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PMG Chapter 745: Releasing Evil Energy

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PMG Chapter 745: Releasing Evil Energy

Lin Feng’s back was facing his opponent. Lin Feng’s black chang pao was contrasting with the endless whiteness of the area. The Tian Chi snowy mountain was cold in terms of temperature, and Lin Feng was cold in terms of temperament.

“Get lost.” said Lin Feng. That person had told him to get lost before, but now he had been defeated by Lin Feng. Lin Feng initially wanted to kill him, but in the end he chose not to. 

The opponent was perfectly aware that Lin Feng had been merciful. He had sensed that death was very near, if Lin Feng hadn’t changed his mind, he would have died. 

The young man immediately left the top of the Tian Chi snowy mountain. 

Everybody was shaking while staring at Lin Feng. He had, just like in his previous battle, defeated his opponent in one sword attack. 

The most incredible thing was that many cultivators of the same level, of the eighth Xuan Qi layer, hadn’t even seen his sword. Lin Feng had turned into a sword, his sword had turned into him, they had fused together. 

Lin Feng possessed human earth fusion already, meeting one of the prerequisites necessary to break through to the Tian Qi layer.

After breaking through to the very top of the Xuan Qi layer, he would be able to open the way to the Tian Qi layer.

The human earth fusion was preventing many people from breaking through to the Tian Qi layer. 

“That guy is too strong. Apart from the strongest cultivators of the ninth Xuan Qi layer, nobody can defeat him I think… His sword intent must be level three already.” thought the crowd. Nobody proposed to fight against Lin Feng anymore, he was too dangerous. He could eliminate them too easily.

“Interesting.” whispered a young man with an ancient sword on his back, he was smiling at that moment. he was wearing white clothes, white like snow. He was standing there and looked like he was in fusion with the snow in the surrounding. That person even had some wrinkles from nervousness, they were white too. He looked pure white.

“Bai Li Xi….” The crowd was astonished when they saw that young man. If Bai Li Xue wanted to, he could probably defeat Lin Feng. However, with his reputation he probably wouldn’t attack Lin Feng. He could control snow and sword intents and had broken through to the ninth Xuan Qi layer. He was monstrously strong and very famous in the Tian Chi Empire. 

Bai Li Xi would be amongst the eight final people. 

Apart from Bai Li Xi, there were a few other well known people. For example, there was one outstanding scholar called Han Qiu Yu. He also used swords but he wasn’t a sword cultivator. His spirit was extremely particular, it was an extremely rare book. It was said that in the book were many memories belonging to incredibly strong cultivators. People who could deal with him were extremely rare.

However, Han Qiu Yu was very warm and friendly. He didn’t like to challenge people, he was a real intellectual. He had also never showed any feelings for Tian Chi Xue, so he had no reason to be angry at Lin Feng. 

Apart from Tian Chi Xue, Bai Li Xi and Han Qiu Yu, there were two twins Bi Luo and Huang Quan. They were extremely strong, especially when they fought together against someone.

Those five people were all at the ninth Xuan Qi layer, everyone was convinced that they would make it to the mysterious world.

There was a sixth person too, called Qian Ye Zhen. Qian Ye Zhen wasn’t as strong as the five others but had broken through to the eighth Xuan Qi layer. However, he was extremely strong and could use sharp needles as weapons. His spirit was a needle spirit, it was also extremely rare. There was no blood when he killed someone, he was very dangerous.

Besides, that person had fallen in love with Tian Chi Xue. People were convinced that he could deal with Lin Feng and Huang Fu Long.

“Bai Li Xi noticed Lin Feng, I don’t know if Qian Ye Zhen will try to fight against Lin Feng or not.” thought some people, looking at the skinny young man who was seemingly pale and indifferent. That young man’s Qi was very dangerous, it was precisely Qian Ye Zhen. 

However, Qian Ye Zhen didn’t seem to notice the people looking at him. 

Actually, it was the opposite. He was standing there calmly as if he hadn’t perceived what people around him wanted him to do.

“Maybe he will become one of the eight finalists…” thought the crowd while looking at Lin Feng. They looked impatient to see the following battles. He was the odd-one-out, he had been able to eliminate a cultivator of the ninth Xuan Qi layer using one sword attack. He was maybe extraordinarily strong, maybe strong enough to go to the mysterious world along with Tian Chi Xue. 

Some people had belittled Lin Feng and had challenged him, those who had criticized him were now eating their words. A short time before they had called him arrogant, now they had seen how strong Lin Feng was so they didn’t say anything anymore.

“Let’s attack together. No matter how strong he is, we can defeat him together, even kill him. I don’t think he can resist if we join hands.” said someone coldly, he had looked glum. He had found out that Lin Feng was a big threat to them, even if he hadn’t humiliated Tian Chi Xue a moment before, Lin Feng still had to be eliminated.

With his strength, Lin Feng had awoken a feeling of jealousy in people’s hearts. They wanted to eliminate him as quickly as possible, some of them even wanted to kill him.

Lin Feng suddenly turned around and looked at the one who had just said that. Join hands to eliminate him?

Lin Feng’s coldness became extremely violent in his heart, Lin Feng couldn’t stand it when people wanted to kill him. He had shown mercy to his opponent before, but that merciful feeling just disappeared from his heart. 

Lin Feng was influenced by the evil sword and that person’s words awoke that evilness again. 

“Indeed, let’s fight together against him. We can easily kill him.” 

“Yes, let’s do it.” 

Everybody wanted to kill Lin Feng. The coldness in Lin Feng’s heart was becoming more and more violent. In his eyes, the same scene from Xue Yue appeared in his head again. He was feeling eager to make blood flow, he needed to see a bloodbath.

Cruelty and people’s heartlessness made him go insane, he hated them more than anything. 

“Oh no…” thought Tang You You when she saw a black evil energy surrounding Lin Feng’s body… Those people had gone too far. Lin Feng hadn’t done anything that made him deserve to die… But now, because people were envious and jealous, they wanted to kill him… How cruel… 

“You… Can… Die!” said Lin Feng. His black eyes glanced at the crowd and a black evil Qi started revolving around him. His eyes looked terrifying.

He jumped forwards and threw himself at the ones who wanted to kill him.

The one who had taken the initiative in suggesting to kill him then shouted, “Let’s kill him together!” 

He then threw himself at Lin Feng while releasing an oppressive energy, the others also followed him. Pure Qi was whistling as they attacked Lin Feng at the same time. Pure Qi was everywhere at the top of the snowy mountain, it was so terrifying that Lin Feng would be crushed.

“Boom!” An incredibly powerful attack crashed onto Lin Feng’s body. However, the crowd was astonished as Lin Feng remained motionless. He hadn’t even tried to resist, he was completely unaffected by the attack. He hadn’t even shaken the slightest iota. His ice-cold pupils were staring at those people who wanted to kill him, which made them start shaking. 

“Boom boom boom!” They were all attacking Lin Feng at the same time and bombarding his body. Not only did Lin Feng feel like his body was getting attacked but also his heart. He was becoming colder and colder. 

“Die!” shouted Lin Feng furiously while releasing a terrifying evil energy. His black chang pao was fluttering in the wind. His pitch-black hands turned into evil hands which were about to grab those in front of him. 

The first one to be snatched wanted to move back but he only saw a black hand grab him by the throat. 

“Let me off.” said that person while shaking, he looked terrified. At that moment, Lin Feng looked like a demon. 

Lin Feng was insane, he was turning into a demon.

“You want me to die, do you think I will let you off?” asked Lin Feng in a piercingly-cold way. His hand shook and some cracking sounds spread in the air. That person neck was broken and he died instantly. 

After killing him, Lin Feng turned his head and glanced at all those who wanted to kill him. His evil Qi had invaded the entire atmosphere!

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