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PMG Chapter 729: Determination Battle

Edited: OddManOut
PMG Chapter 729: Determination Battle

Tang You You was anxious while flying through the sky. 

“Lin Feng, you cannot turn into a demon!” Tang You You was gnashing her teeth. She remember how handsome and friendly Lin Feng was. He was a genius, how come he had turned into a demon? That was unfair! How many people had died?

Cultivators who had a strong soul and high learning abilities could unceasingly progress on the path of cultivation. With their willpower and determination, they could control their destiny. 

The most important thing for a cultivator was his heart and his determination. Those who weren’t determined and didn’t persevere couldn’t succeed, they couldn’t become extremely strong cultivators.

With his willpower and determination, Lin Feng could probably break free from the demon possessing his body. When Lin Feng saw Xue Ling Long, he almost became completely normal again. His soul was telling him that she was his wife, he loved her. 

It wasn’t difficult for Tang You You to follow Lin Feng with the terrifying evil energy emerging out of his body. She didn’t know where he had gone but she could track him thanks to the evil energy he left in the atmosphere. 

Tang You You flew in the sky for a long time, whistling sounds spread in the air around her. She didn’t know how long she had been chasing but she didn’t stop. There was a mountain chain in front of her, it was the Nine Dragons Mountain Chain. The evil Qi had penetrated into the mountain chain which meant that Lin Feng was in there. 

Without hesitating, Tang You You flew into the mountain chain as well and continued following the evil Qi. She continued flying for a very long time, a few dozen kilometers, but she didn’t see any ferocious wild beast. Lin Feng’s evil Qi had probably killed all of them on the way, those who hadn’t been killed had just run away. 

“The evil Qi is getting denser.” thought Tang You You, slowing down. She could sense the evil Qi which meant that she was getting close to Lin Feng. 

“Blood…” Tang You You saw some blood in the distance. A gigantic, ferocious wild beast had died there and it had been cut by a sword, there was some evil Qi on the beast… Tang You You didn’t need anyone to explain to her what had happened, she knew that Lin Feng was the author of the crime. 

There wasn’t just one beast, there were many beasts. There were no exceptions, they had all been killed by one sword attack. No matter how strong the beasts were, they couldn’t escape from him and his evil sword.

“Almost…” Tang You You noticed that the evil cold Qi getting thicker in the air. She was walking neither too slow nor too quick in the direction of the energy. She didn’t dare run too quickly, Lin Feng could kill her in one attack if he didn’t recognize her. It would be a pity if she died. 

“I’m very close.” thought Tang You You anxiously. She was extremely nervous 

In the distance, on a hill, there was a gigantic stone. Someone in a black chang pao was sitting on that Huge stone. There was also the Qi of a lonely fox there. The coldness of the evil energy was so scary that nobody would have wished to get close to it.

Lin Feng was holding a snow-white fox in his arms, it was Xue Ling Long. They were both gazing into the distance as if they had been remembering something.

Xue Ling Long was cuddling the demon as if the evil energy had been unable to affect her. She was almost immobile in his arm, only her tummy was moving now as she was breathing. 

Xue Ling Long had a snowy-white fur and small claws. Her small claws were leaving some small marks on Lin Feng’s body, they were little and gentle marks, as if she had been massaging her lover. 

Lin Feng could feel that those claws were caressing his body, he lowered his head and looked at Xue Ling Long. It seemed like he had become gentle and normal again, he looked friendly.

 Xue Ling Long smiled at Lin Feng and moaned in a low voice. Her beautiful eyes could show that she was smiling, she was happy to see that Lin Feng almost seemed normal again. 

Lin Feng grabbed Xue Ling Long’s body, raised her and put her head against his face. He looked less cold than before. His eyes held the impression that he was smiling.

Tang You You felt sad when she saw that. Her face turned red, what was love? How come a beast could make a demon look like a loving creature?

Besides, Tang You You was jealous of that small white beast with beautiful eyes… She envied her.

Tang You You didn’t know what Lin Feng and Meng Qing had gone through together, she couldn’t know what was going on between that demon and that beast. She didn’t know how Lin Feng had met Meng Qing, how he had taught her how to ride a horse, how they had always been together until the moment she had turned into a beast… In that world, nobody had spent more time with Lin Feng than Meng Qing and vice-versa. 

Meng Qing had always been following Lin Feng, she had seen him sad, discouraged, dispirited, happy. She had seen him show his amazing strength… She had always been calmly and silent watching him. She was still on his side now that he had transformed into a demon. Together they could abandon everything, they could forget the rest of the world. 

Tang You You walked closer, very gently. She didn’t want to surprise Lin Feng or scare him. 

Lin Feng turned his head and he looked at Tang You You in an evil and ice-cold way, which made her stop. She remained motionless. Evil lights started twinkling in Lin Feng’s eyes out of which deadly energies emerged and enveloped her body, she was suffocating. 

Tang You You was staring at Lin Feng.

“Lin Feng…” said Tang You You gently. She was convinced that she could help him and that he wouldn’t kill her. 

“Go away!” said Lin Feng in a deep voice. Tang You You shook her head. 

“Get the hell out of here!” shouted Lin Feng furiously while releasing some terrifying and piercingly-cold killer energy which enveloped her body. Lin Feng didn’t know what could happen, he might become extremely evil again and kill her. He didn’t know how much he could control himself.

“I’m not leaving.” said Tang You You loudly. She looked determined as she said, “Lin Feng, you can control yourself, you can remain clear-headed. It means that you can win against the evil energy, you have to believe in yourself and you will do it!” 

“You cannot turn into a demon otherwise you will kill people you love. With your soul and your determination, I know that you can do anything.” 

Lin Feng shivered, he looked puzzled. His Qi was moving. Could he control himself? The intent left by the evil swords was terrifying… It kept polluting his own determination. He would definitely turn into a demon and a death god. 

“Lin Feng, you cannot tell yourself that you can’t. Use your heart, use your determination, fight against your inner demon!” said Tang You You, it seemed like her words were really helping him. She was shouting loudly. According to her, Lin Feng could really succeed. Lin Feng had to come back to consciousness and  could fight against the evil intent. 

“Defeat the evil intent…” whispered Lin Feng. He clenched his fists which emitted crackling sounds. Xue Ling Long emitted some small cute sounds. She moved and caressed Lin Feng’s face with her claws. She was showing Lin Feng that she loved him with her beautiful and resplendent smile. She was trying to make Lin Feng’s heart melt.
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    Ugh… I caught up. How can +300 chapters take so little time to digest? I had stopped reading this at Xiagjiang lake… (~422)
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    Will Tang You You enter Lin Feng harem ?! I thought I read that Lin Feng was falling in love with her, during the championship … but since then, nothing about it ?! But hell yeah, she loves him for sure.

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    I really don’t get used to the writing style and the Character of MC.

    They always say that he is very determided and strong willed but i don’t really see it that way.

    He is only very talented and he has way too much luck every time, and more than a few times he
    chose to do the wrong thing just because he is stupid.

    In my oppinion he is not a very good main character.

    From the start on he was a cold blodded killer and hadn’t thought about sparing one even once,
    i find it really confusiong because he didn’t excperience enough at the start to think like this he came from the earth how could someone just start killing people without blinking an eye?
    Maybe over time you get more used to it but he was just from the start like:
    “you stand in my way? So Die.”

    And now they talk about what a strong will he have.
    What is that for a bullshit, strong determination?
    He can’t even let his hands off from other women, how could he be determinded?
    At the start he said to meng qing i don’t want anybody beside you and now he start to make a harem wtf???
    Only because she said its Okay?
    Complete bullshit how he exploit the fear of the women that he could leave them, and at the start that was also the only reason why Meng Qing said okay to the harem how shamless from him to use fear to get a harem.

    Most of the things he had, were there from the beginning and the MC didn’t get them through excpirience.
    Thats also one of the most things i don’t like, the MC isn’t devolping through excpirience he just had it from the start.

    Sorry for gramatic and so ….. i just needed to let it out,
    i hate this “Hero time” when he safes the day only because he has the nine swords.

    Okay that was just an outburst of my anger over MC but i need to say except for this and a few other things i like the Novel (Maybe because it has similarys with MW *o* ) lets wait and see what comes next.

    Thanks for your hard work.

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      Yes I understand you.I’m also often upset about MC. And even more about the world.

      The determination may be that once he has chosen one approach that is close to his heart – kill anyone who wants to kill him, always take revenge, even if it involves the murder of women and children – so he will stick to him.He has no doubt, he does not regret anything.

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