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PMG Chapter 746: Sharp Needles! 

Edited: OddManOut
PMG Chapter 746: Sharp Needles! 

“What’s going on? What a terrifying evil energy…” thought the crowd at the foot of the mountain when they sensed his evil energy. They couldn’t help but frown. 

People were realizing that Lin Feng wasn’t normal, he was like a demon. 

“Should we stop him?” asked a strong cultivator to the old man who was in charge of the exam. He was scared that the exam could end up in a bloodbath. Those people were all pillars of the Tian Chi Empire, they hadn’t even gone to the mysterious world, dying there would be such a pity. 

“No.” said the old man while shaking his head. “Everything is justified, they wanted to kill him so he turned into a killer. If it were you, would you let those people off?” 

After that person heard the old man, he remained silent. The old man continued, “If you want to kill someone but you are not strong enough, you will get killed instead. That boy has a demon in his heart, if he is talented enough, we can help him control that demon.”

The old man then turned his head to Lin Feng who looked terrifying. 

“If you want to kill me, die!” said Lin Feng in a cold way. He then shook his hands and some rumbling sounds spread in the air. A terrifying deadly evil hand moved towards one of those who had just attacked him by surprise.

The evil energy crashed on that person, it was ice-cold. 

“Break!” shouted that person furiously as his energy crashed on Lin Feng’s evil hand attack. 

“Die!” said Lin Feng, his voice sounded like that of a demon. His hand attack disappeared and an evil black beam of light shot out towards that person’s head and then exploded. That person had died in a flash. 

The others were trembling in fear. Lin Feng was an insane demon, they had to block him… 

“Everybody, let’s do it together, otherwise he will kill all of us one after the other.” brawled someone furiously. Everybody nodded as they all released an oppressive energy which surrounded Lin Feng’s body. Pure Qi was whistling in the air and it was scary. 

They were joining hands because Lin Feng was too dangerous. 

Lin Feng turned around and some black beams of light emerged out of his eyes, filled with murderous intentions. 

“Let’s kill him together!” 

“Furious Whistling Snow!” 

Ice and snow were furiously moving towards Lin Feng, the atmosphere started freezing. All those attacks were moving towards Lin Feng together. 

“Snow Condensation!” shouted someone else furiously. Ice streaked across the sky and then surrounded Lin Feng’s body. Then he was frozen in the middle of an ice cube. 

“Die!” shouted the others while their energies were bombarding the atmosphere towards Lin Feng.

“Boom boom boom boom!” Terrifying energies assaulting Lin Feng’s body, they all wanted to kill him. 

“He’s dead. He’s maybe extremely strong as a demon, but with so many monstrously strong cultivators fighting against him, he will die. What a pity!” thought some people in the crowd. Lin Feng was definitely going to die, it was just a matter of time. 

“Crrrr crrr…..” Some physical strength was making the ice break. A black silhouette appeared, Lin Feng’s black eyes appeared again and terrifying evil black lights continued twinkling around his body.

He hadn’t died?

“Burn.” said Lin Feng coldly. A black fire ignited around his body and then spread all around him. It was burning all the fists that were attacking him. 

“Ahhhhh!!!!” someone gave a bloodcurdling shriek. Immediately after, all the others started emitting horrible shrieks. Those people were burning, what a terrifying fire. Besides, it was black, not like normal fire. It was an evil fire. 

“Fire intent!” The strong cultivators were astonished, Lin Feng understood three sorts of intent! Sword intent, wind intent and fire intent!

He could use three sorts of intent, how incredible. Besides, they were all at least level two… That was astonishing. Many people found it difficult to understand one sort of intent… Many cultivators of the ninth Xuan Qi layer didn’t even understand one… What a monstrous power of comprehension…

When the crowd became clear-headed again, Lin Feng had suddenly disappeared. A silhouette was twinkling in the air just like an illusion.

“Boom boom boom boom boom!” Terrifying pounding sounds spread in the air, the crowd only saw a silhouette getting crushed and crashing into the snow of Tian Chi. Immediately after, that person turned into an ice statue.

All those strong cultivators were dying one after the other. Lin Feng had turned into a black beam of light and then gradually reappeared… All those who initially wanted to kill Lin Feng had died. None of them were left. Lin Feng had destroyed all of them.

“Wind. What a terrifying wind agility technique…” Lin Feng was so fast that nobody could follow him with their eyes. They couldn’t see him clearly when he was moving. Apart from his blinding speed, he was also extremely strong and cruel. He could kill people in one punch. Each time someone sensed a wind brush away near them, another person had already died a few seconds before. 

“It must be an agility technique, he’s probably learnt an incredible one.” thought the strong cultivators of Tian Chi. They could recognize that Lin Feng’s agility technique was a Tian level one. 

Just how mysterious was Lin Feng?

“Come down.” said a voice at that moment, it was extremely loud. Some people took advantage when Lin Feng had drawn everybody’s attention to attack others by surprise. Many people were attacking others by surprise, more and more people were getting eliminated. 

“Get lost!” 

“Go back!” 

Many people were attacking, the situation was becoming chaotic and even apocalyptic.

Lin Feng was still standing there, surrounded by a terrifying Qi. However, nobody was attacking him anymore, nobody dared. Lin Feng was too strong. He could easily kill people of the eighth Xuan Qi layer and even ordinary cultivators of the ninth Xuan Qi layer.

Lin Feng coldly glanced at the crowd as if his evil temperament had weakened. However, Tang You You arrived next to Lin Feng and said, “Lin Feng, try and control yourself.” 

“Crrrr…” A subtle sound spread near her and she started shaking. Her face was deathly pale and blood was flowing out of her mouth. 

“Crrrrr crrrr…” Some terrifying subtle sounds kept spreading in the air. Tang You You punched Lin Feng and shouted, “Move away!!!” 

Needles then brushed Tang You You’s skin and continued moving towards Lin Feng. If Tang You You hadn’t punched Lin Feng, those needles would have ended up in his body. 

“You You…” said Lin Feng, his heart was pounding. Two needles moved backwards and brushed Tang You You’s body again. Tang You You’s mouth started bleeding, her veins had been cut.

“Wind agility technique!” said Lin Feng while moving aside. He then immediately grabbed Tang You You and moved like the wind. He looked deathly pale.

“Crrrr crrrr crrrr crrr…” The sound of the needles in the air kept spreading. Lin Feng raised his head and saw someone in a chang pao throwing needles at them. It seemed like he wanted to kill them. 

“Qian Ye Zhen is attacking. His attacks are terrifying, with each attack someone dies.” thought the crowd. Qian Ye Zhen was cruel, his way of killing people was sly. If anyone dared face him, they could only die. Nobody had ever been able to take their revenge on him.

In the past, he had already expressed his feelings for Tian Chi Xue and everybody knew that. Lin Feng had disrespected Tian Chi Xue, so now Qian Ye Zhen was attacking Tang You You. He was extremely sly, but really strong too!

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