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PMG Chapter 74: Confrontation

Special Thanks to Rachel K for sponsoring this chapter. I have made a dent in the Queue but there is a long way to go yet.

This was actually harder than I thought it would be lol but still…..
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It seemed like Lin Feng hadn’t heard Wen Ren Yan. He actually didn’t care about what he was saying. Lin Feng was used to people who talked big but in the end did not have the strength to match their arrogance.

“Han Man, is he the one who injured you?” asked Lin Feng to Han Man. Wen Ren Yan was indeed the person who had attacked Han Man and caused him to be injured.

“Yes.” said Han Man while nodding. He then whispered in Lin Feng’s ears: “Wen Ren Yan is not even close to the strength of Tu Fu. So now that Tu Fu has become a core disciple, he is currently ranked first within the elite disciples. He’s strong and has a fierce temper. I’m not in a hurry to get my revenge on him. I believe that in a short time, you will definitely be able to defeat him.”

He was strong?

An elite disciple who had broken through to the third Ling Qi layer could be ranked amongst the top disciples with no difficulty. Those who had broken through to the fourth Ling Qi layer were strong enough to fight against the core disciples of the sect. If Wen Ren Yan had broken through to the fourth Ling Qi layer then he definitely wouldn’t have stayed as an elite disciple and would have become a core disciple. So at that moment he was most likely at the peak of the third Ling Qi layer. He would not have had a breakthrough yet to the forth Ling Qi Layer.

A cultivator of that level was indeed very powerful but that did not mean that he was invincible and could provoke who he wished. Lin Feng was confident that if he had to fight with him then he would be able to win and if he was not able to fight against him then he could retreat unharmed.
“No need to discuss any more. This is the only chance I will give you. Even if you’re a genius, I can take your life at any time. Now kneel before me.”

Wen Ren Yan thought that he was the strongest and his arrogance was clear. He truly did not know how vast the world was. He thought that because Lin Feng had just become an elite disciple that he was weak and could be bullied. To Wen Ren Yan who would even dare to fight against some core disciples he was really nothing but a bug. Even though Lin Feng understood a lot about forces, he was too weak. There would be no problem to defeat Lin Feng with a single thought.

Wen Ren Yan had an extremely strong spirit. It would in no way be weaker than the sword force of Lin Feng. Wen Ren Yan had an unbreakable faith in the strength of his spirit.

“There is no need to think it over.” said Lin Feng while shaking his head and then while giving a cold smile, he said: “Even though you want me to kneel down and beg you for mercy, I have no reason to obey you.”

Everybody was stupefied by Lin Feng’s words. He was aggressive and would not retreat no matter who he faced. He truly had the demeanor of an emperor.

Wen Ren Yan was the top ranked elite disciple. He was respected by everyone and feared for his strength. What did he think of Lin Feng? He only just become an elite disciple and was no better than those bugs called ordinary disciples.

“Hehe. Alright… Alright….” Wen Ren Yan said with an evil smile which was filled with hatred. His azure blue eyes were emanating a strong killing intent which made other disciples tremble in fear.

“This is terrible! Wen Ren Yan has become furious.”

Some disciples in the crowd knew that this had become a very dangerous situation. They were very scared of Wen Ren Yan. Nobody dared provoke him because of his strength and also because of his temper.

Lin Feng also sensed the cold air which was emanating from Wen Ren Yan’s body. Lin Feng didn’t sense it in the same way though. He felt that there was a diabolic and evil intention held within his eyes.

“Wen Ren Yan, what do you intend to do? You are not in the Life and Death Arena.” said Liu Fei while moving in front of Lin Feng to block the way.

Wen Ren Yan said that Liu Fei was his and declared that no one else could attempt romance with her. In fact, they hadn’t known each other for a long time but Liu Fei had already come to an understanding of what kind of person he really way. He looked strong and confident on the outside but he was like a venomous snake. He did not have the honor and morals which other had.

Liu Fei still wanted Lin Feng to go to the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue. Therefore she didn’t want him to die from his current situation. In Liu Fei’s opinion, Lin Feng wasn’t weak but could never fight against Wen Ren Yan. If he fought against him, he would surely die.

“You are mine and yet you protect this young man, are you not afraid to make me angry?”

Wen Ren Yan looked hideously evil at that moment. It looked like his azure blue eyes alone could kill if you gazed into them for too long. They clearly revealed his murderous intentions.

“I’ve never said that I was your girlfriend or that I was your property. Stop dreaming. I would never be in a relationship with a guy like you. It’s actually the opposite. Lin Feng is my boyfriend. If you touch him, I will never let you off.”

Liu Fei was staring at Wen Ren Yan looking extremely serious.

“Oh my, so that’s how it is. Liu Fei admits that she is Lin Feng’s girlfriend. What a lucky bastard! He captured the heart of the most beautiful girl within the Yun Hai Sect!”

Everybody was staring at Lin Feng and were filled with envy and jealousy.

Han Man, who was still injured, was looking at Lin Feng with eyes revealing an immense amount of respect. He looked like he truly worshiped and adored Lin Feng. He knew that Lin Feng not only had a strong body but his heart was the strongest that he had ever seen.

Core disciples had never been able to conquer Liu Fei’s heart and then suddenly Liu Fei admitted to being the girlfriend of his sworn brother!!! What great news!

Lin Feng had no idea what was going on and had been confused by this whole situation. When had this all happened? When had they become a couple?

Lin Feng then looked at the crowd who was surrounding them. They were looking at him with evil eyes. Damn it, that girl………………once again she had caused him trouble.

“Well, I will just have to kill him.” said Wen Ren Yan who looked even more furious than before.

“Do you dare?!” shouted Liu Fei furiously.

“In the Yun Hai Sect, there is nothing that I, Wen Ren Yan, don’t dare.”

Wen Ren Yan then laughed an evil laugh as if he cared for nothing in the world.

“Is that so? We will see about that.” said a firm and steady voice.

A silhouette which had appeared in the distance suddenly shot towards the cave of the elite disciples.

“How presumptuous. Wen Ren Yan, do you think that you’re the patriarch of the sect?” said a voice which was coldly laughing. The man who had just arrived was looking at Wen Ren Yan with a look filled with disdain and anger.

“Yue Xue, this none of your business and doesn’t require you to get involved.”

Wen Ren Yan was also looking at the man with disdain in his eyes.

“Wen Ren Yan is really presumptuous and audacious! How dare he disrespect an elder?”

Some disciple who were watching the scene were shocked. Xue Yue was an Elder of the ordinary disciples. There were not many within the elite disciples who dared to disrespect him.

“Pfff, Lin Feng and his friends came to receive their Elite Disciple Certificate and their new disciple robes and you suddenly threaten to kill him. What would other people think of our Yun Hai Sect? I am an elder, how could I not care?”

“Indeed, this territory is under my control so you have nothing to do here.”

An ice cold voice was heard inside the cave and then a middle aged man wearing an indigo chang pao suddenly appeared from the shadows.

“Elder Lu.” said Wen Ren Yan to the man wearing the indigo chang pao. He was also an Elder. He was responsible for giving the Elite Disciple certificates as well as the Elite Disciple robes to the new disciples. He was also in charge of the rankings within the disciples.

Lu Yuan nodded at Wen Ren Yan in a friendly way but he wasn’t as friendly to Xue Yue.

“Xue Yue, you should stay where you belong. What are you doing here causing trouble ?”

“What do you mean?” asked Xue Yue while staring at Lu Yuan.

“What do I mean? This is my territory. We don’t need you to concern yourself with our affairs.”

“You mean that within your territory, Wen Ren Yan can kill other disciples as he wishes, including other elite disciples?”

“Even if he killed a few weak ones, who would even care? Here the weak do not deserve to live and only the strong can survive. Xue Yue, you’re causing too much trouble by being here.”

Everybody was surprised. They wouldn’t have thought that the issue between Lin Feng and Wen Ren Yan would lead to an argument between two elders of the sect. However, elder Lu’s words were harsh and cruel.

According to elder Lu, Lin Feng was inferior to Wen Ren Yan so even if he got killed by him, it wouldn’t be a problem at all. He was even saying that Lin Feng did not deserve to live. How laughable.

Lin Feng also understood what Elder Lu meant. The though had made him smile but his heart grew colder than ice.

He had become an elite disciple and had to come pick up his certificate and his robes but the one who was in charge of giving him these things ended up saying he wasn’t strong enough and deserved to die for being inferior to Wen Ren Yan. What was that supposed to mean?

Regarding Xue Yue, the first time Lin Feng had seen him was when Protector Bei had passed the responsibility of protecting the Xing Chen pavilion onto him. He was clearly one of Protector Bei’s trusted friends.

“Elder Xue.” said Lin Feng suddenly. Xue Yue turned around and looked at Lin Feng.

“Thank you.” said Lin Feng while smiling.

Lin Feng then looked at Wen Ren Yan and Lu Yuan and said: “Elder Lu, Lin Feng came to pick up his certificate and new disciple robes.”

Lu Yuan glanced at Lin Feng with a look of disdain. He then looked at Wen Ren Yan. Not only was Wen Ren Yan very strong but his background was also terrifying.

Because he appreciated Wen Ren Yan, he also decided that he was Lin Feng’s enemy.

“Elder Lu, Lin Feng came to pick up his certificate and new disciple robes.”

Lin Feng said it even louder than before sounding extremely strict and firm.

“You really don’t know who you are talking to.” said Lu Yuan while glancing at Lin Feng and then shouted: “Get Lost!”

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