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PMG Chapter 730: Reigning Over Xue Yue

Edited: OddManOut
PMG Chapter 730: Reigning Over Xue Yue

Her beautiful eyes were staring at Lin Feng, those eyes belong to Meng Qing. The evil Qi started dispersing even more. Lin Feng lowered his head, he looked almost normal but still very cold. 

Tang You You continued talking to Lin Feng, she felt a little bit more relaxed now. She had already seen Lin Feng fight and knew how determined he was. With his determination and willpower, he could definitely win against the demon, even if it was monstrously powerful. 

She didn’t get too close to Lin Feng, she was ten meters away from him when she sat down calmly. 

Lin Feng also calmed down, he still looked like an evil demon. He was just hugging Xue Ling Long, both of them were like one.

The sun set and the night befell the earth, it looked like a world of demons. The ice-cold and dreary moon rose up in the sky. The wind was so cold. 

Even though the moon was cold, it was illuminating the Earth and Lin Feng raised his head to gaze up at it. He embraced the moonlight just like he was embracing Xue Ling Long. They both raised their heads and looked at the beautiful moon. At that moment, Lin Feng and Meng Qing were recalling the first time they had met. On that night, Lin Feng was extremely depressed, in order to protect him the people of the Yun Hai Sect had almost all died. Protector Bei had helped him escape. He had brought him to the Black Wind Mountain where he had met Meng Qing. 

Now, there was the full moon, and they were in the depths of a mountain chain again. However, that pure and holy celestial being was in Lin Feng’s arms and because of those bastards, she had turned into a beast again. 

When Lin Feng thought about those people he released more terrifying killer Qi and ice-cold energies. Lin Feng had to kill the people of East Sea Dragon Palace and of the Jade Heaven Imperial Family 

They had to pay with their blood, with their lives. Lin Feng had to get his revenge. Luckily, this time he had managed to exterminate the Imperial Family of Xue Yue. Otherwise, his family and loved ones would have died. 

Everything happened because he had refused to join the East Sea Dragon Palace and because his existence was a threat for the Jade Heaven Imperial Family. He had to kill those people because they wouldn’t let him off. In their eyes, a human life was nothing. The only principle they knew was to kill those who were weak before they became stronger.

Lin Feng wouldn’t forget them, even if he had turned into a demon. 

The evil lights were rolling in his eyes, they were filled with killer Qi. Not far from Lin Feng, a fire appeared. Tang You You was sitting next to the fire, her face felt hot. She was holding a stick with some meat on it which she started grilling. The fire was making her feel warmer.

Near Lin Feng, with the ice-cold moon in the sky, Tang You You didn’t feel that comfortable. Surprisingly, despite her terrific cultivation abilities, she felt cold. 

The meat was emitting some subtle sounds while grilling. The smell of the grilled meat spread in the air, it was appealing. Tang You You cut the meat into two, she walked towards Lin Feng and gave some to him. 

Lin Feng raised his head and he looked less cold. He stretched his hand accepted the meat Tang You You offered him. He then said, “You should leave You You. I don’t want to hurt you. I don’t know how much longer I can control myself.” 

“You still recognize me…” whispered Tang You You. She was looking at Lin Feng and seemed to be blaming him.

“The strength of the evil swords is devouring my determination. My own determination has taken over my body for the time being, but it could change anytime. It could be swallowed again, so I don’t want to harm you.” 

“I will not leave until you defeated the demon in your body. At that moment, if you ask me to leave, I will.” said Tang You You indifferently. She sounded firm, she then moved back to where she was sitting and sat down. She began eating some meat, piece by piece, slowly. She was enjoying her meal.

Tang You You looked like a real lady, she was very beautiful in the moonlight. However, Lin Feng wasn’t in the mood to appreciate her beauty. 

Defeating the demon in his body was extremely difficult. He had unsheathed the nine swords, that was extremely painful. He couldn’t control the swords anymore, their determination was incredible, it kept burning his own determination.

During the battle, Lin Feng had almost entirely submitted himself to the evil swords, but then all the troops and members of the Yun Hai Sect had knelt down in front of him. They had called him “general” and “patriarch”, he had managed to control himself a little bit and had left with Meng Qing. All those people had helped him. 

The problem now was that he probably couldn’t call back the swords into his body like before. He wasn’t strong enough to do it now that he had already unsheathed all of them.


Everything was calm at dusk in the Imperial City of Xue Yue. However, there was still a sea of corpses which didn’t make people feel comfortable.

Everybody in the country knew what had happened the day before. Those who had assisted to the events and had seen everything with their own eyes were still shocked.

Those from the Lovesickness Forest and the Yun Hai Sect had gone there to congratulate the newly-married couple, but in the end were ambushed. Duan Ren Huang had come out in person and tried to kill them all. After that, the crowd had learnt more about the events which had taken place twenty years ago in the country. The four geniuses of the country used to be best friends and then Duan Ren Huang had started hating them. It was then that he had reached the highest step in the hierarchy of the country. 

After that, Lin Feng’s wife had turned into a Tian level beast. The strong cultivators of Jade Heaven had appeared, then the cultivators of Shen Gong had appeared. Duan Wu Ya had shown how strong he really was, and then the cultivators of the East Sea Dragon Palace had appeared… Everything was still appearing and looping in people’s heads. Finally, Lin Feng had used his evil swords to annihilate everything and everyone. 

However, Lin Feng had turned into a demon which was the price for using the evil swords.

There were people from the Yun Hai Sect and from Duan Ren City residing in the imperial palace. Those who used to be people of the Imperial Palace were all dead. It had been a bloodbath the day before. From that day on, Xue Yue didn’t belong to the Duan Clan anymore. Xue Yue was now Lin Feng’s. 

Even if Lin Feng wasn’t there at that moment, he was still the new king of Xue Yue. Lin Feng just had to come back and he would be called “Your Majesty” by the people of his country. He could also choose to give that title to someone else, however, he would probably still be the one reigning over Xue Yue. Nobody would dare oppose him. 

There was the gigantic roc still in the sky. Lin Hai, Yue Meng He, and Yun Fei Yang were on its back… 

“Yun Fei Yang, thank you so much for coming and helping.” said Lin Hai who already knew everything. 

“Lin Feng is one of my best friends, so don’t thank me. Now, Xue Yue is yours. I hope that Mo Yue and Xue Yue will be friends forever.”

“Yes.” said Lin Hai nodding. Yun Fei Yang had helped them take over Xue Yue, besides Lin Feng and him were good friends. Xue Yue and Mo Yue would be allies from then on, there would be no more wars between them. 

“What do you intend to do?” asked Lin Hai to Yun Fei Yang. 

“Go back to Mo Yue, practice cultivating for some days, and then prepare to traverse into the mysterious world. Don’t worry about Lin Feng, I am sure that he is strong enough to avoid danger. I have the feeling that I will see him soon and that we will enter the mysterious world together.” 

“I hope so.” sighed Lin Hai. Lin Feng had become a demon and nobody knew where he had gone. Besides, Lin Hai and Yue Meng He were powerless, they couldn’t go and look for Lin Feng. Considering Lin Feng’s state, nobody could predict what was going to happen in the future. 

“I trust Lin Feng, you should trust him too.” said Yun Fei Yang while smiling. “Alright, I’m off.” 

“Okay.” said Lin Hai and the others while waving at him. Then the winged tiger flew off the back of the roc. 

The roc spread its wings and started flying off into the distance. 

When the roc disappeared in the horizon, Lin Hai and Yue Meng He looked at the Imperial Palace, Xue Yue was theirs… Nobody would be able to put pressure on them… The price had been terrible though. They wished things hadn’t happened that way. 

“I am worried for little Feng.” said Yue Meng He. 

Lin Hai sighed and said, “Little Feng is always lucky. I hope that this time luck bring him back. Besides, little Feng is different from us, he will become much stronger in the future!”
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