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PMG Chapter 750: Test

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PMG Chapter 750: Test

The old man brought the cultivators to a gigantic snowy area. In front of them were simple huts, they weren’t as beautiful as palaces Lin Feng had seen.

In the middle of those huts was a single hut which seemed larger than the rest. It seemed like there were people practicing cultivation inside, as if those cultivators were studying something. 

In front of all those relatively young cultivators, there was a praying mat on which a cultivator was sitting. That middle-aged man was muttering some incantations and the young cultivators were listening. 

The old man brought the eight cultivators not far from that hut and said, “Sit down and have a rest.”

The cultivators sat down. The old man was monstrously strong and had a high social status, but it seemed that in this place, there was somebody with an even higher social status than his own.

After a short moment, the one on the praying mat opened his eyes and looked at the eight cultivators, his eyes were twinkling. It seemed like an ice-cold energy was emerging from his eyes and it cold enough to freeze them to death.

Lin Feng immediately moved in front of Tang You You to block that ice-cold energy. Tang You You was still injured and couldn’t use pure Qi. She couldn’t protect herself from external dangers so he had to protect her. 

The ice-cold Qi reached them and then the seven cultivators were surrounded by a white snow layer. They were half frozen. 

A terrifying fire appeared and crackled in the atmosphere. Those who had snow on their bodies saw it disappear, others used different methods to make the ice melt.

They were able to see again once the snow melted. They saw the man was walking towards them. 

“Hunter, you understand me right?” said the old man while looking at the one who had just come out. The middle-aged man slightly nodded, glanced at the eight cultivators and said, “Apart from Xue Er, let’s look at those seven people.” 

“Let’s start with you.” said the middle-aged man while pointing at Bai Li Xi who immediately stood up, bowed in front of the middle-aged man, and said, “Mister, tell me what I have to do.” 

“Use your full strength to attack me.” said the middle-aged man, surprising Bai Li Xi. But he immediately nodded, with just his strength, he couldn’t do anything to the middle-aged man anyways. It was just a test to see how strong he really was. Then they would understand his weaknesses. 

That was a great opportunity, they all had to seize it.

Bai Li Xi moved forwards and said, “I don’t want to offend you, mister.” 

“Use your full strength or you will regret it.” said the middle-aged man. Bai Li Xi remained silent and nodded. The middle-aged man had broken through to the Tian Qi layer and could make them suffer without moving a single finger. He looked extremely strong.

“Alright.” said Bai Li Xi while taking out the sword he had from his back. It was a snowy-white sword which looked ice-cold. Bai Li Xi knew how to use sword and snow intents, and he had broken through to the ninth Xuan Qi layer. He was extremely strong. 

He moved and suddenly his sword released some terrifying energy, even more snowflakes invaded the atmosphere. Ice was creeping up his sword. 

“Double intent, snow and sword!” said Bai Li Xi while moving forwards. His sword was like snow, it was twinkling and looked extremely sharp, yet soft and agile like snow. The lights diffused by the sword seemed like they were going to make everyone freeze. 

“Level two sword intent and level three snow intent, not bad.” said the middle-aged man. The infinity of snow then condensed and shot out with Bai Li Xi’s sword, making it freeze. When the sword fell on the middle-aged man, it was already halfway frozen in mid-air. It couldn’t go any further.

“How strong…” thought the others. As expected, cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer couldn’t rival with cultivators of the Tian Qi layer, including in terms of intent. 

“Xue Li Jian is the same type of cultivator as him, he also possesses snow and sword intent. He would be a better teacher for him than myself.” said the middle-aged man to the old man. The old man nodded and remained silent. Xue Li Jian was a cultivator of the third Tian Qi layer, that was enough. He would be a good teacher for Bai Li Xi.

As expected, that small test had the purpose of choosing some appropriate teachers for them. It seemed very important to have an appropriate teacher.

“Go back.” said the middle-aged man to Bai Li Xi. Then, he asked Han Qiu Yu to come. 

Han Qiu Yu was ready as they jumped forwards. 

“Same, use your full strength.”

“Alright.” said Han Qiu Yu while nodding. His spirit appeared from his back, it was an ancient book. Lin Feng was stupefied, a book spirit… It was like his celestial book spirit… However, it wasn’t as beautiful as Lin Feng’s celestial book spirit…

Lin Feng hadn’t used his celestial book spirit for a long time, maybe a new page would appear after breaking through to the Tian Qi layer. 

“Book!” said Han Qiu Yu. His book moved and arrived in front of him, in suspension in the air. 

“My book has a sword!” said Han Qiu Yu in a low voice. A sword appeared in the air. 

“My book has a soul!” A light then penetrated into the sword, it seemed like it had its own soul and was emitting buzzing sounds.

“My book has intent!” said Han Qiu Yu and then some monstrously powerful intent penetrated into his sword and emitted whistling sounds. 

“My book has a skill!” said Han Qiu Yu, he looked exhausted. His sword started swallowing some sharp lights which seemed like they could lacerate the entire atmosphere. That sword started spinning rapidly, it looked like a skill. 

“My book contains the ten thousand things of creation! Upon promulgation, this rule shall be strictly enforced!” said Han Qiu Yu solemnly. His sword then turned into a beam of light and moved away from the book. In a flash, it disappeared and lacerated the sky. It was astonishing. 

“Huh?” The middle-aged man was stupefied and pleasantly surprised. He raised his hand and in a flash some snow froze the sword. However, the sword broke the snow and continued moving towards him. 

“Condense!” shouted the middle-aged man loudly. Some snow and ice started rolling in the atmosphere, but the sword continued moving towards him and pierced through the rolling ice and snow. The middle-aged man raised his head and only then did the sword stop while emitting buzzing sounds. Then it disappeared.

“How strong!” said the middle-aged man pleasantly surprised. He then continued, “Zuan Chun will be interested in that boy, he also likes researching incredible magic powers. 

“Zuan Chun…!” The old man was stupefied. Zuan Chun was a cultivator of the sixth Tian Qi layer, he had white hair and was extremely strange. He was way more powerful than Xue Li Jian and surprisingly, the middle-aged man wanted him to become Han Qiu Yu’s teacher. He must have considered him to possess extremely high potential.

But Han Qiu Yu was really extremely strong. 

Then, it was Bi Luo and Huang Quan’s turn. He chose a cultivator of the second Tian Qi layer and another one of the third Tian Qi layer for them. They were far from being as strong as the teacher chosen for Han Qiu Yu. 

After that, it was Huang Fu Long’s turn.

Huang Fu Long came out and looked terribly excited, he was excited about fighting against a cultivator of the Tian Qi layer.

“You know the rule now.” 

“You have to be careful, I’m afraid to hurt you. I have never used my snow dragon fist against someone before.” said Huang Fu Long. That guy… He was crazy! 

Lin Feng was speechless, he knew that Huang Fu Long was insane. He had been bragging about the fact that Tian Chi Xue was his wife for a while, Lin Feng had never considered him as a sane human being. 

“If you manage to hurt me, it means that I am less strong than you.” said the middle-aged man, he didn’t mind the remark. He knew what it was like to be young and hot-blooded.

“Alright.” said Huang Fu Long while breathing in deeply. In a flash, a terrifying amount of snow rose from the ground, then massive amounts of snowflakes moved in the sky. All that snow moved into his mouth and he swallowed it all. It seemed like the Earth and sky had changed, a gigantic snow dragon was rising.

“What a terrifying power.” thought the others surprised. They were all excited to see what Huang Fu Long would be able to do. He had been bragging all the time, he had even fought in front of them, but he had remained relaxed the whole time. He had only used a small part of his strength. Could it be that he really possessed terrifying magical powers?

Everybody was impatient to see what he was able to do. 

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