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PMG Chapter 754: Ninth Xuan Qi Layer

Edited: OddManOut
PMG Chapter 754: Ninth Xuan Qi Layer

Lin Feng was of the eighth Xuan Qi layer. However, he could easily defeat ordinary cultivators of the ninth Xuan Qi layer, including those at the top of the ninth Xuan Qi layer.

Last time, he had fought against Di Ling who had broken through to the ninth Xuan Qi layer. Di Ling had even used his firmament blood spirit and his cultivation strength had increased to the very top of the ninth Xuan Qi layer. Di Ling was monstrously strong, however, he had still lost against Duan Wu Dao and Lin Feng, then Duan Wu Dao had also lost against Lin Feng. That was extremely rare, Lin Feng had broken through to the eighth Xuan Qi layer and cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer who could defeat him were almost inexistent.

If Lin Feng broke through to the ninth Xuan Qi layer, apart from cultivators of the Tian Qi layer and above, the others wouldn’t be able to defeat him. 

Tang You You smiled in an impatient way, she was excited. She was impatient to see Lin Feng in the mysterious world. Was it going to be a wonderful experience? Those who were going to the mysterious world were all incredible heroes, Lin Feng was going to be surprised. 

After Lin Feng penetrated into a state of meditation, snowflakes kept floating in the air and falling onto his body. Some flames started burning around Lin Feng’s body, they were slowly undulating. Then the snowflakes around Lin Feng’s body started melting and then they completely disappeared as if they had fallen onto the sun. 

Those snowflakes contained a terrifying ice Qi, it wasn’t a pure and unaltered snow. Lin Feng was extracting and absorbing the essence of the pure Qi snow. That pure Qi was even making his fire become stronger.

His fire was becoming more and more ardent, Lin Feng was surrounded by a resplendent and scorching-hot fire. A sun pattern appeared on his body, it was dazzling. It also looked like the sun in the sky, to a certain extent.

Some rays of sunlight emerged out of his body and shot towards the sky, it seemed like he wanted to destroy all the snow that was in the sky. It was as if he had had the ambition of making his own rays of light connect with those from the sun, but he had to find a way through the pure whiteness of the atmosphere. 

Those rays of light turned into a light beam which was getting brighter and brighter, it was dazzling. On the snow a magnificent and gorgeous red light was refracting, it was very beautiful. 

However, it wasn’t that easy to pierce through that immense ocean of pure whiteness. That light beam was stopped at some point and was unable to move forwards.

One day, two days…. And nine days later, the light beam finally broke through the infinite whiteness of the sky and reached the sun. A dazzling light appeared in the sky and the sun started shining upon Lin Feng’s body. 

Many people who were in the mountain chain looked at the sky and realized… They were in the Tian Chi Empire and could surprisingly see the sun…… What was that sorcery?

“There is a Zun cultivator in Tian Chi who practices sun skills?” whispered someone, that person couldn’t understand. However, the snowy mountains of Tian Chi were so numerous, they didn’t know all of the Zun cultivators of the empire… Even if that was very strange, nobody had ever said that the Tian Chi Empire only accepted snow cultivators, fire cultivators were welcomed! 

That skill had pierced through the immense pure whiteness of the atmosphere and was fusing together with the sun. It was actually absorbing the resplendence of the sun. It was probably an incredibly powerful sun skill.

After being surprised, the crowd got back to their own things or continued practicing cultivation. 

Nobody knew that the one who was absorbing the resplendence of the sun was a young man sitting cross-legged in front of a small house with his eyes closed. The snowflakes in the air were going insane and moving chaotically in all directions, then they penetrated into Lin Feng’s body and disappeared. Around were Lin Feng was sitting, there was no more snow because he had swallowed it all.

Tang You You and Xue Ling Long were a bit far from Lin Feng because the Qi he was releasing was too hot. It was even more powerful than the Qi the snow in the air contained. Tang You You and Xue Ling Long had the impression that they were burning on a stake next to Lin Feng. 

“I really wonder where he gets all those skills and techniques…” thought Tang You You while shaking her head. The snow melted and even the snow in the small house melted. A terrifying fire was burning all around Lin Feng’s body. His Qi was also gradually becoming stronger. 

“He’s about to break through to the ninth Xuan Qi layer…” thought Tang You You astonished… He had died and his thoughts and power of understanding had changed… It seemed like he had understood some mysteries of life… He only needed to swallow some insane Qi of the Earth and sky, when a stream was formed, a river appeared. 

“Boom boom!” Immediately after, his terrifying fire rose up in the air and it seemed like all the snowflakes in the air were going to disappear. That ray of sunlight was even more dazzling than before. Lin Feng’s sun was dazzling to the eyes, it was painful to look at him practice cultivation. Some crackling sounds spread in the air.

It was the world, the world was starting to crackle. Lin Feng had understood something deep and profound. He opened his eyes and a terrifying fire emerged out of them. It seemed like his eyes were like two fire places, filled with a terrifying fire. That brazier was insane and seemed extremely violent.

Lin Feng smiled, he had broken through to the ninth Xuan Qi layer. Just like the old Zun cultivator in the snowy-white chang pao had said, after experiencing death, he had understood things about himself which he didn’t know before. He knew what he really needed to do and what he wanted to do in life. Lin Feng had broken through to the next Xuan Qi layer. 

Lin Feng stretched his hand and a round dazzling sun fire slowly burnt in his hand, emitting small and subtle sounds. The fire contained a terrifying burning potential. Besides, Lin Feng could sense that his skill was getting closer and closer to becoming a great sun skill. Now, cultivators of the ninth Xuan Qi layer would be terrified in front of his fire. Those whose cultivation level was inferior to that of the ninth Xuan Qi layer would burn like ants under a magnifying glass.

The old man in the chang pao slowly came out of the small house and looked at Lin Feng, whose fire almost looked real. He slightly nodded… That fire was sun fire… He hadn’t thought that Lin Feng’s skills were that powerful. Besides, that sun skill contained some fire intent.

Lin Feng’s power of understanding was terrifying. After dying, he had improved his cultivation level. In such circumstances, Lin Feng would also easily break through to the Tian Qi layer, provided that he didn’t let the demon invade his heart again. With the demon, he would never break through to the Tian Qi layer.

“Lin Feng, do you want to study some incredible fire skills?” asked the old man in the snowy-white chang pao. 

Lin Feng was first surprised and then immediately nodded, why not? If he had the occasion to improve his cultivation level, why not? He wanted to become stronger. 

“Alright, I will bring you to someone else. Your two friends can stay here and practice cultivation.” said the old man. Lin Feng looked at Tang You You and Xue Ling Long who nodded back to him. Xue Ling Long was adorable and obeyed Lin Feng.

“Thank you, Mister.” said Lin Feng, nodding to the old man. The old man was a Zun cultivation and had helped him break through to the next cultivation layer, Lin Feng was extremely grateful. Now, he was going to bring Lin Feng to see one of his friends. Zun cultivator’s friends were also… Zun cultivators. 

“Let’s go.” said the Zun cultivator. In a flash, some snow flakes condensed and moved in the air. 

Lin Feng jumped in the air and landed on that snow rug, then followed the old man. 

This time, Lin Feng was realizing how huge the mountains of Tian Chi were. There were huge snowy peaks everywhere. The two of them were moving at incredible speeds. After a short time, they stopped in the air above a small house, it looked very simple. Then a silhouette rose up in the air. 

“Mister Xue, I saw that someone was practicing some fire skill over there. I knew that you were going to come.” said that person who was wearing a fire chang pao. He was surrounded by fire too.

He looked at Lin Feng with his eyes filled with flames. 

“Don’t tell me that this little boy is able to attract the fire of the sun…” said the old fire Zun cultivator while staring at Lin Feng. The latter had the impression that a scorching-hot fire was about to ignite on his body. The old man, in one glance could make people feel like they were going to burn. 

Lin Feng understood that the old man was precisely an extremely strong Zun cultivator who was an expert at fire cultivation.

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