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PMG Chapter 728: He Cannot Turn Into A Demon! 

Edited: OddManOut
PMG Chapter 728: He Cannot Turn Into A Demon! 

Lin Feng turned around and looked at Jun Mo Xi and Tang You You. His eyes were cold, he didn’t look like the handsome and outstanding young man they knew.

Lin Feng’s eyes were entirely black filled with murder and evilness.

Lin Feng jumped towards Tang You You and Jun Mo Xi, his evil sword energy were rolling in the atmosphere.

“Oh no… Lin Feng will kill them…” thought some people. They were worried for Jun Mo Xi and Tang You You, they were Lin Feng’s friends. The boy looked outstanding, handsome, and delicate. His Qi was a pure Qi of righteousness. The girl looked elegant and beautiful. It would be a pity if Lin Feng killed them with his evil sword!

Jun Mo Xi frowned and found out that Lin Feng was dangerous at that moment. His evil energy was terrifying, it seemed like he wanted to kill all living creatures. Jun Mo Xi made his pure Qi of righteousness roll in his body but didn’t release it.

Tang You You was staring at Lin Feng, why had he turned into a demon? What had happened? Why did he have evil lights in his eyes?

Lin Feng was getting closer and closer to them, his cold evil energy was becoming more intense. It seemed like his energies were going to swallow those two people. 

“Lin Feng!” shouted Jun Mo Xi extremely loudly. His voice spread in the air filled with a pure Qi of righteousness, Jun Mo Xi ignored the evil energies assualting him. His pure Qi of righteousness crashed onto Lin Feng’s body and enveloped him. It wasn’t an attack, it was just pure Qi of righteousness and the aim wasn’t to hurt Lin Feng.

Lin Feng sensed the pure Qi of righteousness which created a horrible and unpleasant feeling. The evil lights around his body became even more intense. He slowly raised the evil sword in the air and some killer Qi invaded the atmosphere as if it had been about to engulf Tang You You and Jun Mo Xi.

“Lin Feng, look at us!” shouted Jun Mo Xi extremely loudly. They weren’t moving back, some golden Qi of righteousness enveloped them and Lin Feng together. There was a massive amount of golden Qi astonishing the crowd. They were sweating, wasn’t Jun Mo Xi insane? He dared confront Lin Feng who had already turned into a demon, a demon that might kill him! 

Tang You You was anxious and wiped the sweat off her forehead. She looked at Lin Feng and shouted, “Wake up, come back to reality!” 

The pure Qi of righteousness made Lin Feng wake up a little bit. The evil lights dispersed a little bit and the hand which was holding the evil sword started shaking.

“Go!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. His terrifying evil Qi moved towards them and swallowed the vital Qi of righteousness, which immediately disappeared.

Jun Mo Xi and Tang You You were shaking. With one shout, Lin Feng had made the evil Qi crash onto them, which threw them backwards. 

Lin Feng’s eyes were twinkling with killer energy, the crowd on the ground was suffocating. 

Lin Feng had slowly glanced down at them, giving them the feeling of being strangled. They were unable to move.. They had the impression that two hands were on their throat and were strangling them when they looked at him. It seemed like he could kill them at any moment. 

Lin Feng was surrounded by evil, killer energies. He was possessed by a demon, by the evil swords, it seemed like the evil intent of the swords had replaced his own. 

“How scary! Even though Lin Feng killed those cultivators and made the others run away, it seems like he has become a demon for the eternity. He wouldn’t have been able to kill those people without it….” Thought the crowd. They didn’t dare look Lin Feng in the eyes, he might kill them then. Lin Feng could kill monstrously strong cultivators of the Tian Qi layer now. If anyone talked or looked at him, he tried to kill them. There was nobody in Xue Yue who could control Lin Feng anymore. If Lin Feng went insane, Xue Yue would turn into a gigantic lake of blood and everybody would die.

“Arrrrrghhhhh!” Lin Feng roared violently. The dark clouds kept rolling. All he wanted was to kill people right now. However, in his heart, very deep in his heart, there was a voice telling him to stop.

Lin Feng nibbled his lips which started bleeding. Amongst those people, there were his relatives and his friends, he couldn’t kill them. 

“Little Feng!” shouted Yue Meng He. His mother, his father and his friends were looking at him hopelessly. How could he turn into a demon?

“Patriarch!” shouted the people of the Yun Hai Sect while looking up at their patriarch, shivering. It seemed like he was slightly becoming clear-headed again. However, the evil sword looked as cold as before. It seemed like it could kill them all at any moment. 

“Boom boom boom!” Rolling sounds spread in the air on the side of the Imperial Palace. Many armored horses galloped out of the palace. They had already taken over the Imperial Palace. However, Lin Feng was still a problem.

All the horses were galloping in a perfect formation. They looked at Lin Feng raise his evil sword slowly, the troops jumped off their horses, knelt down and shouted, “General!” 

The atmosphere turned absolutely silent. There was only the evil Qi rolling in the air. The troops were looking at their general respectfully while releasing some Qi which penetrated into Lin Feng’s brain. Lin Feng started shaking violently. 

“Patriarch!” shouted the people of the Yun Hai Sect again when they saw that Lin Feng wasn’t replying. They then all knelt down again. Their voices were shouting the word “patriarch” in unison. At the same time, those voices also turned into a Qi which covered Lin Feng’s body. Even though that Qi was weak, there were dozens and dozens of thousands of people which could influence Lin Feng’s heart.

Lin Feng’s evil energy gradually dispersed. His evil sword started shaking insanely. Had he really turned into an authentic demon? Couldn’t he regain his consciousness? How would he be able to get his revenge on other people? How would he be able to destroy the Da Shu Clan? And the East Sea Dragon Mountain? And the Jade Heaven Imperial Family? All those people had to die.

“Meng Qing….” Tears appeared in Lin Feng’s pitch-black eyes and slowly started rolling down his cheeks. His hand was shaking more and more violently.

“Ahhhhhhh!” Lin Feng roared as the sword moved back into his body. His body was shaking insanely, as if he had been in a demonic trance. He suddenly shot off into the distance. 

“Wuuuu!” A subtle sound spread in the air. A white silhouette streaked across the sky and moved far away into the distance as well. Lin Feng was shaking even more violently. He was astonished to find Xue Ling Long had landed in his arms. Those two beautiful eyes were looking into his. Tears kept flowing down Xue Ling Long’s face. Xue Ling Long’s fur kept shaking. She didn’t want to move away from Lin Feng’s arms. 

“Meng Qing!” Lin Feng seemed like he was regaining his consciousness, he was crying. 

He firmly hugged Xue Ling Long and made a step forwards. He then moved away into the distance and disappeared into the horizon. 

The dark clouds in the sky dispersed and the atmosphere became normal again. Very quickly, the evil Qi also started dispersing. However, people’s hearts couldn’t slow down for a very long time. So many people had died. The ground was filled with an incredible number corpses. The troops from Duan Ren City had killed so many people in the Imperial Palace as well. They had conquered Xue Yue. 

Amongst the people from the Yun Hai Sect, many people had died. The Snow Dragon Guards had also died. The king of Xue Yue, Duan Ren Huang, and a few cultivators of the Tian Qi layer had all died. Lin Feng had used his evil sword and the world around them had changed. Lin Feng had killed everyone in his way. But then Meng Qing had jumped into his arms and his eyes had become warm and gentle again… 

Who was at the head of Xue Yue now…?

The future of Xue Yue was in Lin Feng’s hands.. However, Lin Feng had turned into a demon and his determination had been polluted by the intent of the evil swords… He had left because he didn’t want to kill people anymore.

Therefore, the Yun Hai Sect was at the head of Xue Yue. 

“Lin Feng!” shouted so many people when they saw him leave. Lin Feng had saved them, he had turned into a demon for them.

Jun Mo Xi and Tang You You were astonished but remained silent for a very long time. Suddenly, Tang You You ran after Lin Feng, surprising Jun Mo Xi.

“It’s dangerous!” shouted Jun Mo Xi. 

“He cannot turn into an eternal demon!” said Tang You You determined. She continued running after Lin Feng. 

Jun Mo Xi was stupefied, he gnashed his teeth and said, “I’m going back to Dragon Mountain to see if there is a way to cancel the transformation!” 

Then, his silhouette flickered abruptly and he left Xue Yue back to Dragon Mountain!
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