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PMG Chapter 752: Frozen

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PMG Chapter 752: Frozen

“Very good, you are outstanding.” said the hunter, smiling in a warm and friendly way. He didn’t continue to battle against Lin Feng, he had seen enough. Lin Feng hadn’t even thought of giving up in front of a cultivator of the Tian Qi layer. Besides, the hunter had had to use his full strength to secure his win. 

Lin Feng had terrifying natural abilities, three different sorts of intent, and he was extremely determined.

Lin Feng hadn’t disappointed him, on the contrary, he had pleasantly surprised him.

Tian Chi Xue’s eyes were twinkling. Lin Feng’s strength had exceeded her expectations. He was incredibly strong. He could control three different sorts of intent even. No wonder he was so proud and arrogant, at least, he was arrogant in her eyes.

Some people were pulling a long face, Bai Li Xi for example. He had been the first one to sit the exam and it seemed like he was quite weak when compared with the others. 

Han Qiu Yu had been better than him, Huang Fu Long had been too. Lin Feng had been way more incredible than him. 

“Hunter, what do you think?” asked the old man, stepping forwards. He had appointed Xue Li Jian as Bai Li Xi’s teacher, Zuan Chun as Han Qiu Yu’s teacher and now he had to find a teacher for Lin Feng. 

“I’m bringing him to see someone.” said the hunter to the old man. 

The old man narrowed his eyes which were twinkling. He smiled and said, “Alright, please do.” 

“You can show them where to go. Just leave him to me.”

“Alright.” said the old man while smiling, looking at the group of people. Everybody understood that they had to follow the old man. The old man was going to bring them to their teacher, extremely strong cultivators of the Tian Qi layer.

Everybody glanced at Lin Feng as he was leaving. They were curious to know where he was going to go. 

After they all left, Lin Feng and Tang You You, as well as Xue Ling Long were still there.

“Come with me.” said the hunter while nodding at Lin Feng. They went into the depths of the snowy mountains. 

Lin Feng and Tang You You were following the hunter, Xue Ling Long was on Lin Feng’s shoulders. Together, they were traveling across the immensity of the snowy region.

They passed by some pavilions and palaces and then they arrived in a vast snowy desert. Snowflakes kept falling from the sky. It seems like the region was even colder than where they were before. Those snowflakes were as big as goose feathers.

Tang You You was feeling extremely cold, she couldn’t help but shiver. What a monstrous ice Qi… Any ordinary cultivator would have frozen.

In front of them, not so far away, was a black dot that looked like a house.

Lin Feng didn’t ask anything, he took out a chang pao from his jade ring and put it on Tang You You’s body. At the same time, he released some pure Qi which rolled in the air and rotated around Tang You You’s body to wipe the ice and snow off her. The small house was closer and closer. In front of the house was a small snow bridge, it was about ten meters long. It was crossing a precipice so deep that you couldn’t see the bottom. 

For cultivators, ten meters was similar to the length of one step. That bridge didn’t seem that long to them, however, putting a bridge in front of that small house just seemed to be a way to embellish the landscape. As if that bridge had bean leading to another world.

“How cold…” Lin Feng tapped his body to wipe some ice off. It was even colder when they crossed the bridge. The atmosphere was still filled with ice and snowflakes. The ice energy falling on his body was piercingly-cold. 

Tang You You’s face was red, she was breathing with difficulty. Lin Feng released even more sun Qi and grabbed Tang You You’s hand. He was transmitting some hot energy into her body. 

Tang You You was suddenly surrounded by sun Qi, protecting her body from the cold. 

The one who looked the most indifferent was Xue Ling Long on Lin Feng’s shoulder. She was calmly lying there with her beautiful little eyes looking at the small house, she looked pensive.

The hunter slowly walked forwards and arrived at the front of the door of the small house. He slightly opened it and bowed, “Teacher.”

“Teacher…” Lin Feng was surprised, that person was the hunter’s teacher… He had brought him to his own teacher… 

“Bring that girl back across the bridge, to another place. She can’t stay here, it’s too cold. She needs to recover and only then can she approach.” said a voice coming from inside the house. The hunter slightly nodded and looked at Tang You You. Tang You You was being protected by Lin Feng, otherwise, she couldn’t survive. Besides, she was injured, it was even worse for her to stay there. 

“I will bring you back.” said Lin Feng to Tang You You. Then he brought her back to the other side of the bridge as well as Xue Ling Long. It really was way too cold next to the house. Even Lin Feng, who was extremely strong, had to use pure Qi to wipe the ice off.

After bringing Tang You You to the other side, he went back to the small house and calmly waited outside at the entrance. 

The hunter was also standing there and remained silent. Both of them looked like they were listening to the sound of the ice. 

“Pfeww pfeww…” The wind was gently blowing. Lin Feng sensed a terrifying coldness on his body. Inside the house a white illusion appeared. That silhouette looked like an illusion. That person’s body was barely visible, it actually looked like an aura. 

“A soul…” thought Lin Feng stupefied. It was a soul! 

“How cold, how cold!” thought Lin Feng suddenly, he could sense a terrifying ice Qi. Then he saw that silhouette and some subtle sounds spread in the air. Lin Feng was starting to freeze. 

The wind started blowing much more violently, a terrifying ice Qi started rolling towards Lin Feng. It was the illusion, it grabbed Lin Feng’s body. He could only sense the piercing coldness penetrate into his body. 

“Boom!” A terrifying pure Qi emerged, however, that person’s silhouette continued moving towards him. Crackling sounds were spreading in the air. Lin Feng was freezing, he was unable to do anything to stop it. That coldness made his face feel like it was being stabbed… And on top of that, the coldness was getting nearer and nearer. 

“Sword!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. A terrifying sword intent emerged and broke the ice. Then the ice exploded into pieces. 

However, the ice wasn’t broken enough, and another layer appeared around his body. Lin Feng was moving with more and more difficulty.

“Fire!” A terrifying fire ignited, sword and fire intent invaded the atmosphere. 

Useless, everything was useless. No matter what Lin Feng did, the terrifying ice energy kept getting nearer. Lin Feng was about to turn into an ice block. Only his face was outside, the rest of his body had turned into an ice statue. 

“Freeze!” said the illusion. Some crackling sounds spread in the air, and slowly Lin Feng’s face started freezing too. Lin Feng had turned into an ice statue. 

“Lin Feng.” said Tang You You on the other side of the bridge. She immediately stood up and stared at Lin Feng, even though she was injured. What was going on? Why was Lin Feng frozen? 

She couldn’t see the soul. She could only see that Lin Feng had suddenly turned into an ice statue. 

“How cold.” Lin Feng was still conscious. He wanted to release some strength and break the ice but he was unable to move. He felt like he had no strength anymore. He had the feeling that his life was extremely fragile.

A face with a smile appeared in front of him, as if that person had been making fun of him because he was too weak. 

The terrifying ice energy paralyzed Lin Feng. His blood started freezing, it even stopped flowing. He couldn’t make the pure Qi flow in his body anymore. His entire body and organs were about to freeze. 

If his blood and pure Qi stopped flowing, his life would stop. 

“Am I going to die?” thought Lin Feng, looking at that terrifying face in front of him. He had the feeling that he was an immensely fragile human being. He was so weak… He hadn’t even been able to withstand a single attack.

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