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PMG Chapter 748: The Eight Extremely Strong Cultivators

PMG Chapter 748: The Eight Extremely Strong Cultivators

Lin Feng landed next to Tang You You and coldly glanced at the crowd. Those who were looking at Lin Feng couldn’t help but stumble backwards. They didn’t dare look him in the eyes, he was too scary.

“Lin Feng, you’re very strong. You’re almost as strong as me.” said Huang Fu Long. With his simple-mind he hadn’t noticed that Lin Feng had turned into a demon.

“Not bad.” said Lin Feng, nodding at Huang Fu Long when he saw that Tang You You was healing her wounds on the edge of the mountain. Even though Huang Fu Long wasn’t very smart, he was really strong. 

His evil eyes were twinkling and his body was surrounded by evil energies. The others were still fighting and the battle looked apocalyptic. Lin Feng felt the urge to kill as he watched them. 

“Lin Feng.” said Tang You You, opening her eyes. She could sense Lin Feng’s coldness, even though the stone tablet was restricting the evil energies, they could explode at any moment. After the violence of what happened last time, Lin Feng didn’t need to unsheathe the evil sword to use the evil energies.

Tang You You had hoped that Lin Feng wouldn’t turn into a demon. She didn’t want him to kill everyone around them without thinking, all because of her. She wanted to see Lin Feng smiling again, just like the little sunshine he had been in the past.

Lin Feng saw what Tang You You was feeling, his evil energies weakened. He turned his head and looked at her, she was deathly pale. 

“Stay next to me Lin Feng.” Tang You You said as gently as possible. Lin Feng shivered, he remained silent and nodded though. His evil energies almost completely disappeared. 

“Take care of your wounds.” said Lin Feng. Tang You You smiled back resplendently and closed her eyes again. 

Many people were looking at them, those who wanted to attack forgot about it. Nobody dared offend Lin Feng, otherwise he would turn into a crazy demon again and drown them in another murderous frenzy. It was too dangerous to fight against him, it was better to attack the others who looked weaker.

Tian Chi Xue was also looking at Lin Feng. His strength seemed terrifying when he had turned into a demon. Was Lin Feng using his real strength when he turned into a demon? Without the demon appearance, was he just as amazing? 

The battles continued for a while. Lin Feng had already killed so many people by himself, coupled with the other battles, there were only a little more than twenty people left. 

Nobody dared fight against Tian Chi Xue, even though she was participating to the battles too.

Han Qiu Yu, Bai Li Xi, the twins Bi Luo and Huang Quan were together. Those four people were considered as the strongest cultivators by the crowd, they had the highest chances of being selected to go to the mysterious world. With Tian Chi Xue, they amounted to five people. Then, there were three other people who had to be selected. 

However, it seemed like nobody could offend the young man who had turned into a demon. With the injured girl, Tang You You, and the simple-minded young man who wanted to get married with Tian Chi Xue, they amounted to three people.

Therefore, the crowd thus considered those eight people had the highest chances of being selected. If nobody attack them, was there any point in continuing the battle?

Apart from those eight, there were more than a dozen other fighters left. They couldn’t help but glance at each other. They had made great efforts to make it that far, stopping now would be a waste!. 

“We need to join hands.” said someone at that moment. Amongst the others, some of them remained silent while others nodded, but nobody refused. If they didn’t join hands, they wouldn’t be able to win. 

They slowly gathered together. 

Tian Chi Xue stayed alone, it seemed like the test had nothing to do with her. She was the holy woman of Tian Chi, fighting against her wouldn’t be easy. 

Besides, Han Qiu Yu and Bai Li Xi were forming two one-person groups.

Lin Feng and Huang Fu Long were protecting Tang You You, thus forming a group of three people. 

The group composed of more than a dozen people, whom would they fight first?

They glanced around looking pensive, Bai Li Xue understood both sword and snow intnet. He was monstrous strong and difficult to defeat. 

Han Qiu Yu had a very strange book spirit which contained some ancient magic powers, who knew what tricks he had.

Bi Luo and Huang Quan the twins were extremely strong when fighting together. Then, Lin Feng was terrifying, cruel and emotionless when he turned into a demon. Nobody felt like fighting against him…. So who could the contend against? 

“Qiu Yu, brother, should we help them?” asked Bai Li Xi.

Han Qiu Yu smiled and said, “Bai Li, brother, what do you want to do?” 

“I think that you, me, Tian Chi Xue, Bi Luo and Huang Quan could go to the mysterious world. Then those two could too. But that injured girl should be eliminated, then there would be one more open spot. That group of a dozen people could fight for it.” 

What Bai Li Xi meant was that Lin Feng and Huang Fu Long were strong enough to go with them to the mysterious world. However, Tang You You was too weak compared to them. She had to be eliminated to make space for another person.

Han Qiu Yu looked at Lin Feng, shook his head while smiling and said, “It has nothing to do with me.” 

If they wanted to eliminate Tang You You, Lin Feng would fight them, they didn’t want to offend him. Being able to go to the mysterious world was enough, the rest had nothing to do with them. 

Bi Luo and Huang Quan also remained silent. They just wanted to save an open spot to the mysterious world for themselves.

“Just ignore what I said then.” said Bai Li Xi, shrugging when he saw that the others only cared about themselves. 

“Too troublesome, let’s take them down and make the test finish quickly.” said the twins, glancing at the group of a dozen people. They were wasting their time now. 

Han Qiu Yu frowned but smiled, “I agree, no problem.” 

“Huh?” Bai Li Xi glanced at Lin Feng and Tang You You, then said while smiling, “Alright, let’s go to the mysterious world with them.” 

Then the four of them threw themselves at the group of a dozen people.

“Snow.” said Bai Li Xi. Snowflakes started falling from the sky heavily. The big group of people were surrounded.

“Intellectual Dancing Swords!” said Han Qiu Yu indifferently. In his hand appeared an ancient book above which a sword light appeared. He started moving his fingers in his right hand and many rays of sword Qi started moving out of his ancient book, rising in the air. They turned into a sharp sword and moved towards the remaining contenders.

“Let’s fight together!” Their expressions changed drastically when they saw all those strong cultivators joining hands. They hadn’t thought that they would join hands to take them out… That was terrible luck.

“You have no chance.” said Bai Li Xi. Snowflakes were falling faster and faster, that large group of people were unable to open their eyes, they couldn’t even see their opponents. 

“Crrrr… Crrr…” A few sword illusions moved towards the group and then they fell down the mountain. Bi Luo and Huang Quan threw themselves at the group of people, Bi Luo’s hand descended from the sky and oppressed some people while Huang Quan released some deadly Qi. Together they defeated five-six people.

The battle had just started but it ended just as fast as it had started. Those people were not considered the greatest for nothing, they were all extremely strong.

Even if they had broken through to the same cultivation layers as those strong cultivators, there was still a huge difference. Just like when Lin Feng defeated cultivators of the same level as him with ease. Ordinary cultivators of the ninth Xuan Qi layer couldn’t withstand a single attack from Lin Feng. 

If Lin Feng could do it, others could do it too. 

In the end, Tian Chi Xue, Bai Li Xue and the three others remained. Qian Ye Zhen had been killed by Lin Feng, unfortunately.

Lin Feng was the odd-one-out. Nobody could have believed he would make it so far, but he had ended up amongst the eight final cultivators. Besides, he had managed to get an injured girl through to the end. Nobody had dared attack him in the end.

Those eight people were going to represent the empire of Tian Chi in the mysterious world.

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