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PMG Chapter 732: Here Is the Cat Again!

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PMG Chapter 732: Here Is the Cat Again!

Lin Feng looked at that beast in an ice-cold way, he was stupefied too, his heart even started pounding… 

“Meow….” What a handsome young man but his face looked evil. His face was filled with bestial energies. That beast was turning into a human being but was meowing like a cat, how strange! 

“It’s you.” said Lin Feng while releasing a terrifying evil energy. Lin Feng’s eyes were twinkling with evil lights, it was frightening. His black hair and black chang pao started fluttering in the wind. 

A cat had just appeared in front of him. 

Back in the Nine Dragons Mountain Chain, he had already seen that cat and he had managed to make him run away, he had even used his evil sword. That beast was a Tian level beast. Lin Feng had then defeated it, making it turn into a cat again. 

However, the cat had a human appearance again and its Qi was extremely bestial, Lin Feng understood something. 

It meant that even if the transformation process had been interrupted once, it could be restarted at some point, just like the cat had done! 

When Lin Feng saw the cat, he then looked at Xue Ling Long and hope suddenly regained his heart! The cat had managed to start the transformation process again, it meant that Meng Qing could also start it again! 

Meng Qing and Tang You You obviously didn’t know what Lin Feng was thinking at that moment. When they heard Lin Feng say “It’s you”, they just guessed that the Tian level beast and Lin Feng knew each other. 

The cat didn’t know why Lin Feng had been acting so bravely, the cat should have been the one acting bravely and fearlessly.

The cat looked ice-cold, this time he didn’t attack. Lin Feng’s evil Qi was telling him that Lin Feng had used the evil swords again… That terrifying evil Qi was extremely powerful. 

“That’s fate. I wouldn’t have thought that we would meet again.” said the cat while staring back at Lin Feng, some ominous glints were twinkling in his eyes. It seemed like he could attack Lin Feng at any time. 

“It seems like you turned into a demon, you probably can’t control the evil energies anymore and became the slave of your swords, right?” said the cat, as if he had been saying something deep and profound, but Lin Feng showed no reaction. He ignored him. He just made some heavy steps forwards. 

In a flash, a terrifying killer Qi spread in the air and moved towards the cat. The evil Qi kept rolling in the atmosphere. A terrifying sword energy kept whistling in the air. The evil sword immediately emerged out of Lin Feng’s body again, he hadn’t hesitated at all, he had already forgotten everything Tang You You had told him… 

The evil sword streaked across the sky leaving an arch-shaped trail. Some dark clouds were roaring and rolling in the sky. The atmosphere became particularly gloomy. 

Some evil whistling sounds spread in the air as the sword landed in Lin Feng’s hands, “Tell me how you started the human transformation process again!” 

There were evil lights as well as normal lights appearing in his eyes, which was why he could ask the cat that question so sanely. 

The cat’s eyes were twinkling, he felt scared when he sensed Lin Feng’s terrifying evil Qi. As expected, Lin Feng had turned into a demon and was using that terrifying evil sword. However, he couldn’t control it properly and he had already started turning into a proper demon. 

“Xue Ling Long…!” When the cat looked at the beast on Lin Feng’s shoulders, he smiled in a hideous and strange way. It seemed like he understood Lin Feng’s question. 

“Haha, you’ve been punished! That Xue Ling Long is really beautiful, unfortunately, just like me in the past, her transformation process was interrupted! Are you the one who did it too?” said the cat is a husky voice. It seemed like he was trying to provoke Lin Feng. Tang You You, understood what had happened. Lin Feng had interrupted the cat’s transformation process previously. 

However, the cat had managed to start it again. Therefore, Lin Feng was asking the cat that question because he had hoped for Meng Qing again. 

“Unfortunately, I will not tell you!” said the cat in a husky voice while smiling in an evil and cruel way.

“Die!” A terrifying evil Qi started rolling in the air again. Lin Feng’s sword immediately streaked across the sky leaving a black trail behind. 

“Meow…” The cat meowed in a sharp and strident way. He bent his entire body and moved away at the speed of light. Some rumbling sounds spread in the air and Lin Feng’s evil sword crashed on the top of the hill cutting it into two. 

However, Lin Feng didn’t see that. He had continued chasing the cat in the sky, which was immediately invaded by evil energies and evil intent. 

“Crrrr…. Crrrrrr….” A terrifying evil sword light illuminated the atmosphere and the cat groaned. He continued escaping and was avoiding Lin Feng’s attack. His body then slowly transformed into a cat… 

Evil lights were moving towards the cat but he kept avoiding them. Some rumbling sounds were spreading in the atmosphere and mountains were being destroyed. The mountain chain looked like a battlefield at that moment. Lin Feng was terrifying, he looked like a demon again. If the cat hadn’t transformed into a cat again, he would have already died by that sword. 

“Die!” shouted Lin Feng again. That sword was magnificent and dazzling. An evil light illuminated the entire atmosphere, the cat saw two sword lights on both sides and another sword was already attacking. He was hadn’t prepared for that. 

“Meow……” The cat raised his claws and his body became much bigger. His claws looked ice-cold and dangerous. 

“Boom!” A bestial Qi spread in the air and moved towards the sword light. The loud evil Qi kept rolling in the air and crashed into the bestial Qi. The bestial Qi was annihilated and disappeared. Some metallic sounds then spread in the air as the claws of the cat and the sword collided, he had managed to stop the sword. 

“Eeee…..” The cat shouted in pain and transformed into a human being again. Some more rumblings sounds spread around them. Surprisingly he moved away and crashed into a mountain, he didn’t dare fight against Lin Feng. The sword had already damaged his internal organs with that last strike. He might die if he continued fighting against Lin Feng. 

“Boom!” Lin Feng’s sword crashed on a huge stone, the evil energy kept rolling in the air. The stones Lin Feng was hitting were turning into powder. Then Lin Feng entered the abdomen of the mountain without hesitation. Tang You You gnashed her teeth when she saw Lin Feng disappear inside. She followed him into the newly created cave as well. 

Lin Feng knew that the cat was blocked in the mountain, the cat would try to reach the other end. In that cave, there was only bestial Qi. The cat tried to dig in the depths of the mountain to go back to the cave where he had created his own palace.

“Boom boom boom!” The evil energies kept bombarding the walls of the tunnel. Lin Feng was still following the cat, he didn’t intend to let him off. He had to know how to turn into a human being again. 

Lin Feng discovered a palace in the mountain. It was only a small part of the cave. They even ran on a bridge over a lake and reached the depths of the palace. They were moving deeper and deeper but Lin Feng kept releasing evil energies without stopping. 

Finally, they reached the other end of the palace, it seemed to be the main hall of the palace. There were pearls and mosaics everywhere making the palace look particularly beautiful and well-lit. Those beautiful precious stones were illuminating Lin Feng’s body, there was a beautiful throne decorated with incredibly beautiful, precious stones there. Surprisingly, there was a man sitting on it and he was wearing a beautiful chang pao, his eyes were closed.

The cat then jumped into the arms of that man and purred. At that moment, the evil cat looked like a docile and gentle pet! 
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