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PMG Chapter 726: Killing Duan Ren Huang

Edited: OddManOut
PMG Chapter 726: Killing Duan Ren Huang

“The evil swords from the mountains of the nine swords! Lin Feng was actually the one who had obtained them!” thought people from Xue Yue. Back then, the nine sword mountains had been destroyed and had disappeared changing the landscape of the entire region of the Nine Dragons Mountain Chain. The entire Imperial City had been covered by the evil energies of those swords back then and but had suddenly disappeared. Nobody had guessed that Lin Feng was the one who had obtained them.

However, Lin Feng was unable to control that terrifying evil Qi. 

The cultivators of the Tian Qi layer were astonished. Those evil swords were dangerous for them even. 

“Kill him before he starts using the swords!” said the cultivators of the Tian Qi layer. They obviously knew that Lin Feng’s swords were monstrous, they might have the chance to obtain them even. 

Their silhouettes all flickered and they threw themselves at Lin Feng. Lin Feng then shouted in an ice-cold way, “Come back!” 

Some terrifying rumbling sounds spread in the air, the nine evil swords turned into black beams of light and appeared in front of Lin Feng. The cultivators of the Tian Qi layer attacked the nine evil swords but didn’t manage to make them move. They had just protected Lin Feng’s body. 

“Nine swords, together!” said Lin Feng. The nine evil swords were roaring violently and emitting buzzing sounds. They immediately dashed to the skies, the entire atmosphere was pitch-black as the sky seemed like it was going to collapse.

Lin Feng stretched his hand out and grabbed a sword, a terrifying evil sword intent merged with the energies in his body, merging with his own sword intent. 

Lin Feng closed his eyes, this time he didn’t resist and submitted himself to the swords. He even visualized those evil swords as his body turned entirely black: his mouth turned black, his eyes were entirely black, not only his pupils, there was absolutely no white in his eyes anymore.

Lin Feng was a demon that had submitted himself to the demonic energies. A terrifying demoniac Qi was flowing in his body. 

Lin Feng opened his eyes and black beams of light shot out from his eyes, illuminating the atmosphere. Lin Feng looked like a murderer, he had submitted himself. He wanted to kill all the creatures of the world.

“Die!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. The evil sword descended from the sky and some terrifying black lights descended from the sky lacerating the atmosphere. The cultivators in front of Lin Feng started running away, their silhouettes were flickering. 

“Boom boom boom!” The guards who were at the big gate of the Imperial Palace were instantly absorbed by the black lights. A gigantic black fissure appeared from the ground. Those swords seemed like they had just penetrated into the abysses of the world.

“How frightening.” thought the crowd watching those evil lights. They were shaking from head to foot, they would die if that sword had touched them.

“Let’s act together and kill him!” shouted Duan Ren Huang furiously. How could it happen? Duan Wu Ya had already surprised him. He was much stronger than what he had expected, he hadn’t thought that Lin Feng had the evil swords. He had submitted himself to the demons, he looked like an evil spirit with his eyes filled with evil energies. It wasn’t the Lin Feng they knew, this Lin Feng could destroy the world.

Lin Feng slowly turned his head and looked at Duan Ren Huang. His pitch-black eyes looked ice-cold, he was slowly fusing together with some demon. However, he still remembered that some people had to die no matter what.

“ARRGHHH! Kill!” shouted Lin Feng. He deployed the full strength of the evil swords. The sword he had been holding turned into nine swords again, the nine swords all moved towards Duan Ren Huang suddenly. 

“Boom boom boom!” There was an earthquake. Duan Ren Huan looked at the nine pitch-black beams of light move towards him. Nobody paid attention to him or thought about helping him, all they thought about was moving away, as far away as possible from those nine pitch-black lights. 

It was too late! 

“Seal!” shouted Duan Ren Huang, eight sealed doors appeared at the same time. 

“Boom boom boom!” The nine evil swords collided with the sealed doors, but the sealed doors couldn’t block those evil swords at all. They continued moving towards Duan Ren Huang. 

“Warlord punch!” shouted Duan Ren Huang furiously. A terrifying physical strength filled with sealed doors intent emerged. However, Duan Ren Huang looked depressed. The pitch-black lights were still moving towards him. A voice spread in the air, “Die!” 

“Crrrr….” The evil swords were lacerating the entire atmosphere. Nothing could prevent them from moving forwards. The black lights twinkled, Duan Ren Huang suddenly looked hopeless and desperate. The evil swords were moving towards his throat.

“Noooo……!” shouted Duan Ren Huang, his pupils were wide open. Was he going to die? Duan Ren Huang was a member of the Imperial Family of Xue Yue, how could he die!? Everybody admired him for his strength! 

However, even if he wasn’t resigned to die, the evil swords kept moving forwards. Then they pierced his throat. The crowd only saw jet-black beams of light and a head fall down to the ground. Duan Ren Huang had been decapitated by the evil swords. 

“Gulp.” The crowd gulped down and their hearts were beating frantically. The strongest person of the Imperial Family of Xue Yue, a cultivator of the Tian Qi layer, had been killed by the evil swords… 

“Die!” shouted the strong cultivator of the East Sea Dragon Palace while throwing himself at Lin Feng. The chant of the dragons was resonating in the air. Some golden dragon claws appeared and moved towards Lin Feng’s chest, it seemed like Lin Feng was about to be impaled.

Lin Feng moved backwards, but those dragon claws were extremely fast, he couldn’t dodge them. 

“Boom!” The dragon claws crashed onto Lin Feng’s body and his skin was torn apart, bloody flesh appeared. However, Lin Feng still looked expressionless. Three huge demons appeared, there were eight hands that grabbed the dragon claws.

“Huh??” The cultivator in the dragon robe was astonished, he could sense the terrifyingly sharp evil energies. How insane! Lin Feng had turned into an insanely powerful demon! 

“Fuck off!” His dragon claws got pushed backwards. Lin Feng moved backwards as a furious roar resonated in the air. A dragon appeared and it bared fangs and flashed its claws. It launched out at the evil swords with incredible speed.

“Boom boom!” The evil swords and the dragon collided. The dragon then disappeared without leaving trace.

The cultivator in the dragon robe shivered, he wanted to dodge and move away but it seemed too late. Four demons were moving towards him and had grabbed him, he was constricted.

“Fuck off!” shouted the cultivator in the dragon robe. The chant of the dragons spread in the air again creating a hurricane, the four demons were projected backwards. However, the evil swords became even more dazzling. 

The cultivator in the dragon robe was frightened, he wanted to move back but some sounds spread in the air and blood splashed about. His arms had been cut off! 

“Roaaarrr….” The evil swords lacerated his body. He was going insane, his arm had been lacerated… 

However, he had no time to heal his wound as more rumbling sounds spread in the air, the evil swords were whistling in the air. The entire atmosphere was filled with their evil energies.

“Die!” shouted someone behind the evil sword lights. The cultivator in the dragon robe was in a frenzy. Another dragon appeared but was immediately lacerated again. While he was moving aside to dodge, the black sword lights were approaching. His body was soaked with cold sweat. 

Lin Feng possessed incredible natural abilities. Even though he had only broken through to the eighth Xuan Qi layer and with his level five sword intent, he could control those terrifying evil swords. He could turn into a demon and merge with them. He was extremely dangerous with that new form. 

The cultivator in the dragon robe moved back, turned his head and saw Lin Feng jump towards him. There were evil black clouds circling Lin Feng’s body. He was holding an evil sword. Lin Feng wasn’t thinking about anything else but KILL. 

“We cannot kill him today, let’s go!” shouted the cultivator in the dragon robe. He had lost an arm… And because of the evil swords, they couldn’t kill Lin Feng. They had no choice but to escape. 

Besides, Lin Feng had turned into a demon and his heart was filled with murderous intentions. Maybe they he would die or turn into the slaves of those evil swords. He would never be able to go to the mysterious world in such a state. 

He started flying away as fast as he could, catching Duan Wu Ya on the way and ran off into the distance. Lin Feng could die alone, he was going to turn into a slave of the evil spirit of those swords, so it was worthless to risk one’s life to kill him.

Someone fell down from the sky, it was the strong cultivator of the Jade Heaven Imperial Family. He was astonished when saw the man in the dragon robe. Lin Feng had turned into an authentic demon, the people of the East Sea Dragon Palace had to escape, they couldn’t fight against Lin Feng anymore!
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