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PMG Chapter 751: Battling Against a Cultivator of the Tian Qi layer

Edited: OddManOut
PMG Chapter 751: Battling Against a Cultivator of the Tian Qi layer

Huang Fu Long opened his mouth as snowflakes started dancing in the air. A vortex appeared and penetrated into his body. A short moment after, Huang Fu Long’s body turned into a dragon. 

“Huang Fu Long… A dragon illusion!” The other’s pupils shrank, how strong! It seemed like they had underestimated that insane young man. Even though he wasn’t mentally sane, he was still very strong, natural, free and unrestrained. Plus, he really wanted to get married with Tian Chi Xue. 

The dragon illusion on his body entirely covered his real body with snow. Gradually, the dragon Qi moved away from his body, the Qi was ice-cold. 

That dragon was a brutal and violent snow dragon. 

“Snow Dragon Fist!” 

“Roaaaarrrr!” Huang Fu Long jumped forwards and a terrifying, brutal force emerged. There was the snow dragon emerging from his fist chanting the song of the dragons.

The snow dragon bared its fangs and showed claws while throwing itself at the middle-aged man. Its violent and brutal Qi seemed like it was going to crush him.

“Stop!” shouted the hunter while raising his hand. Suddenly the atmosphere was filled with snowflakes which bombarded the violent snow dragon. 

“Roaaaarrrr!” The snow dragon broke through the snow and continued moving towards the hunter.

“Alright!” The hunter lowered his head and released a terrifying snow energy which surrounded Huang Fu Long’s body and froze him. Then the snow dragon weakened a little. 

“Destroy!” said the hunter. The snow dragon faded, melted and disappeared without leaving a trace.

“Not bad. I was almost send flying backwards.” said the middle-aged man while nodding. His eyes were twinkling, he looked pensive. He was thinking of a teacher for Huang Fu Long. That guy’s Qi was extremely brutal and violent, where did it come from?

“Mister, can I practice cultivation with my future wife?” asked Huang Fu Long while scratching his head. He looked terribly stupid and didn’t possess that brutal and violent energy from before. 

“Your future wife?” The middle-aged man was confused.

“Cough cough!” Tian Chi Xue coughed and her face became rigid, that bastard… 

“Indeed, it’s Tian Chi Xue, she is my future wife. I want to practice cultivation with her.” said Huang Fu Long while giggling and smiling. Tian Chi Xue’s blood was boiling, she was staring at him coldly. She hated him deeply. 

“Haha, alright, if you want to you can practice with little Xue.” said the middle-aged man while smiling in a radiant way. He found Huang Fu Long amusing. Since when was Tian Chi Xue going to become his future wife? How come they, people of Tian Chi, didn’t know?

Huang Fu Long was terribly amusing. He was a merry and joyful guy. Whether he would be able to marry Tian Chi Xue or not was his own problem. 

“Thank you Mister.” said Huang Fu Long sounding extremely excited. He then turned around and looked at Tian Chi Xue, she felt like she was going to faint. 

The hunter looked back at Lin Feng and Tang You You who was leaning against him and said, “It seems like she cannot sit the exam.” 

“Indeed, let her practice with me.” said Lin Feng. 

“No problem, come here.” said the middle-aged man while nodding. Lin Feng seemed ice-cold, he seemed so much colder than the others. He seemed like he was a stranger to everyone else.

He was wondering how strong Lin Feng was now. 

Lin Feng stood up and slowly walked towards the middle-aged man. His steps were light but seemed heavy which made the middle-aged man frown. Lin Feng’s temperament wasn’t like that of the others. He looked glum, hurt, and evil, as if he was about to explode at any moment. 

“Just like the others, use your strongest attack to attack me.” said the hunter. 

“Alright.” said Lin Feng while nodding. A metallic sword sound spread in the air as a blood Qi invaded the atmosphere. It was ice-cold and seemed like it wanted to slaughter anything in its way. It was his bloodthirsty sword twinkling and diffusing a red light in the atmosphere. It seemed like the Qi of weeping deceased people were in that sword. How many people had died by that sword?

This time, Lin Feng wanted to get one of the best teachers possible. Therefore, he decided to use this sword. 

The Qi became oppressive in the air, his bloodthirsty sword was emitting whistling sounds, the Qi was becoming colder and colder. Lin Feng wasn’t considering this exam as a real exam, instead, he considered that battle as a battle to death. He wanted to kill his opponent. 

That was the only way for him to really take things seriously and deploy his full strength. It had to come from the depths of his heart and soul. 

The hunter frowned, he was realizing that he didn’t look like a hunter in front of Lin Feng, Lin Feng looked like a real hunter. He was firmly holding his sword and seemed like he was hunting some prey. His face was filled with murder. The hunter already had a good impression of Lin Feng at that moment. Unlike the others, Lin Feng was using his heart. He wasn’t taking this as an exam, instead, he was facing an enemy. 

Those ice-cold pupils were making the hunter feel a bit uneasy though. 

A terrifying sword Qi started spreading in the air and revolving at incredible speeds. The crowd looked anxious and were breathing heavily, some terrifying sword intent started rising up in the air. 

“Level one, two…. Five sword intent.” The crowd was stupefied. Lin Feng’s sword intent was level five. What a terrifying sword.

A black fire then ignited on his sword, that fire was pitch-black, like death. 

Lin Feng’s entire body turned into a sword, he was in fusion with his sword. His sword was Lin Feng, Lin Feng was a sword. 

“Die!” finally, Lin Feng shouted. He released all of his sword Qi and used his nine days wind Qi agility technique. He immediately disappeared from his initial position and his sword, which was red like blood, moved towards the middle-aged man with incredible speeds.

The middle-aged man frowned, how fast! Lin Feng was using wind intent too! 

“Snow!” shouted the middle-aged man furiously. Some rolling sounds spread in the air, snow condensed and blocked the way. However, that red sword continued moving as it pierced through the snow. The black fire melted the snow instantly, the sword hadn’t been influenced at all.

The middle-aged man jumped back, it was the first time during the tests. Lin Feng’s sword was too fast. 

“Stop!” A terrifying pure Qi appeared in the air, it was pure snow Qi. It was extremely cold as a layer of ice appeared around the red sword.

“Crrrrr….” Lin Feng’s sword was obliquely moving forwards, fire kept burning. The snow melted again, Lin Feng inclined his body sideways and moved like the wind. The red light diffused by the sword was dazzling. 

Lin Feng wasn’t sitting an exam, he was fighting for real. 

“Fire intent…” whispered the middle-aged man, he looked more and more surprised… The old man in the distance was smiling. He had already anticipated that move. The hunter was just there for a test, he understood geniuses. He had seen many geniuses in Tian Chi and had taught many of them too. He was the most qualified to choose the most appropriate teachers for those geniuses…

Even though he wasn’t very strong, he looked ferocious. He had always protected Tian Chi and worked for the empire. He had seen a myriad of geniuses and all those he had seen today satisfied him. 

“Interesting.” The middle-aged man raised his hand and released some snow intent. A terrifying snow Qi moved towards the sword and Lin Feng. The bloodthirsty sword was covered by ice, as well as Lin Feng’s hand. 

“Go back!” A heavy physical strength moved towards Lin Feng’s bloodthirsty sword and the middle-aged man smiled.

“Break!” Lin Feng made the strength of the Heruka rotate in his body and the ice broke. 

“Die!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. He looked extremely violent as his face was filled with murderous intentions. His bloodthirsty sword diffused dazzling red lights again, he really seemed like he wanted to kill the middle-aged man.

“Huh?” The middle-aged man was stunned. He fused together with the snow and moved back. Lin Feng’s sword was now descending from the sky. 

“Rising Wind!” Lin Feng moved like an illusion and released some terrifying killer Qi. 

The middle-aged man’s eyes were twinkling with sharp lights. Ice and frost appeared from his hand and abruptly condensed, then the sword crashed onto his hand. 

“Let go off it!” shouted the middle-aged furiously as some snow immediately froze Lin Feng’s hand and sword. It seemed like Lin Feng was going to drop his sword.

However, he didn’t let go of his sword. His sword started rotating as he released some terrifying fire intent which made a layer of snow and ice melt. 

“Die!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. A terrifying red light emerged from the sword and arrived in front of the hunter’s body. 

The hunter’s pupils shrank as he backed away, he definitely wanted to dodge that attack. 

“Go!” the middle-aged man released his full strength, forcing Lin Feng’s body violently backwards. The middle-aged man’s hand danced with the snowflakes in the air. A black hair was in his hand.

The middle-aged man looked at the black hair in his hand, raised his head, and looked back at Lin Feng who was still holding his sword. Lin Feng was a sword cultivator, if Line Feng was there his sword was there.

A magnificent smile appeared on his face when he faced that young man. Lin Feng was a real cultivator, he wanted to become a monstrously strong cultivator, a cultivation god.

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