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PMG Chapter 75: The Yun Hai Sect has abandoned me

This is the regular release for today.  I would like to say that this was the most difficult chapter in the world as it got to the end. Oh, its great to read in chinese but turning it into english is so incredibly hard.

Enjoy xoxo

“Audacious. Lu Yuan, you’re really being unfair. Lin Feng is now an elite disciple of our   Yun Hai Sect, you must give him his robes and his certificate. This is a rule within the sect. Would you be daring enough to break the sect rules so blatantly?” said Xue Yue in an ice cold tone.

“Elder Xue.”
Lin Feng said in a soft voice. Xue Yue turned around and looked at Lin Feng.

“Today, I have come to pick up my certificate and robes as an elite disciple but Elder Lu doesn’t want to let me. He insulted me and told me to get lost. Elder Xue had witnessed all these things as they happened, right?” asked Lin Feng.

“Indeed.” said Xue Yue nodding. He didn’t understand Lin Feng’s point.

“Since I now have a witness that I am being treated unfairly, I have had enough.” said Lin Feng while smiling coldly. “If they refuse me entry into the elite disciples, it means that the sect has chosen to abandon me.”

When he finished talking, Lin Feng quickly turned around and went towards Han Man. The whole crowd was stupefied and didn’t understand what Lin Feng meant.

“Pfff, don’t think that you can run away because Xue Yue is here to defend you. Next time that I see you, I will kill you.” Wen Ren Yan knew that he couldn’t kill Lin Feng in front of Xue Yue but next time they’d meet alone, he’d definitely kill Lin Feng.

“I’ll wait for you to try.” 
Lin Feng’s words were clear even though the distance between them had grown. He had already started walking away and his silhouette was gradually disappearing.

Xue Yue frowned. He looked at Lu Yuan with an ice cold glare and said furiously: “Lu Yuan, I cannot believe your ignorance today! You will truly regret your actions today, you will do nothing but regret these actions.”

When he finished talking, Xue Yue brushed the dust from his sleeve and left. How ridiculous was Lu Yuan acting? Did he really think that supporting Wen Ren Yan was the right thing to do? That it would be useful to him in the future? Did he not understand how greatly the protectors and the patriarch valued Lin Feng? If he had truly known the situation then he would not have had the same attitude when dealing with Lin Feng.

“I never regret anything that I do.” said Lu Yuan showing everyone that he was not scared of any repercussions and then said to Wen Ren Yan: “what a pity that we had to let him go.”

“Don’t worry, he will die sooner or later.” said Wen Ren Yan. His words were like those a venomous snake. He was gazing with a venomous stare into the distance where Lin Feng had left. When Lin Feng left, Liu Fei had surprisingly followed him. Saying that Liu Fei was his girlfriend and his possession had caused him to be humiliated after everything that Lin Feng and Liu Fei had said.

“Lin Feng…”

Liu Fei quickly caught up with Lin Feng and shouted out to him.

“Haha, I just remembered that I had things to do and that I had to leave with Po Jun.”

When Han Man saw that Liu Fei was coming towards them, a huge smile appeared on his face then he quickly pulled Po Jun and ran ahead to give the couple some privacy. Judging from his actions, you would hardly believe he had been injured only moments ago
Lin Feng’s eyes rolled. That sneaky guy……. how could he suddenly have become so crafty?

“Lin Feng, please be careful next time. If you see Wen Ren Yan, please avoid a conflict with him. Stay away from him at all costs. That guy is very dangerous.” Liu Fei warned Lin Feng.

She knew that Wen Ren Yan would try to kill Lin Feng if he had the opportunity in the future.

“I thought that you hated me. How come you suddenly care about me now?” said Lin Feng while laughing as if he had ignored Liu Fei’s warning.

Liu Fei was speechless. That guy was surprisingly in the mood to make jokes. She knew how terrifying Wen Ren Yan was and the status that he held.

“I just don’t want you to die because you have to go to the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue, that’s all.” said Liu Fei while staring at Lin Feng.

“Is that so? But I have never said that I was going to the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue.” Lin Feng continued: “Now that I think about it, I do remember that you said something about you being my girlfriend?”

“I just said it because of the situation.” said Fei resolutely while staring at Lin Feng without blinking. That guy had dared to bring up an embarrassing situation again. She just wanted to show to everyone that Wen Ren Yan was a liar. She wanted him to stop creating lies about her and humiliate him at the same time.

“Can you really just say such things just because of the situation? asked Lin Feng whose eyes were rolling. His hands started moving towards Liu Fei.

“What are you doing?”

Liu Fei felt a chill down her spine and vigilantly looked at Lin Feng.

That guy………..

“You’re my girlfriend now. I should start behaving like a proper boyfriend would with his girlfriend. As your boyfriend I have certain duties to fulfill.” Said Lin Feng as he was moving towards Liu Fei in a peculiar motion.

“You bastard! Dream on!”

Liu Fei’s face was flushed completely red. She was furious and embarrassed. She immediately stormed off.

That bastard…… what did he mean by “a boyfriend has duties to fulfill”? …and he then dares say he’s not a pervert.

Lin Feng observed Liu Fei as she walked away. Her body was incredibly graceful with each movement. He had a tender smile on his face. His impression that Liu Fei was a bad person was disappearing with each day. He now had a very good impression of her and had started to grow fond of her. She was actually very cute. There was no one who could deny that she was incredibly beautiful and grew more attractive with each day.

“How come I never noticed this before?”
Lin Feng thought with a smile on his face.

When he had first arrived in this world, he thought it was a very cold and ruthless world. His determination, willpower and strength were the only things he could rely on.

Now he was beginning to feel familiar in this world and he was gradually becoming more relaxed. Sometimes, he was a bit unconventional or a bit insolent… but he had to make others respect him through force or he would be bullied for the rest of his life. He has chosen to never serve beneath anyone and be bullied again.

Lin Feng’s determination and willpower was truly incredible for a cultivator. He was proud of his sword skills and there was a determination to improve his sword skills while growing stronger. He wanted to grow stronger.


A pleasant and warm light was illuminating the ground.

On that day, the Yun Hai Sect looked absolutely desolate. There was almost nobody that could be seen.

But in a distant place  it wasn’t desolate at all: within the Stormy Gorge.

The Stormy Gorge was filled with all members of the Yun Hai Sect. Again they looked like a colony of ants, they were all being pushed shoulder to shoulder.

The Elite Elders and the Ordinary Elders were not sitting inside the gorge, they were now upon a high seating area which could see the Life and Death Arena from above.

This seating area was grand and imposing to all those who looked upon it. It was entirely made out of stone. The view made Lin Feng sigh in admiration. He remembered the stadiums in his previous life and thought that the seating area in the Stormy Gorge was even more fantastic. The Yun Hai Sect usually didn’t use this seating area often, but this time they wanted to show everyone how important the Elite Disciple Exam was.

It was the beginning of the second round of the Elite Disciple Exam. The ordinary disciple ranking list had a hundred names, the elite disciple list had eighty one and the core disciple list only had thirty six names.

But it was clear to everyone that the ordinary disciple ranking list would lose a great deal of power when the strongest ordinary disciples joined the elite disciples. Indeed, the ordinary disciple ranking list would lose the strongest disciples. This is why people  particularly enjoyed watching the elite disciple and core disciple ranking.

By looking at the ranking lists, it was possible to understand how powerful each of the disciples were. By understanding how powerful the disciples were, it was possible to know how strong the sect currently was. After all, the disciples were the future of the sect.

Nan Gong Ling had suddenly stood up. Everyone  had quickly become completely silent.

Nan Gong Ling slightly smiled and then started talking. But at that moment, he looked surprised and frowned.

He was staring into the distance at a storm of violent clouds on the horizon. There was a strangely violent air approaching. The sea of violent clouds rushed across the sky like a wave crashing into the ocean.

“Nan Gong Ling, that is Chu Qing from the Hao Yue Sect. He is carrying a group of people with him.”

The clouds were crashing through the sky and making terrifying booms. The air was shaking with the pressure. The sound of crashing was so loud that it entered the ears of the disciples and seemed to pierce through into their souls.

“How terrifyingly powerful!”

Everybody was staring in amazement looking at the group of people who were approaching. They looked like there were surfing on the violent clouds.

At the same time, the sky was growing cloudy and snowflakes seemed to be falling from the clear sky above.

“Han Xue Tian of Ice and Snow Village Mountain has come to pay a visit.”

There was a powerful voice which was echoing through the snow. The voice was accompanied by a sudden strong snowfall. Everyone started feeling cold.

Han Xue Tian was the Patriarch of the Ice and Snow Mountain Village.

“Duan Wu Tian and Teng Wu Shan have also come to pay a visit.”

More voices were heard within the snow. A storm of raging clouds was heading towards them on the horizon and snow was filling the atmosphere around them. Everybody was shaking from the cold and also the fear of the power which was being displayed .

The scariest was that that cold air was filled with a terrifying sword Qi. It was extremely sharp and seemed like it was ready to pierce through flesh at any moment. However the source could not be seen.

In the distance there was a black shadow moving through the sky, it was a colossal monster which was completely black from head to toe. With each flap of its wings it created a vacuum in the air.

That colossal pitch black monster had a length of a few dozen meters and about 4 meters thick. The people who were riding it were wearing chang paos which blew elegantly in the wind.

That wild beast was a Python Fish which could fly through the sky and swim to the deepest ocean. Its scales were pitch black and it had gigantic wings on its back. It was a very strange creature and mysterious creature.

“What a horrible looking monster!”

Everybody was stupefied staring blankly at that Python Fish. It was swallowing clouds and blowing out a dark fog with each breath.

What terrified the crowd even more was that around his huge wings was the same incredible amount of sword Qi. No one knew where this terrifying sword Qi was coming from.

Suddenly everyone could see a gigantic sword flying in the air, there was a silhouette standing atop the sword with an arrogant smile.

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