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PMG Chapter 741: The Top of the Mountain

Edited: OddManOut
PMG Chapter 741: The Top of the Mountain

Tian Chi Xue was very beautiful, she looked as pure as snow, absolutely free from any sort of pollution. Her face looked prettier than the ten thousand things of creation. However, Meng Qing looked purer and holier than her, at least, in Lin Feng’s heart. 

If Tian Chi Xue was the snow fairy, than Meng Qing was the snow goddess. 

Tang You You was surprised when she saw how certain Lin Feng sounded. In her eyes, you could tell that she envied Xue Ling Long, Lin Feng really loved her. 

Xue Ling Long cuddled with in Feng and put her claws on his face in a gentle way. Her breathtaking eyes showed everyone that she was smiling. 

Lin Feng pet Xue Ling Long’s head and smiled in a warmly. Lin Feng only smiled in such a resplendent way when he was looking at Xue Ling Long. Most of the time he had forced himself to smile, especially since he had turned into a demon. The evil sword was still in his body and he was still facing some consequences. It had modified his personality. Coldness had invaded his soul, that was what the old man in the pavilion at the foot of the mountain had noticed, just how cold Lin Feng was. 

“You are a fairy fox Meng Qing, that’s why you love snow so much. I will bring you to the top of the mountain.” said Lin Feng using telepathy to talk to Meng Qing. He rose up in the air and moved towards the cloud which hid the top of the mountain. It seemed like the peak of the mountain was a cloud from where they stood. It was the place where Tian Chi Xue had appeared a moment before. 

“Huh?” Some people frowned. What was Lin Feng doing?

Many people pulled a long face. Was Lin Feng trying to get closer to Tian Chi Xue? How shameless and audacious! 

“Stop!” shouted an extremely loud voice at that moment. People who were in love with Tian Chi Xue were numerous. Huang Fu Long had drawn many people’s attention, and now Lin Feng was moving up to the top of the mountain. Did he want to make friends with their goddess? They couldn’t let him. 

A silhouette suddenly appeared next to Lin Feng, passed in front of him. Suddenly a hand bombarded the atmosphere in his direction, it contained some terrifying ice Qi. Lin Feng would be projected backwards if that hand hit him. 

Lin Feng turned his hand, glanced at that person coldly. Lin Feng’s eyes looked extremely sharp. Surprisingly, that person had the feeling that he was suffocating, as if a gigantic blade had been lacerating his heart. His chest suddenly felt very cold. 

“Get lost!” shouted Lin Feng, his voice made the atmosphere shake. Lin Feng raised his hand which had turned black. It was jet-black and contained some evil and deadly Qi. It looked like it could annihilate everything. 

“Boom boom boom!” The snow punch immediately broke. The terrifying pitch-black light had destroyed it and then crashed onto the opponent’s body. That person couldn’t block it, his chest was pounding. He was suddenly shaking from head to foot. 

“Boom!” The black hand hit his body and blood splashed onto the whiteness of the mountain. That person crashed onto the ground. His face looked hideous. 

That man hadn’t attacked Lin Feng only because he was jealous, he also wanted to show to everyone how strong he was. If his attack had been powerful enough, he could have drawn Tian Chi Xue’s attention. However, what everybody saw was him getting dominated by Lin Feng and now shaking from head to foot. How humiliating. 

He watched as Lin Feng rose up in the air. He had already landed on the top of the mountain. 

“Huh?” A gentle voice spread in the air, Tian Chi Xue was surprised. She slowly turned around and looked at Lin Feng frowning. But soon enough she looked normal again. 

“What are you doing here?” asked Tian Chi Xue surprised. She then added, “If it’s because of me, you can go back.” 

She sounded calm and serene. However, Lin Feng understood why she was so arrogant, she had all the reasons in the world to be. She was really extremely beautiful, all the men were falling in love with her. Besides, she had terrifying natural abilities, her Qi was extraordinary. 

Lin Feng glanced at Tian Chi Xue, she looked calm and serene. He then looked somewhere else and sat down cross-legged at the top of the mountain. He put Xue Ling Long on his lap and gazed into the distance. The mountains in the horizon looked tiny. 

Tian Chi Xue was surprised, Lin Feng had just glanced at her for a second. Nobody had ever been remained so cold when looking at her. His face didn’t even change for a microsecond… He had looked at her as if he had looked at an ordinary person. Besides, she had talked to him but he had ignored her!

Tian Chi Xue was stupefied, she had never been ignored by a man. She was so proud, but that cold young man was even prouder. 

Initially, she wanted to leave but now she was standing there looking at him. 

“Who can get married with you?” said Lin Feng suddenly. Tian Chi Xue was surprised. Who was that guy? A moment before he didn’t care about her, then he had ignored her, and now he asked such a straightforward question. 

“You have no chance.” said Tian Chi Xue as if she had wanted to get her revenge. Lin Feng’s indifference had made her upset. She had a calm temperament, otherwise she would have left. 

“Those who want to marry me must be stronger than me. You are still very far from being as strong as me.” said Tian Chi Xue in an arrogant way. 

“Is it that easy? Anyone who is stronger than you can marry you…?” said Lin Feng indifferently. He turned his head back around and glanced at her. He looked so indifferent and unperturbed that it made Tian Chi Xue feel uncomfortable. He had come so close to her and was so unperturbed. Lin Feng had managed to make her feel a bit upset. 

“Easy?” asked Tian Chi Xue while smiling coldly. “I am eighteen now. The man who will get married with me must be two years older than me, is that still very easy?” asked Tian Chi Xue. She had been raised by extremely strong cultivators of the empire. She was eighteen and had already broken through to the very top of the Xuan Qi layer. She wanted to get married with a man who was, at least, twenty years old and who could defeat her. That was simple. “So-so.” said Lin Feng. For Lin Feng, that wasn’t difficult. However, Huang Fu Long had only broken through to the very top of the eighth Xuan Qi layer and still needed to make efforts.

“Do you mean that you are interested in me?” asked Tian Chi Xue looking less upset. Lin Feng was more arrogant than her. He sounded very self-confident too, he must be as arrogant as she was. 

Lin Feng glanced at Tian Chi Xue again, her clothes were as white as snow and she was indeed very beautiful. But the fact that she was starting to lose her temper had ruined everything. She was a pure and holy woman in her empire, she was almost worshiped as a goddess. But because of Lin Feng, she was just a talented eighteen-year old girl, nothing more.

She was far from being able to compete with Meng Qing, in every aspect. 

“I am not interested in you. I just asked you as a friend.” said Lin Feng, turning his head back to Xue Ling Long and smiling. 

“I am not interested in you.” Lin Feng’s words were resonating in Tian Chi Xue’s head. She was gnashing her teeth, Lin Feng was despising her. 

“You are going to sit the test to go to the mysterious world, we will definitely have a fight then. I am curious to see what makes you feel so confident.” said Tian Chi Xue. She then turned around and left abruptly. She wanted to be as far away from Lin Feng as possible. 

Lin Feng felt good, he had come there with Meng Qing to enjoy the sight, it was a great feeling. In Lin Feng’s eyes, the sight and the landscape were beautiful, not Tian Chi Xue.

He remained sitting there with Meng Qing at the top of a mountain, they stayed there for three days as time passed very quickly. The test was about to start!
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