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PMG Chapter 724: Duan Wu Ya

Edited: Odd Man Out
PMG Chapter 724: Duan Wu Ya

The crowd was sweating profusely. They had come to see the wedding of the ruler of Xue Yue, Lin Feng. But now they were watching a terrifying battle between cultivators of the Tian Qi layer. They had never seen cultivators of the Tian Qi layer before, with one punch those cultivators could make the entire sky change. Besides, their energies contained intent and could kill millions of ordinary people.

There were terrifying deadly energies rolling around in the palace. The myriad of people who were on the roc’s back got off and penetrated into the palaces. That battle would determine the future of Xue Yue. 

Lin Feng, who had turned into a demon before, rose up in the air and remained emotionless. His evil energies were rolling around, nobody knew what he was thinking. 

The cultivators of the Tian Qi layer were becoming more aggressive. Their energies were all insanely rolling in the air. Some silhouettes came out from the Imperial Palace, those people were releasing warlord energies. The armored horses flew away, killed instantly as they had been unable to resist. 

Yun Fei Yang was still on the back of the roc, he was speechless when he saw those people… How strong.. They were cultivators of the Tian Qi layer as well… How come there were so many cultivators of the Tian Qi layer in the Imperial Palace…?

Where were those cultivators of the Tian Qi layer from..? 
“Boom boom boom!” A silhouette was attacked and flew away. Those brutal and violent energies were unstoppable. An extremely strong cultivator raised his head and looked at the roc in an indifferent way. That person smiled coldly and continued moving forwards. He was leaving the palace and was followed by some other people.

They came out of the palace and saw the battles in the sky, they were smiling indifferently. They jumped and rose up in the air while releasing some terrifying energies. People’s hearts started pounding faster and faster again… Several more cultivators of the Tian Qi layer! 

That was insane! What was going on in Xue Yue!? How come there were some many cultivators of the Tian Qi layer!? 

Was it because of the Great Competition of Xue Yu?! Was everything happening because Lin Feng had finished first at the Great Competition of Xue Yu!? 

“Who are those people?” wondered all the people who were fighting in the sky. They didn’t know if those people were their friends or their enemies… 

“We want to kill Lin Feng.” said one person indifferently. People from Shen Gong started shivering as some terrifying energies crashed onto their bodies. 

The people of Shen Gong could hardly resist after those terrifying cultivators joined the battle. Some people from Shen Gong were projected backwards as blood splashed out of their mouths. 

A Shen Gong cultivator of the Tian Qi layer lowered his head and saw dragon claws on his chest. A disgusting wound had appeared and blood was gushing out of it. He couldn’t manage to heal it with his pure Qi. 

“People from the East Sea Dragon Palace!” The eyes of the Shen Gong people were bloodshot. They were already fighting against the cultivators from the Jade Heaven Imperial Family… And suddenly, some strong cultivators from the East Sea Dragon Palace had appeared too… Shen Gong couldn’t stop them. 

“Precisely.” said the leader of the group of people from the East Sea Dragon Palace, he was wearing a dragon chang pao and looked cold.

“Lin Feng refused to join Shen Gong he is not a member of Shen Gong. Therefore, we will kill him now so you should leave. We, people of the East Sea Dragon Palace are not the enemies of Shen Gong.” said the leader coldly. The cultivators of Shen Gong couldn’t be fooled though, they clearly knew that those people didn’t want Lin Feng to penetrate into the mysterious world… They were trying to use emotions to change their minds. 

“I would have never thought that so many strong cultivators would show up to kill Lin Feng, I am very surprised.” said a member of Shen Gong stupefied.

“Hehe, no matter what, Lin Feng is doomed. Shen Gong cannot protect him anymore. If you don’t leave, don’t blame the people from the East Sea Dragon Palace for being rude.” said the leader in the dragon robe. He then looked at the people from Jade Heaven and said, “I think that the Jade Heaven Imperial Family shares the same opinion.”

“Of course.” said someone else on his side. If people from Shen Gong left, Lin Feng was definitely going to die. They had come to Xue Yue for two reasons, the first one was Duan Wu Dao and the second one was to kill Lin Feng.

All the members of Shen Gong were upset.

Could they abandon Lin Feng?

However, they were facing people from Jade Heaven and from the East Sea Dragon Palace. If they didn’t give up, what could they do? They couldn’t protect Lin Feng, it was a dead end for everybody.

Of course, they really didn’t want Lin Feng to die, it would be one less genius to enter the mysterious world… They were not resigned to leave and give up. 

However, regardless of everything, they couldn’t protect him. 

The people from Shen Gong and Jade Heaven were releasing monstrous energies which enveloped the entire atmosphere. People from Shen Gong were all anxious and glancing at each other. They didn’t feel like giving up but what could they do? If they continued fighting they might all die. Besides, they wouldn’t be able to protect Lin Feng, it seemed worthless to keep fighting. 

A strong cultivator of Shen Gong turned around and looked at Lin Feng, “I cannot help you, if you had accepted to join Shen Gong, this might not have happened.”

That person looked grieved, Lin Feng was going to die… 

“Let’s go.” said a cultivator from Shen Gong. His clothes fluttered in the wind and whistling sounds spread in the air. The crowd was worried about Lin Feng, it was over for him. The strong cultivators were leaving so Lin Feng was doomed.

Even with his demon form, Lin Feng couldn’t protect himself.

The cultivators of the East Sea Dragon Palace looked at Lin Feng coldly. One of them said in an indifferent way, “The Purple Dragon King gave you a chance, he proposed you to join us and gave you time to think but you refused. You despised him so this is the consequence, didn’t you know that this would happen?” 

Lin Feng looked emotionless, he obviously knew that there would be consequences. Those strong cultivators had hidden their cruel and abominable nature, just like Duan Wu Dao. Those people were evil and wanted to kill him.

Yue Meng He and the others looked hopeless. Could they break free from such a situation? Surprisingly, so many people wanted to kill Lin Feng. 

People with incredible natural abilities could hardly survive if they weren’t strong enough to protect themselves, so many people were jealous and envied them.

Lin Feng understood that principle.

The East Sea Dragon Palace people didn’t hurry to kill Lin Feng, they were looking at the people from Jade Heaven and Duan Ren Huang.

“Today, we people from the East Sea Dragon Palace came to Xue Yue with another goal. The son of the king of Xue Yue, the second prince Duan Wu Ya, is now a member of the East Sea Dragon Palace. We have come here to declare that Duan Wu Dao is not the crown prince anymore, Duan Wu Ya, our new disciple, must become the crown prince.”

They wanted Duan Wu Ya to replace Duan Wu Dao!?

Everybody was absolutely stunned when they heard that. What a surprise! Duan Wu Dao and Duan Ren Huang’s faces also changed drastically. The people from the Jade Heaven Imperial Family were also astonished but remained cold. That came down to saying that Duan Wu Dao couldn’t compete with Duan Wu Ya. 

Duan Wu Ya! 

Everybody was looking at Duan Wu Ya suddenly, the warm and gentle second prince. He was smiling in an indifferent way. He didn’t look surprised at all, he looked calm and serene as if everything was happening how he had predicted. He had planned everything, the situation was perfectly under his control and he hadn’t allowed luck to play any role in this story. 

The defeat in Duan Ren City, the massacre of the troops, the war against Mo Yue, Duan Xin Ye’s kidnapping and so on… All of those things had nothing to do with Duan Wu Dao. Now, the gathering of the strong cultivators of Shen Gong, Jade Heaven and the East Sea Dragon Palace. Everything had been planned by Duan Wu Ya. 

Duan Wu Ya refused to be a mere second prince! Wasn’t he as strong and capable as Duan Wu Dao!? He was going to prove to everyone that he is even stronger!
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    I think it should be devil instead of demon. In Ancient Godly Monarch evil is associated with devils. Demons are beasts or animal cultivators.

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    Wow, so we finally come full circle. The story started with a bunch of sects teaming up to attack Lin Feng and his sect, then we had over 600 of chapters of Lin Feng getting stronger and taking revenge.
    Now we are back to a bunch of more powerful sects teaming up to attack Lin Feng. I imagine he is going to get away somehow and after some time is gonna come back to clean them up. A bit uninspired in part of the author, frankly.

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      the novel become a Brazilian novel that globo television

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