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PMG Chapter 733: Zun Cultivator!

Edited: OddManOut
PMG Chapter 733: Zun Cultivator!

Lin Feng was looking at the man who was wearing a blue chang pao. Lin Feng’s eyes looked as evil as before. The cat was just rubbing his head against the man’s chest. From his eyes, one could guess that he was smiling in an evil way as if Lin Feng was about to die.

Tang You You finally arrived too. When she saw the cat calmly sitting on the man’s laps, she started shivering. 

The cat was a Tian level beast, however it looked like a docile pet to that man… What did it mean? It meant that the man was probably infinitely stronger than the cat… Maybe he was a cultivator who had broken through to the very top of the Tian Qi layer! The situation was extremely dangerous for Lin Feng at that moment! 

“What a thick and heavy evil Qi!” said a deep voice at that moment. The man slowly opened his eyes in which blue lights were twinkling. Lin Feng immediately released some evil energies as if he hadn’t cared about anything. From head to foot, he was covered with evil energies and wasn’t reacting at all. 

“Oh, there’s Xue Ling Long as well.” said the man with a resplendent smile, he looked greedy… What a terrifying evil sword, and Xue Ling Long as well, very good.

“Little cat, you’re a good cat.” said the man while petting the cat. 

“Meooww….” The cat purred, he was happy to be complemented. It rubbed its head against the man’s hands and chest again. 

“Don’t worry, if you’re good I will make you become a terrifying, strong, ferocious wild beast.” said the man, as if he had understood what the cat meant. The man slowly stood up and in a flash a terrifying Qi invaded the entire palace.Tang You You was astonished, she had the impression that she was in a swamp and that she couldn’t move.

She looked terrified as she stared at the man, words wouldn’t come out of her mouth. 

Was that only intent? She had the impression that that person was the monstrously strong cultivator they had seen in Shen Gong the other time.

“The Zun cultivator!” whispered Tang You You. Her chest was bouncing back and forth at full speed… If it was the Zun cultivator, could he save Lin Feng?

“You’re good, you have good eyes.” said the man indifferently, glancing at Tang You You. It was really the Zun cultivator! 

“Mister, we didn’t want to offend you, I hope you can forgive us.” said Tang You You nodding. Nobody wanted to offend such a strong cultivator. 

“You can go. You don’t need to get involved little girl.” said the strong cultivator. However, Tang You You didn’t move and pointed her finger at Lin Feng, “What about him?” 

“His evil intent is too thick, the demon transformation process is too advanced already. I must kill him, imagine if he hurt you.” said the man smiling. He was a Zun cultivator, he obviously understood that Lin Feng was possessed by the evil sword and how dangerous it was. Besides, the one who used to control that evil sword was even stronger than himself. Lin Feng couldn’t control them, maybe the Zun cultivator could control it though……

Xue Ling Long was also an extremely precious ferocious wild beast. He didn’t want to let her off. He wanted to obtain her, his life would be even better.

“Mister, he…..” said Tang You You who wanted to add something but Lin Feng turned his head around and looked at her in an ice-cold way. He then shouted furiously, “Get the hell out of here!!!!” 

Tang You You looked at Lin Feng and saw him jump towards her. A terrifying physical strength surrounded her body. 

A terrifying fist filled with evil energies then crashed onto her body and she was projected outside of the cave, blood splashed out of her mouth too.

Lin Feng turned around and looked at the man in the blue chang pao, his evil energies were more and more intense. 

“You haven’t entirely turned into a demon, it seems you still have some human characteristics.” said the man indifferently. Lin Feng obviously understood what it meant. 

Lin Feng ignored him and lowered his head, he just looked at Xue Ling Long and said, “Meng Qing, if I turn into a real demon, you must leave.”

“Wuuu…” Xue Ling Long kept shaking her head and put her head in Lin Feng’s neck. She was so scared. She didn’t want Lin Feng to hit her like he had done with Tang You You though. 

Lin Feng turned his head and looked at the man, he released a terrifying evil light and stopped using his own intent to resist to the evil intent. A terrifying evil rolling Qi started swallowing his own determination, his evil sword started shaking intensely, that terrifying evil Qi invaded the entire palace and made the walls shake. It seemed like the palace was going to cave in.

“Huh?” The man was stupefied while staring at Lin Feng. Lin Feng’s eyes were entirely black at that moment and filled with evil intent. Lin Feng’s entire body looked like a sword, he wasn’t a human being anymore, he was a sword.

“You’re willingly turning into a demon, you want to kill yourself!” shouted the man furiously. Lin Feng was surprisingly letting the evil sword take control over his body! 

The evil sword was terrifyingly strong, it might have been stronger than the Zun cultivator in its previous the life. If it took over Lin Feng’s body completely, it would might be able to regain that strength. Of course, Lin Feng’s body would be unable to take it and would probably get torn apart. 

The Zun cultivator raised his hand and released some terrifying sealed doors, Lin Feng’s body seemed like it was frozen. The Zun cultivator’s sealed doors were infinitely stronger than those of Duan Wu Dao or Duan Ren Huang. It seemed like he could seal the entire world.

“Crrr crrr crrr crrrrr!” The evil sword was diffusing some terrifying evil lights, then the sword divided itself into nine swords. They were emitting whistling sounds and were colliding with the sealed doors. Then the nine swords became one again and bombarded the atmosphere in the direction of the man. 

Lin Feng didn’t control the sword anymore, the sword was controlling itself. It was acting according to its own will independently of what Lin Feng was thinking or wanted. 

“Boom boom boom!” The sword destroyed the walls of the cave. 

The man groaned coldly and in front of him appeared a blue circle, it was filled with the strength of the sealed doors and it surrounded the sword.

“Crrrack!” The evil sword destroyed the blue light and continued moving towards the man which surprised him. That evil sword was, as expected, terrifying… The sword was showing its terrifying strength at that moment, something it couldn’t do back when Lin Feng still tried to resist it. 

The man raised both his hands and blue lights moved towards the sword. The man then shouted furiously, “go back!” 

The blue lights got destroyed and the evil sword moved back. Lin Feng made a step forwards and caught the evil sword during its flight. It seemed like Lin Feng was in perfect fusion with the evil sword. He then turned into a black sword, as if he had merged with the evil sword and threw himself at the man. This time, Lin Feng was the evil sword. 

“Human sword fusion, sword intent, no wonder that the evil sword chose him as a master!” shouted the Zun cultivator furiously. That terrifying sword was putting too much pressure on him, it was lacerating the atmosphere as it chased him. The walls all around them were breaking apart.

“Boom boom!” The man rose up in the air but the evil sword followed him, breaking everything. The entire mountain was shaking as it caved in. The two of them emerged out of the mountain and the entire mountain chain started shaking. 

There were two men and a sword in the air. More precisely, there was one man and one sword. Lin Feng had fused together with the black sword, the Earth and sky were shaking and strident whistling sounds kept spreading about the mountain chain. The black clouds in the sky were rolling and tossing furiously. An infinite amount sword energy was moving towards the man. 

The man started moving his hands as if he had been dancing. The atmosphere was suddenly illuminated by a blue light, it seemed like the sky was regaining its normal colors.

“Even if you go insane, you will still die!” shouted the man coldly. He jumped forwards and threw himself at the evil sword. If Lin Feng had been a cultivator of the Tian Qi layer and had fused together with the evil sword, he would have been able to compete with the Zun cultivator. However, Lin Feng was too weak so the sword couldn’t deploy its full strength. 

The blue light kept illuminating the sky and shining upon Lin Feng’s body. That extreme strength made Lin Feng’s body shake. A cultivator of the Zun Qi layer was too strong, even as a demon Lin Fen couldn’t resist to him. 

A light flashed and a black stone appeared in the sky. That stone suddenly became gigantic and turned into a stone tablet which read, “Sealed Demon!”

That stone contained the demon which was sealed inside!
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