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PMG Chapter 743: Fortune

Edited: OddManOut
PMG Chapter 743: Fortune

Lin Feng was releasing some terrifying sword Qi and preventing the people around him from moving forwards. But he was also being influenced by other people’s energies. For those very strong cultivators, it wasn’t difficult to take advantage of a few seconds and pass in front of him. 

There were people in every direction. Lin Feng looked at the first ones. Even though Lin Feng wasn’t the first one, he wasn’t worried. He remained clear-headed and continued moving forwards. He was trying to keep the situation under control. Tian Chi was already in his field of vision and quite close. Those who were in front of him needed two mouthfuls of air before they would arrive.

“Hoppla!” A subtle sound spread in the air and some people started feeling like they were suffocating as they crossed the fog. The sound of their bodies freezing was spreading in the air. Some people instantly turned into ice statues. 

“Oh no…” thought those who hadn’t reached the fog yet. Some of them raised their hands but then their hands instantly started freezing, and then their entire body. 

That ice fog was terrifying, it could freeze people in a flash.

“Sword!” said Lin Feng, his sword Qi rolled in the air and surrounded his body. However, a second later his sword Qi froze all around him and the atmosphere became extremely calm. It was as if he had ended up in a bubble.

“The ice energy of Tian Chi is scary…” thought some people on the ground while watching the candidates. 

The fog Qi of Tian Chi became calm again. A silhouette who looked like a celestial being slowly descending from the sky and landed on Tian Chi. That person was extremely beautiful, her clothes were white like snow. Some people stopped breathing when they saw her, they looked at her as if she had been their goddess.

It was the pure and holy woman of Tian Chi, Tian Chi Xue. 

How beautiful! She was even more beautiful than they had imagined when seeing her portraits.

“Kacha kacha!” The sound of breaking ice was spreading in the air. Those who were extremely strong had managed to break the ice which had frozen their body and continued moving forwards. With three mouthfuls of air, they would arrived at the top. They could already see Tian Chi Xue’s face.

“Avalanche!” said Tian Chi Xu looking glum. In a flash, an infinite quantity of snow energy spread in the air, it was snow intent. 

“Boom boom boom!” The Earth and sky started shaking as a terrifying number of snowballs started falling down from the sky. It seemed like an iceberg was breaking apart and falling onto the crowd.

“Boom boom!” Someone was still trying to break the ice around their body when they were hit by the frozen snowballs. They fell back down and didn’t try to come back up. 

“The exam is dangerous, this shows candidates how dangerous it could be in the mysterious world.” thought some people in the crowd. That was only the first round of the exam, it also held the purpose of showing weaker cultivators if they had strength needed. Speed wasn’t enough, they also had be very strong to move on.


“Kacha!” Lin Feng broke the ice around him and saw a few silhouettes in the sky. Lin Feng was moving forwards at full speed and using the snowballs to jump and bounce through them. 

“Boom!” An avalanche moved towards Lin Feng which made him groan coldly. Some whistling sounds spread in the air again as the snowballs immediately were broken .

“Huh?” Tian Chi Xue was surprised when she saw Lin Feng, but then she suddenly looked excited. She said again, “Avalanche.” 

“Boom boom boom!” The snow intent moved towards Lin Feng again. Lin Feng was upset, Tian Chi Xue was voluntarily attacking him. 

Lin Feng could see that some people were passing in front of him again. He wouldn’t make it to the next round if he was attacked again.

“Wind, rise!” said Lin Feng. Some incredible whistling sounds spread in the air, he was surrounded by a hurricane which contained some terrifying wind intent. 

“Nine Skies!” said Lin Feng as he disappeared from his original position just like the wind. Tian Chi Xue had the impression that she was looking at an illusion.

“Crrrr crrrr…..” Lin Feng was releasing some terrifying sword Qi in front of his body which made Tian Chi Xue’s face change. She immediately moved backwards, that sword intent was aimed at where she was a second before. Then she saw a silhouette slowly move towards her, it was Lin Feng.

Tian Chi Xue was staring at him coldly. Lin Feng had surprisingly dared use sword Qi to make her move back, how impudent… 

Some silhouettes landed at the top of Tian Chi and saw Tian Chi Xue move back because of Lin Feng.

Who was that person? He was very audacious and brave! He surprisingly dared attack the holy and pure woman of Tian Chi, how insolent. Couldn’t he show pity and tenderness for women? 

Some people jumped forwards and surrounded Lin Feng as if they had been trying to protect their beloved woman.

Lin Feng glanced at them coldly. Lin Feng was already upset because of what happened the last time she disrespected him, and now she was attacking him by surprise. Lin Feng had to get his revenge.

Tian Chi Xue was a goddess in many people’s eyes, she was the woman of many men’s dreams, but not Lin Feng’s.

“You want to die!” said someone to Lin Feng, that person was threatening him. Lin Feng had broken through to the eighth Xuan Qi layer but that person had broken through to the very top of the eighth Xuan Qi layer. Tian Chi Xue didn’t have to show him any respect.

“Even if you want to die, it’s not your turn. Let me first crush someone else and then I will find you!” said Lin Feng. People were astonished, Lin Feng was extremely aggressive and arrogant. 

“Misunderstanding, misunderstanding….” said a trembling voice. Huang Fu Long arrived in the middle of the crowd and said, “Lin Feng, we are friends, you have to respect my future wife.” said Huang Fu Long. 

Then, he looked at Tian Chi Xue and said with a silly smile, “You are my family now.” 


The crowd was astonished while they stared at Huang Fu Long. What a shameless bastard, Tian Chi Xue was his future wife?

Tian Chi Xue was speechless as well. She looked back at him and said coldly, “Who’s your future wife?”

“Hehe.” Huang Fu Long scratched his head in a shy way and said, “Sooner or later, you will be my wife.” 

“You….” said Tian Chi Xue while looking at him, Huang Fu Long and Lin Feng were really detestable. 

“Little Xue, it’s enough.” said a voice. It was the old man who was taking care of the organization and the exam. He looked at the candidates and said, “Everybody, use your intuition. There are only a hundred people who will be selected. The others can leave without me having to tell them anything.” 

People looked at the old man and didn’t argue. They only looked at Lin Feng and Huang Fu Long, they were going to remember those faces.

Looking dispirited and depressed, they all left Tian Chi. They could easily guess their own ranking with their strength.

Then there were only one hundred people at the top of the mountain. Of course, without counting Tian Chi Xue. 

The old man looked at those on the top of Tian Chi and said, “The second round is extremely easy, the last eight people left at the top of the mountain will be the eight people selected to go to the mysterious world.” said the old man with a smile of encouragement on his face. He even glanced at Lin Feng and Huang Fu Long. Those two were extremely talented but now, they were alone, they had offended so many people… That round was going to teach them a lesson, those who were very strong had to stay discreet and not display their strength too early. They had to understand that principle which would also be applicable in the mysterious world.

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