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PMG Chapter 736: Bloodbath at Night!

Edited: OddManOut
PMG Chapter 736: Bloodbath at Night!

For Lin Feng, the evil sword was a burden and the stone plate was a burden too. If he became extremely strong, he would be able to use them better. 

Everything was about strength. 

“Lin Feng.” said Tang You You. Lin Feng turned around. Because of the sword he had been evil and hadn’t really recognized her before. However, now the evil sword was under control. At least, he didn’t look extremely evil anymore. His eyes still looked cold but at least he looked like a human being, Tang You You felt relieved.

Lin Feng had finally become a human being again. How great! He had nearly turned into a monster and died.

“You You, thank you so much.” said Lin Feng nodding. 

Tang You You shook her head and tried to fix her messy hair with her hands. She was still worried about her appearance, she wanted to look beautiful in front of Lin Feng. 

“What do you want to do? Go back to Xue Yue?” asked Tang You You. 

“No.” said Lin Feng shaking his head, cold lights were twinkling in his eyes. “Those people think that I am a demon, they might try to kill me. Because of the restrictions which exist in order to go to the mysterious world, they will not allow Duan Wu Dao or Duan Wu Ya to go back to Xue Yue either. They are probably practicing cultivation very hard to become even stronger. They all want to go to the mysterious world, if I kill them in there they will never make it back to Xue Yue.” 

Duan Wu Dao was now a member of the Jade Heaven Imperial Family and Duan Wu Ya had joined the East Sea Dragon Palace. They were both extremely strong and had strong influential groups backing them up. After leaving Xue Yue Lin Feng had turned into a demon, they hadn’t forgotten about him. They all wanted to get back what they had lost. Everything was going to be solved after leaving for the mysterious world. 

Tang You You slightly nodded. Lin Feng was right. The people of the East Sea Dragon Palace and of the Jade Heaven Imperial Family had gotten involved in the affairs of Xue Yue. Duan Wu Dao and Duan Wu Ya would all go to the mysterious world. For them, the mysterious world was going to mean a lot so they were would put aside all their problems for the moment. 

“Let’s go together.” said Tang You You. Lin Feng looked at her and slightly nodded, “I need to go Mi Cheng first.” 

“Mi Cheng?” Tang You You was stupefied. What did he want to do in Mi Cheng? Did he consider himself a member of Shen Gong or was he their enemy now?

Lin Feng knew what Tang You You was thinking and said, “I will go to the mysterious world but I will not represent Shen Gong there, everything is all about one’s self to them. If I wanted to represent a sphere of influence I would rather choose the Nine Cloud Swords Sect or the Necropolis Sect.” said Lin Feng. He was an independent thinker. Lin Feng was good but Shen Gong’s way of solving things didn’t make him feel happy. He was infuriated, they had no moral values. Lin Feng’s heart was filled with coldness and even more determination. 

Lin Feng wanted to go to the mysterious world for himself to become stronger.

“Well then, you want to go to Mi Cheng…….” said Tang You You surprised.

“The Da Shu Clan.” said Lin Feng coldly. Tang You You’s heart was also filled with coldness at that moment, the Da Shu Clan was going to be eradicated. 

The Da Shu Clan had participated to the massacre in Xue Yue. Even though Da Shu Kong had been killed by Lin Feng, Lin Feng wasn’t going to let them off. The demon in his heart hadn’t completely left his heart, he still felt like a killer. He had gone through too many hardships. Meng Qing had become a beast again. Lin Feng’s heart was really filled with an endless coldness. Even if he wasn’t a demon, he still felt the urge to kill. 

Xue Ling Long was on Lin Feng’s shoulder. She moved into Lin Feng’s arms and looked at him, from her eyes one could see that she was smiling. Lin Feng would had become normal again, he hadn’t turned into a demon. Meng Qing was of course, very happy about it. 


There was an illusional fog all over Mi Cheng. It looked mysterious, almost like it didn’t even exist at all. It was so mysterious. 

Outside of Mi Cheng a black, ferocious, wild beast was approaching the city. Riding it were two people, a girl and a boy.

The boy was wearing a black chang pao and he looked extraordinary, however, he looked like a killer. The expression in his eyes was so cold that people had the feeling they were going to freeze when staring at them. 

That girl was extremely beautiful but looked elegant and cold. She also looked extraordinary. 

Besides, that ice-cold looking young man was carrying a little and very beautiful beast in his arms. That small beast was snowy-white. It was a little fox. Besides, her eyes were extremely beautiful and looked like those of a celestial being. 

“Go back.” said Lin Feng while jumping off the back of the ferocious wild beast. The beast then immediately went back to its own forest. Tang You You and Lin Feng jumped onto the ground and moved towards Mi Cheng. 

The Great Competition of Xue Yu was finished. Mi Cheng was an extremely calm and peaceful city at that moment. 

In the vast city, people had not realized that one of the four greatest groups of influence was about to disappear from the city, the Da Shu Clan. 

It was a peaceful yet dreary and desolate night. The air was fresh and a gentle breeze was sweeping away. However, the atmosphere in the Da Shu Clan didn’t feel only cool, they felt ice-cold. 

The news had spread that Da Shu Kong had been killed in Xue Yue. They knew that he had been killed by their enemy, Lin Feng. That news had infuriated the Da Shu Clan. If the news was true, it was a catastrophe for their clan and the consequences would be just as catastrophic.

Their only cultivator of the Tian Qi layer had died… The consequences would be tragic. The three other groups of influence in Mi Cheng wouldn’t let them live on in peace, they would swallow them. It would give the opportunity to other smaller influential groups of Mi Cheng to rise too. The Da Shu Clan would get swallowed by all of those groups. 

The news had enraged the Da Shu Clan. Therefore, it was a piercingly-cold night for them. They were all in a meeting room and talking about the future of the clan. 

They didn’t know that a ghost-like person had entered their clan and was hunting them. 

A sword Qi spread in the air and was emitting some subtle sounds in the darkness of the night. However, that sword energy wasn’t too subtle, it could kill people. Very quickly, the people of the Da Shu Clan were surrounded by a blood Qi. 

The patrolling guards of the clan smelt something strange in the middle of the night. 

However, a black silhouette appeared in front of them just like an evil spirit. 

That black silhouette was holding a bloodthirsty sword, it looked evil as some blood was dripping from it. 

They opened their mouth, they wanted to shout and call for help but they only saw a red light streak across the sky which swallowed them in a flash. Blood splashed and was immediately absorbed into that sword.

The black silhouette continued moving forwards. A gentle breeze was brushing away on people’s bodies making them feel extremely cold. That wind was so cold and it contained some blood Qi, how was that possible? 

The crowd continued talking about various things. However, the leader looked surprised. He stood up and said, “No, there is somebody…” 

The crowd in the meeting hall also sensed and smelt some blood Qi at that moment. 

“Tap tap tap….” Some subtle sounds spread in the air, it seemed like death was about to befall on them. Slowly, a black light appeared in the meeting hall. He slowly walked in.

That black silhouette was extremely dark and looked ice-cold. He was holding a sword, a bloodthirsty sword from which blood was dripping. 

“Lin Feng!” The crowd started shaking, as if they had realized something. They knew Lin Feng, he was the champion of the Great Competition of Xue Yu. Everybody had seen him. 

They all knew that Da Shu Kong had been killed by Lin Feng in Xue Yue. He hadn’t come back to the Da Shu Clan. However, Lin Feng was appearing there. 

Lin Feng looked like a death god and it seemed like death was looking out for them.

They raised their heads and saw two bloodshot eyes. 

Lin Feng’s hand trembled and a terrifying sword Qi enveloped them, a red light illuminated the meeting hall. That night was their judgement day, they were doomed.
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