and immediately arrived in front of Lei Mang. He then used a colossal punch attack filled with terrifying energy. It seemed like the entire city was going to collapse under that punch. Lei Mang was furious as the entire atmosphere was filled with thunders which shot out at that punch. The ground and the air were vibrating violently.

The other cultivators of the Tian Qi layer were also fighting. The colors of the sky and the Earth were changing gradually. Some terrifying Qi was whistling in the air. 

Duan Wu Dao also looked glum. Shen Gong knew that he wanted to kill Lin Feng so they sent some extremely strong cultivators to protect him.

Duan Wu Dao was looking at Lin Feng whose face was filled with murder, but he didn’t chase him. 

Lin Feng didn’t move either. He was just standing in the sky, his ice-cold pupils looked like they despised the entire world. At that moment, Lin Feng looked calm and cold at the same time, he looked even scarier. 

Duan Wu Ya was standing on the ground with his father. They were looking at those people in the sky. They were both smiling indifferently, in a particularly strange way. 

Shen Gong had so many strong cultivators, they obviously knew that. 

At that moment, there were murky heavens over a dark earth. The region was in a state of chaos and darkness. They might all die. 

“Kill them.” said Duan Wu Dao, glancing at the Imperial Snow Dragon Guards and the other troops.

The Snow Dragon Guards moved towards Yue Meng He and the others to kill them. 

However, very quickly, he sensed a terrifying coldness surround his body. In Lin Feng’s hands appeared some black fire which had turned into a black lotus.

Lin Feng started flying incredibly fast, in a flash he had disappeared from the sky. A microsecond later, a black fire lotus streaked across the sky and burnt the atmosphere, it looked like it was the apocalypse. People were scared to death. 

Lin Feng remained silent, his silence made him look even scarier. With each step he made, someone started burning. The Snow Dragon Guards looked panic-stricken. The three commanders and the nine officers were all going to die by Lin Feng’s hands. Each time Lin Feng’s black lotus touched someone, they had no hope.

The troops from the Imperial City were terrified, the troops behind were shaking violently. Lin Feng was standing in front of them and killing their brothers one after the other. Besides, Lin Feng’s pitch-black pupils were frightening.

Lin Feng was looking like a demonic killer. He finally stopped as he raised his hands, his fire was looking even more intense as he looked at the crowd.

“Everyone dies.” said Lin Feng indifferently. He opened his hands and the black lotus emitted a dazzling black light which was filled with fire intent. It crashed onto the troops and they all started burning, they were unable to put out the fire.

Their horrible and bloodcurdling shrieks were resonating in the atmosphere. Those people from the Imperial City were dying one after the other.

Lin Feng still looked expressionless after killing all of them. He then rose higher up in the air, silently, looking emotionless like a demon. He didn’t look affected by anything at all. 

Rumbling sounds kept spreading in the air, some terrifying deadly energies kept rolling all around. 

“Jade Heaven people, you came here to attack Shen Gong by surprise. Don’t you know what honor and integrity are?” asked Lei Mang loudly, making everybody’s eardrums vibrate painfully.

“Lin Feng is not a member of Shen Gong, it has nothing to do with Shen Gong. So killing him has nothing to do with you.” said the strong cultivator from Jade Heaven. 

Duan Wu Dao was a genius, they needed to take care of him and make him become stronger. If Lin Feng penetrated into the mysterious world of Shen Gong, Jade Heaven would suffer in the future. Therefore, they had to kill Lin Feng before it was too late.

“Very good, let’s fight!” shouted Lei Mang furiously. Thunders invaded the entire atmosphere once again. People were rising higher and higher up in the sky. The crowd could see nothing but thunder in the vault of heaven as the cultivators in the sky were moving farther and farther away from them. One of the strongest cultivators of Jade Heaven and Lei Mang were fighting, and it seemed like they needed a lot of space. 

“Fight, spare no efforts, this is your last day.” said Duan Wu Ya whose smile looked increasingly evil. It wasn’t a warm and gentle smile at all, it was an evil and tyrannic smile…

Lin Feng looked as cold as before and calmly watched the scene with his evil-looking eyes. Of course he wasn’t going to go and help the cultivators from Shen Gong. They had come to protect him, not the opposite. 

Everyone wanted to win!
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