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PMG Chapter 742: A Furious Sharp Sword

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PMG Chapter 742: A Furious Sharp Sword

Lin Feng jumped forwards and started falling down the mountain. Tang You You was waiting for him farther down the mountain. She had been waiting for him there the whole time. 

The crowd at the top of the mountain started descending slowly. The exam to go to the mysterious world was about to start. It was said that seven people were going to be chosen under the name of Tian Chi. 

Of course, nobody knew why people were going to be sent there.

Lin Feng hadn’t arrived at the top of the mountain yet but he could already see a sea of people. However, the crowd was making a perfect circle which didn’t look chaotic at all. Those people were gathering around the pavilions and leaving enough space between them and the buildings. Nobody was getting too close, that was a form of respect for the empire and also vis-a-vis the old men in the pavilions.

“So many strong cultivators…” thought Tang You You stupefied, even sighing. Empires of medium quality were much stronger than empires of lower quality. There was a huge difference. In empires of lower quality, young people of the Xuan Qi layer were rare and young people of the Tian Qi layer were even rarer.

However, in empires of middle quality, young people of the Xuan Qi layer were numerous and young people who had broken through to the Tian Qi layer weren’t that rare. Especially in empires such as Tian Chi which were extremely strong. The old men in the pavilions had probably all broken through to the Tian Qi layer. They looked in perfect harmony with the sky and the Earth. 

In one of the pavilions, an old man looked at the sun and then stood up slowly. He walked towards the center of the snowy field, looked at the sea of people and put his right hand on his heart while saying in a solemn and respectful way, “The Tian Chi Empire has so many geniuses who are enthusiastic and serious. It is an honor for the empire to have such citizens, I would like to thank you for being citizens of our empire. We are proud of you.” 

The old man was looking at the crowd when he spoke, and they had gone absolutely silent. Each and every single person had their right hand on their chest and looked solemn and respectful. They were the proud of their empire.

“First, I would like to tell you more about the mysterious world. It is a place filled with treasures, however, you all have to understand that if there are treasures, it also means that there are dangers. The more treasures there are in a place, the more dangers there are as well. This time, there will be no exception. We expect that ninety percent of you will die there.” 

The crowd remained silent when listening to him, the old man was right. Great treasures were usually associated with great danger. In order to obtain precious items, one had to take risks. Those treasures weren’t free or easy to obtain.

“Besides, we citizens of the Tian Chi Empire, are not the only ones to send people there. In the entire Gan Yu region, there are empires of middle quality, and there are forty-two groups of influence which are similarly strong. So many empires and groups of influence will send people to the mysterious world. The number of geniuses, as you can imagine, will be incredible.” 

What a terrifying number… Every great influential group will not miss that opportunity. They all wanted to send their people to the mysterious world. Now everybody understood how dangerous the experience was going to be.

“Every young genius is valuable to our empire, in order to avoid unnecessary losses we have decided to send eight young geniuses to the mysterious world. Those who will go there will obtain some great treasures as long as they don’t die there. But the dangers must be clear to you.”

Only eight people were going to be chosen by the Tian Chi Empire.

“Therefore, we have decided to exclude people whose level is of or under the seventh Xuan Qi layer. For those of you who this concerns, you have to give up this time. Those who will go to the mysterious world will be extremely strong and powerful. It will be extremely dangerous. It will also be very useful for those who are about to break through to the Tian Qi layer, going there will be very beneficial to you expecially.” said the old man. Those who had broken through to the seventh Xuan Qi layer and under were smiling wryly.

They perfectly understood that they were too weak to go there. They would immediately get killed if they went to the mysterious world, they would never obtain great treasures.

“Of course, it is our philosophy in Tian Chi to respect brave people and heroes. If some of you really want to try, we will give you a chance and let you try to sit the test. Now, those who have registered for the test can rise up in the air.” said the old man while moving backwards and jumping onto a huge stone.

Lin Feng also rose up in the air, he glanced around and was speechless.

There were extremely few people of the seventh and eighth Xuan Qi layer… However, there were about a thousand people who had broken through to the ninth Xuan Qi layer… How terrifying… So that was an empire of middle quality.

“I will definitely enter the mysterious world and get married with Tian Chi Xue.” said Huang Fu Long looking determined. Lin Feng smile wryly, that guy really wanted to get married with Tian Chi Xue…

Of course, Lin Feng was also clenching his fists… He really wanted to go to the mysterious world, there would be a multitude of opportunities there. Even though it was going to be dangerous, Lin Feng didn’t care, nothing could affect his determination and willpower. Lin Feng was ready to take risks to become stronger. Those who used to reign over Xue Yue wanted to kill him as well as his friends and family members. Those who were supporting them had to die as well.

Lin Feng was still too weak to protect the people he loved. He needed to become a Zun cultivator.

Since Shen Gong had Zun cultivators, Jade Heaven and the Sea East Dragon Palace probably had some too. 

“Raise your head and look at Tian Chi.” said the old man. Everybody raised their heads and looked up at Tian Chi. 

“The first round is as such: when I shout “start”, you will all run towards Tian Chi and the first hundred to arrive will be selected to move on to the second round.” said the old man. People’s eyes were twinkling. That was a quick way to select the first candidates as quickly as possible. Strong cultivators had to be really fast so they needed good agility techniques. 

“Ready…” said the old man. Everybody started releasing pure Qi, they were getting ready to move up in the air and towards Tian Chi. 

“Go!” said the old man. In a flash, more than a thousand people rose up in the air and shot out towards the mountain. 

“Boom!” Pure Qi was rolling in the air. Everybody had released pure Qi at the same time, it was incredible. The entire atmosphere was filled with it. 

“Thousand Dream Shadows!” said Tang You You. Many clones appeared and they all moved up in the air in every direction.

Huang Fu Long also jumped in the air and released some terrifying snow energy while shouting, “Nobody get near me!”

In a flash, the atmosphere around him froze. Some people were shouting furiously breaking the ice and trying to continue moving forwards, but some of them had already lost too much time. 

Lin Feng was moving forwards like a sharp sword. He was releasing an ice-cold Qi which was whistling in the air. Nobody was weak there so Lin Feng couldn’t afford being careless. 

“Get lost!” shouted some people when they saw how strong Lin Feng was. Some of them were trying to punch him with their ice and snow punches.

“Die!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. He released some terrifying killer Qi which dashed to the skies. With a flash, the people around him had the impression that their souls were frozen. That killer Qi was ice-cold and terrifying. 

“Everybody move away!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. Nobody tried to stop him anymore. Those who dared offend him would get hurt by his infinite sword Qi which was like a myriad of sharp swords. Some people were pulling a long face, what a bastard… His sword intent was really frightening. 

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