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PMG Chapter 734: The Restriction

Edited: OddManOut
PMG Chapter 734: The Restriction

There was a terrifying sealed doors strength in that tablet. Lin Feng could sense that his evil sword was shaking as if it had been trying to break the seal. 

“You used the evil sword so I sealed it and now I will kill you, then I will take the evil sword.” said the man smiling coldly. He then immediately raised his hands and condensed some sealed doors energy. A black beam of light emerged out of the stone tablet and it enlarged, as big as a palace. The words “sealed demon” became dazzling. 

“Go!” shouted the man furiously. In the blink of an eye the stone tablet turned into a black light and rumbling sounds spread in the air while it shot out towards Lin Feng. 

Lin Feng still looked like a demon and was still holding the evil sword. A terrifying sword light then moved towards the stone tablet.

“Boom boom boom!” The sword crashed onto the stone tablet and made it shake violently. However, it didn’t break and there was no sign that it was going to break either. It was only shaking. 

“The stone tablet is a precious treasure, even though your evil sword is extremely strong you can’t do anything against it.” said the man while laughing evilly. He had faith in that stone tablet.

The stone tablet was a stone which came from ancient ages and could seal evil deities. Rumors said that the stone tablet used to be one but it had then be broken into four or five pieces. The stone tablet in front of Lin Feng was one of those pieces. It was the first time that he saw it. That stone tablet was related to the abstruse significance and the Zun Qi layer.

“Go!” Some sealed doors light crashed on the stone tablet, making it move forwards towards Lin Feng. A terrifying black light surrounded Lin Feng and the evilness in his body seemed to be constricted. The evil sword even started shaking violently. 

“Die!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. Lin Feng fearlessly attacked with his sword again, it was filled with intent. It seemed like the atmosphere was going to be torn apart. However, it still couldn’t make the stone tablet move.

“Boom boom boom!” The stone tablet and Lin Feng’s evil sword collided which released a terrifying sealed doors strength. The sealed demon stone tablet released an even more terrifying black light which started controlling Lin Feng’s evil sword and made it shake even more brutally. 

“You still haven’t broken through to the Tian Qi layer so you can’t do anything. Even if you have the evil sword you cannot fight against someone who is so much stronger than you.” said the man. His hands were dancing in the air even faster and another terrifying black light shone upon the stone tablet. The man then shouted, “Seal!” 

“Boom!” The evil sword continued shaking violently. Many small black seals emerged out of the stone tablet and completely surrounded the evil sword. The stone tablet wanted to seal the evil sword. 

The evil sword had its own intent and was not resigned to give up. Some rumblings sounds spread in the air and the evil sword moved aside letting the terrifying seal strength penetrate into Lin Feng’s body. It seemed like the evil sword wanted to avoid the stone tablet. 

“You want to escape?” said the Zun cultivator while smiling and looking at the evil sword. He could easily kill Lin Feng, where would the evil sword hide then?

Only cultivators of the Tian Qi layer had a chance to resist against such strong cultivators. After all, such strong cultivators were like the clouds of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. People who were very lucky might manage to escape but those who had no luck would easily die. 

The Zun cultivator was very lucky though, he had managed to obtain the stone tablet and now he was going to obtain the evil sword.

“Seal!” shouted the man again, releasing some seal energy out of his hands. Even if the evil sword wanted to escape, the Zun cultivator wasn’t going to give up. Even if he killed Lin Feng, he still wanted to obtain the evil sword. That stone tablet was going to be the nemesis of that evil sword. 

The stone tablet was releasing a particular light, that particular light was a hologram of a gigantic mountain. It looked like an illusion as it slowly became smaller and immediately penetrated into Lin Feng’s body. 

Lin Feng started shaking violently, just like the evil sword. The stone tablet could also penetrate into his body. It was chasing the evil sword to seal it. 

After that the evil sword and the stone tablet penetrated into Lin Feng’s body, Lin Feng’s evil lights weakened a lot. The evil sword was in his body and was bing sealed by the stone tablet. 

Lin Feng’s evil personality was also fading. 

Lin Feng was distressed facing the man. Without the strength of the evil sword, he couldn’t do anything… That man was a cultivator of the Zun Qi layer. 

The man looked at Lin Feng and smiled, his face was filled with murder. Lin Feng was doomed. 

“Meow.” The cat rose up in the air and looked delighted. His venerable master was incredible! Lin Feng had hurt him and interrupted his transformation process and now Lin Feng had run into the man in the blue chang pao. Because of Lin Feng, the cat had become the slave of the Zun cultivator and had his dreams destroyed.

A strange and bestial light twinkled around Lin Feng’s body in the air. Tang You You’s face was red and she looked ice-cold. 

Lin Feng was an incredible genius, was he going to die? Sadly, he had come across a cultivator of the Zun Qi layer… Lin Feng was probably not going to give up that easily. 

“Now, die.” said the Zun cultivator while releasing some more blue lights sealing the atmosphere. Lin Feng watched as the cultivator ran towards him. Was he going to die…? Lin Feng really didn’t want to die, he still had so much to do and still had to get his revenge. He hadn’t even helped Meng Qing become a human being again, he didn’t want to die. 

“Die!” shouted the Zun cultivator furiously. A terrifying hand filled with physical strength moved towards Lin Feng’s chest. If it reached Lin Feng, he would die instantly. 

“Meng Qing, escape!” shouted Lin Feng desperately. Xue Ling Long and him moved backwards together. 

“Wuuu wuuuu….” Xue Ling Long was running in the sky and uttered a long and mournful cry. Some tears appeared in her eyes as she moved back and forth, she didn’t want to abandon Lin Feng. 

However, it was already too late.

“Boom!” The Zun cultivator’s hand crashed onto Lin Feng’s chest and Lin Feng started shaking violently. This time, it seemed like time had stopped. Meng Qing and Tang You You were stunned.

They both started crying, a human being and a beast were both crying. Meng Qing was furious, however, she was too weak to do anything. 

Tang You You’s heart also felt very painful. She had never been so sad in her life. 

“Die!” shouted the Zun cultivator while releasing a terrifying physical strength which enveloped Lin Feng’s body. 

“Boom!” A terrifying white light illuminated the atmosphere. It came from Lin Feng’s body, it was dazzling. Tang You You and Meng Qing couldn’t see anything anymore. After that white light appeared, a terrifying Qi also emerged.

The Zun cultivator moved backwards. After his attack he realized that the dazzling light wasn’t Lin Feng’s light. It seemed like something incredible had been released. 

He was staring at Lin Feng but only saw a white light in front of him which then turned into a silhouette.

That person was an old man. That old man’s Qi was terrifying, his long hair was messy. It looked real and illusional at the same time. That Qi made the cultivator of the Zun Qi layer shiver. 

What was happening? 

Lin Feng surprisingly had something protecting his soul? A protector? At the moment when Lin Feng was about to die, that old man’s silhouette had appeared!
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