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PMG Chapter 753: Making The Demon Pure

Edited: OddManOut
PMG Chapter 753: Making The Demon Pure

“Teacher!” cried out the hunter in alarm. He was scared, what was his old teacher doing?

The illusion ignored the hunter. He moved towards Lin Feng and continued freezing him. Lin Feng’s blood and pure Qi were freezing as well as his soul. 

“How cold… How cold…” Lin Feng’s eyes were frozen too. They were closed at that moment. Maybe he was dying. 

“No… I cannot die now..” thought Lin Feng trying to make his heart continue beating. He couldn’t die… He had so many things to do. If he died, Xue Yue would be doomed, his parents would be in great danger, Meng Qing would be alone and abandoned… He had to kill some people, he had to get his revenge… Those who used to despise him and were a threat to his family and friends had to die. How could he die and leave them alone in that world? 

He still had to become a stronger cultivator… He was hoping to be able to control his destiny and protect his friends and family members. 

Lin Feng was trying to stay conscious, he was gnashing his teeth with the determination to live.

However, Lin Feng was completely frozen at that moment. That coldness might make him fall asleep for the eternity. He was still alive but perhaps he was going to freeze alive. He couldn’t do anything anymore. 

Lin Feng opened his eyes again and looked at the face in front of him, flames of fury were burning in Lin Feng’s eyes. Those eyes looked like the eyes of a furious ghost.

His blood was about to stop flowing as well as his pure Qi. Lin Feng’s ice-cold eyes gradually started looking desperate and hopeless.

“Am I dying?” thought Lin Feng… His voice, even in his head, sounded extremely weak… His eyes gradually closed themselves again… 

Some tears even appeared, he wasn’t crying because he was afraid to die… But because he was afraid of what would happen after his death. 

While he gradually closed his eyes, he could see Meng Qing in his thoughts, such a pure and holy looking woman. He could see her smile, which was more resplendent than the sun. He could also see his parents, or Duan Xin Ye looking desperate. He could see Tang You You who seemed to be weeping. 

Finally, Lin Feng saw nothing anymore, his eyes were closed and he would never be able to open them again. 

“Am I dead…?” That was Lin Feng’s last thought. He was not resigned to die, and after that thought, his consciousness vanished. He died.


After a very long time which seemed like another century, Lin Feng suddenly regained conscious. It seemed like he had just remembered something and his eyes abruptly opened themselves. In front of him, snowflakes were still falling from the sky. 

It was extremely cold but it was also extremely beautiful. 

“I didn’t die…” whispered Lin Feng. The sound of a little moaning creature resonated in his ears. He then saw Meng Qing jump onto his chest and lie down. She just calmly lied down on his chest. 

“Meng Qing.” said Lin Feng with a resplendent smile on his face. Meng Qing was proof that he was still alive. He had regained consciousness. 

Lin Feng turned his head and saw Tang You You sitting on the ground next to him. It seemed like her injuries had almost been healed, she was now able to resist to the cold. Besides, she didn’t look burnt by the ice like before.

“You woke up.” said Tang You You with a sweet smile on her face. She moved and a mark appeared from where she had been sitting. Considering the depths of the mark, it seemed like Tang You You had been sitting there for a very long time without moving.

“What’s going on? I didn’t die.” said Lin Feng looking surprised. On that day, he had had the impression that he had died, that he had frozen to death. 

“You died, you died once.” said a voice at that moment. A silhouette slowly came out of the small house. In front of Lin Feng appeared the one who had killed him, but he didn’t look like a murderer anymore. He looked calm, indifferent… One couldn’t even see how strong he was at that moment. 

Lin Feng was surprised when he saw him, that person had killed him. 

“How is the feeling of death?” asked the old man while smiling, he was white from head to foot. 

“Not pleasant at all.” said Lin Feng sounding a bit cold. That feeling could only be described that way. He had felt desperate and hopeless, the feeling couldn’t be described with words. 

“That’s absolutely normal, our world is cruel. Only those who have experienced death know how to enjoy life. On the path of cultivation, one has to go through hardships and experience the harshest difficulties of life. You never know, you might be the next one to die on the path of cultivation. Lin Feng, you have gone through death. Now that you have died once, don’t you have the feeling that you understand things better?” asked the old man in the snowy-white chang pao in a gentle voice. Lin Feng was a bit surprised and coldness somewhat disappeared from his face. 

Death wasn’t something that people could imagine, they couldn’t understand everything after dying once either. Life was the same, life and death, those two words weren’t as simple as they sounded. However, dying really was a way of reaching another world, after having died, Lin Feng had penetrated into a new dimension of life.

At the moment of death, Lin Feng had many thoughts flowing in his head, and many persons. It seemed like he had understood many things, as if he had reached a higher level of maturity and wisdom.

“You have to open your heart, breaking through to the nine Xuan Qi layer is difficult, and then it is even harder to break through to the Tian Qi layer. They asked me to help you get rid of the demon in your body… However, I can’t do that. Everything depends on you, you can only rely on yourself. The evil force which has invaded your heart is there because you made it come, and the only one who can make it leave your body is yourself. If you have the demon in your heart but don’t let it invade you, you are not evil. In such circumstances why would you need to expel it? You don’t need to ask yourself if you will have a clear consciousness or not, even if you have the demon in your heart, so what? Some people can annihilate millions of others at once if they are infuriated, they make the world turn into a river of blood, but they don’t turn into demons. Actually, their heart is pure, this is because they stick to their initial intentions. They learn how to understand their own self, then the demon can turn into a pure tool.” said the old man, in a snowy-white chang pao slowly. Lin Feng’s heart was shaking. What the old man was telling him was very similar to what Yan Yu Ping Sheng had told him in the past! It was just a bit deeper. 

If one had a clear consciousness, they could slaughter the common people without turning into a demon. And that demon could be transformed into a holy and wise tool. 

Lin Feng’s cold Qi seemed to have faded a lot. He stood up and bowed in front of the old man in the snowy-white chang pao while saying, “Thank you mister for your explanations.” 

“Don’t mention it. You died once and now you understand yourself much better now. You don’t need me to teach you anything, I cannot be your teacher. Strong cultivators can give you skills and agility techniques but extremely strong skills and agility techniques are limited. After breaking through to a specific cultivation level, the most important thing is to understand cultivation, to understand our world. In order to progress on the path of cultivation, you must study and understand. Therefore, I don’t need to teach you anything else, you have to try and think about those things clearly first.” said the old man in the chang pao. He then slowly turned around and moved back into the small house.

Lin Feng looked pensive and then smiled. He hugged Xue Ling Long, threw her up in the air and caught her again. She bared her fangs and extended her claws, she was excited. 

Tang You You was calmly watching Lin Feng teasing Xue Ling Long, and then smiled in a sweet way. Lin Feng looked like the Lin Feng she had always known. 

After a short moment, Lin Feng put Xue Ling Long back down onto the ground and looked at Tang You You. 

Tang You You lowered her head and slightly smiled. She shivered, she only sensed Lin Feng’s hand on her face, it was such a sweet, pleasant and warm feeling. 

Tang You You raised her head and saw Lin Feng.

“I’m fine. You have to remember to take care of yourself.” said Lin Feng in a gentle, warm voice. He was smiling with resplendence. Surprisingly, Tang You You wanted to cry. She had sometimes followed people out of her hometown but had rarely thought of those excursions to be really worth it. This time, it was really worth it. 

“Stop talking now, I think I am about to break through to the next cultivation layer.” said Lin Feng. Immediately after, he pulled his hand away from Tang You You’s face, closed his eyes and penetrated into a state of meditation. Tang You You was speechless, Lin Feng was about to break through to the ninth Xuan Qi layer? 

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