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PMG Chapter 738: The Tian Chi Empire

Edited: OddManOut
PMG Chapter 738: The Tian Chi Empire

In Mi Cheng, the Da Shu Clan had been exterminated in one night. They had all died, killed by one sword. A thick and dense blood was flowing all over their territory and still contained the ice-cold Qi which had caused it to flow. It seemed like it was never going to disperse. 

After Shen Gong came over, they immediately drew the conclusion that Lin Feng had been there. Even though he had turned into a demon, he had come and exterminated the Da Shu Clan. 

However, when the people sent by Shen Gong arrived in the territory of the Da Shu Clan. They couldn’t find Lin Feng anymore.

In the north part Mi Cheng, if one kept going far north, one had to cross some gigantic empires. For example the East Sea empire, the Jade Heaven Imperial Family of the Jade Heaven Empire, etc. Amongst those empires, there was a particular one called the Tian Chi Empire.

The thing for which Tian Chi was most famous for was its endless mountain chains which were covered with snow throughout the entire year, it never melted. Almost everywhere in the empire were snowy mountains. Besides, it kept snowing endlessly so the atmosphere, throughout the year, was filled with snowflakes.

Maybe that it was a coincidence but Lin Feng brought Tang You You and Xue Ling Long to that place. 

Xue Ling Long was excited when she saw all that snow. She immediately jumped off Lin Feng’s shoulders and played in the snow. It seemed like she loved snow, it looked like her home. 

“It’s so cold here…” whispered Tang You You. Lin Feng nodded and looked at Tang You You, her face was red because she was so cold.

That snowy region was indeed very cold. Even though Lin Feng and Tang You You had broken through to the very top of the Xuan Qi layer, they were still feeling cold. The temperature was terrifying there.

However, Meng Qing didn’t fear the cold. She was extremely happy and Lin Feng shook his head, he didn’t know why. 

“We have to cross Tian Chi and then we will arrive in the Gu Long region, where the mysterious world is. I am convinced that crossing Tian Chi is the best way to get there.” said Lin Feng. 

Tang You You nodded as a sign of agreement. Lin Feng had enemies from Jade Heaven and the East Sea Dragon Palace, so getting to the mysterious world via Tian Chi was the best way for them to travel. It was quick and safe.

The sound of their steps on the snow was the only sound. Lin Feng was looking around at the mountains. There were many huge snowy peaks. Surprisingly, there were some people practicing cultivation on them. Even though their bodies looked frozen and they were covered with snow, they weren’t leaving the snowy region. 

“Boom boom boom!” At that moment, a snowy mountain broke. A silhouette emerged out of the mountain and rose up in the air. Then that person shook their body and the snow fell off their body, they could see his face.

“What a powerful Qi…” thought Lin Feng, staring at that person who looked quite young. That person also looked young and inexperienced, he was a young man. 

He jumped forwards onto another mountain and punched it. Suddenly, rumbling sounds spread in the air and that mountain broke too. Snow splashed everywhere in the sky. 

That young man didn’t stop, he kept jumping and bombarding mountains with his fist. In a flash, a snow dragon started roaring in the distance and another mountain broke. 

“Boom boom boom!” The young man looked excited. He kept punching the mountains and breaking tem. He then shouted furiously, “Stand up!” 

Those who were practicing cultivation woke up and looked at him. They looked at him puzzled.

“Huang Fu Chong, what do you want to do?” shouted someone furiously making Lin Feng and the Tang You You nervous. That person’s name was extremely strange. His family name had two characters (Huang Fu) and his first name was composed of a single character, Chong (translator’s note: chong means insect or worm). 

“Call me Da Hai Chong, get used to it.” said Huang Fu Chong while smiling like an idiot. “Watch as Tian Chi Xue and I go to the mysterious world together.” 

“Da Hai Chong, you should give up. You cannot survive in Tian Chi.” said someone mockingly. After that, as if Huang Fu Chong didn’t care, he smiled and said, “Tia Chi Xue will become my wife.”

“You are overrating your own abilities.” 

“Keep on dreaming!” 

All of those people were making fun of him, Tian Chi Xue was going to become his wife? In the Tian Chi Empire, everybody dreamt of getting married with the pure and holy woman Tian Chi Xue… could Huang Fu Chong manage to do that?

Even though they didn’t admit it, they were all afraid of Huang Fu Chong, he was extremely strong. That guy was not very intelligent but he had monstrous natural abilities. Even if they joined hands, they couldn’t defeat him. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have wasted cultivation time to talk to him, they would have simply attacked him. 

“Hehe, you can make fun of me, that’s fine. However, you must come with me to Tian Chi and become my servants.” said Huang Fu Chong smiling. They were surprised and shouted furiously, “In your dreams!” 

“It’s better to be a leader of many people, more prestigious. I will get married with Tian Chi Xue. If you don’t come, I will beat you until you change your mind.” said Huang Fu Chong while shaking his fist, he was threatening them. Everybody pulled a long face. Even though Huang Fu Chong was mentally confused, what he was saying at that moment weren’t empty words. If they didn’t go with him, he would crush them. 

“We can go, but as your friends, not as your slaves.” said someone coldly. 

“Alright, that’s fine.” said Huang Fu Chong nodding. “Alright, we are friends.” 

Those people instantly felt a bit better and gnashed their teeth. 

Huang Fu Chong slowly turned around and looked at Lin Feng. He jumped forwards and landed on the ground. 

“Are you going to Tian Chi?” asked Huang Fu Chong. 

“Maybe.” said Lin Feng nodding. Those people were all strong, especially Huang Fu Chong. He was young, and even though he looked insane, he had broken through to the very top of the eighth Xuan Qi layer.

Besides, he had just said that he wanted to go to the mysterious world with Tian Chi Xue. 

“Let’s go together, let’s be friends.” said Huang Fu Chong while smiling. He then added, “My name is Huang Fu Long but they like to call me Huang Fu Chong. I think that Da Hai Chong is better though, it’s more appropriate.” (translator’s note: Huang Fu Long, Huang Fu is a name with no particular meaning. Long means dragon, Chong means insect or worm and Da Hai Chong means “great destructive insect). 


Lin Feng and Tang You You remained silent. That guy was a real freak, but against all expectations he was extremely strong. 

“Is that your girl? She’s extremely strong, she’s broken through to the very top of the eighth Xuan Qi layer. However, she’s not as strong as my wife who has broken through to the very top of the ninth Xuan Qi layer. And on top of that, she’s even more beautiful than her.” said Huang Fu Long while scratching his head and smiling like a simple-minded man. Lin Feng was speechless but he wasn’t the only one, all the others were speechless and had their eyes wide open. 

When had Tian Chi Xue become his wife? That bastard was really shameless..

“You said that Tian Chi Xue and you were going to the mysterious world together, why?” asked Lin Feng to Huang Fu Long. Even though he was talking big, people didn’t hate him. He wasn’t a bad person, he wasn’t evil… However, in spite of his warm and friendly smile, Duan Wu Ya was the person that Lin Feng hated the most at that moment. 

“Tian Chi is a holy land for us in the empire of Tian Chi. In a short time, the Tian Chi Empire will dispatch some people to the mysterious world. They need to select several people to go there, everybody can try. With my strength, it shouldn’t be a problem being selected. 

When Lin Feng heard Huang Fu Long, his eyes twinkled. In order to go to the mysterious world, one needed to be selected by a certain group of influence… One couldn’t go by one’s self. Instead of hypocritically accepting a compromise and going there from Shen Gong, he would have an opportunity through the Tian Chi Empire. 

“By the way, what are your names?” thought Huang Fu Long suddenly while scratching his head, he looked annoyed. 

“My name is Lin Feng.” 

“Lin Feng, you are not from the empire of Tian Chi. If you want to go to the mysterious world you should come with me to Tian Chi. That’s the best way.” said Huang Fu Long. 

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