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PMG Chapter 749: Man Can Conquer Nature

PMG Chapter 749: Man Can Conquer Nature

The old man slowly rose up in the air and looked at the geniuses at the top of the mountain. He took out some jade stones on which some names were written. 

“Tian Chi Xue, Bai Li Xi, Han Qiu Yu, Bi Luo, Huang Quan, Lin Feng, Tang You You, Huang Fu Long.” said the old man. The jade stones in his hand were twinkling, Lin Feng and Tang You You were astonished. Tang You You and Lin Feng were foreigners in Tian Chi, however, the old man, knew who they were. He had just written their names on those jade stones. How did he know that they were those people? Were those jade stones extraordinary?

“First, I would like to congratulate you in the name of our empire, Tian Chi. You will represent the Tian Chi Empire in the mysterious world. Tian Chi makes you go through these difficult tests before you go to the mysterious world in order to help you become stronger. However, we also provide you with the best resources. We only have one requirement, please remember that you are citizens of Tian Chi and that everything you do is for Tian Chi.” said the old man in a solemn and respectful way. Tian Chi was going to help them become stronger without asking for anything in return. For Tian Chi, having extremely strong cultivators was already an honor, they were content with that. They wanted to encourage and support their cultivators, they wanted their citizens to become extremely strong cultivators. Of course, that would make the empire much stronger too. 

“Everything we do is for the empire, therefore, if you betray the empire or tarnish its image, you will die.” said the old man sharply. The Tian Chi Empire wanted its citizens to become strong and they went to great efforts to supply them. Therefore, they didn’t want anyone to betray them and waste their resources.

“Those jade stones contain your Qi, we will keep them inside the mountain. We won’t use it unless you betray us, then we will use it to find you.” said the old man. Then he shook his hands and the jade stones moved towards the Tian Chi snowy mountain and penetrated into its depths. Ice Qi froze them and then they disappeared.

Tian Chi really seemed like they were going to help those eight become stronger. That was why they were taking things seriously. To Lin Feng, that was a great thing. 

That was only a question of status, he had no reason to betray Tian Chi anyway. 

And the philosophy of the empire was really respectable and admirable, Lin Feng had lots of esteem for them. They helped their citizens become stronger and for them it was an honor because it made their empire strong. There might be a day where they would also become the leaders of the empire.

“Her blood system is injured, give her this medicine.” said the old man while handing a pill to Lin Feng. Lin Feng replied, “Thank you very much.”

Lin Feng put the pill in Tang You You’s mouth. 

Tang You You swallowed it and opened her eyes, she looked at Lin Feng in a strange way. 

“That’s how you put a pill in somebody’s mouth?!” said Tang You You furiously. Lin Feng smiled wryly and said, “Are you feeling any better?” 

When she saw that Lin Feng felt sorry, she said, “No effect yet, maybe I need to wait for my pure Qi to stabilize.” 

“Come with me, all of you.” said the old man. They jumped forwards towards a snowy mountain. 

The champions looked excited and followed the old man. Being able to finish amongst the eight best cultivators of the exam was great, they were going to be instructed by the empire! 

“I can help you.” said Lin Feng while supporting Tang You You. He looked expressionless as he jumped forwards and followed the others. In the middle of the snowy mountains, a snowy-white silhouette appeared and landed on Lin Feng’s shoulders. It was Xue Ling Long, she glanced at Tang You You looking timid as she lowered her head.

However, Xue Ling Long caressed Tang You You’s face with her small claws and smiled. 

That vast snowy mountain chain had an infinite number of mountains, all covered with a pure white snow. The old man was leading the way and was running towards the north. They arrived on mountain whose top was extremely vast. There were many huge walls there. Besides, there were footprints on the snow too. It seemed like it was much colder there, which made Tang You You shake even more.

Lin Feng also felt colder, that mountain was so much colder than the other places. Snowflakes were constantly falling. 

Lin Feng stretched out his hand and grabbed a snowflake. He squeezed it and the snowflake disappeared as if it had never appeared. Lin Feng’s hand didn’t feel cold either.

“Illusion…..” Lin Feng was astonished… That snow was fake! It was an illusion! It wasn’t real snow coming from the sky. 

However, Lin Feng could still feel the coldness in the air.

Lin Feng wasn’t the only who had discovered that. The others were incredibly talented cultivators as well and they all gradually discovered that the stone was fake.

“You noticed?” said the old man, he stopped moving forwards. He then landed on the field, one layer of snow was fake and one was real. 

The others also stopped and landed on the snow. They found that one layer of snow on the ground was fake while another was real. It was extremely strange. 

“Do any of you know how the snowy mountains of Tian Chi were created?” asked the old man. People shook their heads. The Tian Chi Empire was covered by snow, extremely cold snow. They all felt cold there but less as cultivators became stronger. 

“Back in the day, our ancestors came here to practice cultivation in the snow. They were practicing cultivation for a hundred years and understood abstruse snow significance. It kept snowing and snowing. That snow gradually created mountains, gradually those mountains formed mountain chains. That is how the majority of the mountain chains in Tian Chi were created. Then the empire became vaster and became like this.” said the old man calmly. However, the strong cultivators were still shivering.

Really strong cultivators could practice cultivation for a hundred years.. For an ordinary cultivator, that was half of their life in terms of pure Qi. How impressive! In a hundred years, snow had piled up and created gigantic mountains… 

“That snow was created by cultivators and not from the sky…” whispered Lin Feng. The old man turned his head and looked at Lin Feng while smiling and nodding. Lin Feng understood things very quickly. That young man could use three different sorts of intent, he was indubitably extraordinary. 

“Indeed, strong snow cultivators can make snow fall from the sky. Some cultivators can make real snow fall from the sky while others can make fake snow fall from the sky. If it keeps snowing throughout the year, it is because some extremely strong snow cultivators made it fall while practicing cultivation.” explained the old man to Lin Feng, but he was actually talking to everybody. Extremely strong cultivators could use the strength of the sky and make snow rain through the whole year. 

“When I first saw those snowy mountains, I thought they were natural but I was wrong. Those mountains exist because some extremely strong cultivators could conquer nature and use their strength of natural forces. That is how I came to understand that the snow was artificial.” said Lin Feng slowly. The old man’s eyes were twinkling. That boy was really smart. Cultivators could conquer nature indeed.

“We really have to purify that boy’s body and clean the evil energies.” thought the old man. That young man was so young and could already control three different sorts of intent. Besides, he had an extremely strong willpower and determination, he was extraordinary in every way. 

And Lin Feng had already gone through lots of hardships.

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