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PMG Chapter 755: The Annoying Zun Cultivator

Edited: OddManOut
PMG Chapter 755: The Annoying Zun Cultivator

The Zun cultivator’s fire was rotating around his body. Lin Feng was so young and had already broken through to the ninth Xuan Qi layer… 

“Do you think that I was the one who used sun fire?” said the old man in snowy-white chang pao while laughing. The fire cultivator looked at him and said, “So it’s you.” 

“What the hell are you talking about? Are you a moron or what?” said the old snow cultivator rudely which astonished Lin Feng. Those cultivators were Zun cultivators, they were extraordinary, they didn’t belong to the normal world anymore. However, they were two old men at the same age but they were acting like little boys. Maybe in front of other people they showed one side of their personality but that between them they were normal people. Actually, they were also people, just extremely strong ones. 

The fire cultivator didn’t doubt about his friend’s words, instead, he looked at Lin Feng pleased.

“You practiced a sun skill, right?”

“Indeed.” said Lin Feng while nodding. It was almost impossible to hide anything from a Zun level cultivators.

“Release your full fire intent, show me.” said the old fire cultivator. The snow cultivator took a few steps backwards leaving some space. 

Lin Feng nodded as a terrifying sound started spreading in the air. A monstrous fire invaded the atmosphere and moved around furiously. It was rotating and roaring, it seemed like it could burn everything. The snowflakes in the atmosphere were melting slowly. 

That fire was moving like waves in the fire cultivator’s direction. The fire cultivator was surrounded by Lin Feng’s flames, however, he was just standing there in the middle of that fire. He was calmly bathing in that fire. That fire was extremely far from being able to do anything to him. He was absolutely unaffected, the fire was even weakening next to him. 

“Ninth Xuan Qi layer, cosmos-burning sun skill, level three fire intent. Even though you are talented, you are not strong at all.” said the old fire cultivator while sensing that subtle Qi. Immediately after, he shook his head, he wasn’t satisfied. Why had Mister Xue brought such a young man to him? A Tian level cultivator could take care of him, that was definitely enough. He didn’t care if Mister Xue was his friend and had introduced him. It was all the same to him, he didn’t feel like teaching a young man such as Lin Feng.

“What you mean is that you are not willing to become the teacher of the young cultivator I brought to you?” said the snow cultivator mockingly. The fire cultivator was surprised by his interlocutor’s tone of speech, puzzled. He didn’t understand what it meant. 

“You brought him here, you want me to teach him things. I am convinced that you taught him a few things too though. His cultivation isn’t mysterious at all. Initially, he had the strength of the eighth Xuan Qi layer, now he has broken through to the ninth Xuan Qi layer. Could it be that you are the one who helped him break through to the ninth Xuan Qi layer?” asked the fire cultivator. There was a huge difference between the eighth and the ninth Xuan Qi layer. Besides, level three fire intent also meant something completely different between a cultivator of the eighth and ninth Xuan Qi layer. If Lin Feng had just broken through to the ninth Xuan Qi layer, it also meant that his intent would increase soon too. Maybe his fire intent would soon be level four, that would be terrific. 

“Stop talking shit, I am asking you if you want him as a student or not.” said the snow cultivator, upsetting the fire cultivator. He remained silent and said, “Mister Xue, reply to my question.” 

“Lin Feng, it seems like he doesn’t appreciate us so we’ll leave. I will introduce you my friend Jian Feng Zi.” said the snow cultivator while waving, he sounded proud. Immediately after, he rose up in the air and started leaving with Lin Feng. In the blink of an eye, they had already crossed a distance of one kilometer.

“Jian Feng Zi?” The fire cultivator was stupefied. He jumped in the air towards them, chased them and said, “Mister Xue, tell me precisely what’s going on! Why would you go and see Jian Feng Zi?” 

The fire cultivator had prevented them from moving forwards. Jian Feng Zi was insane, he only liked swords and didn’t like people. His sword was his sweetheart, his wife. Mister Xue wanted to introduce Lin Feng to Jian Feng Zi, could it be that Lin Feng understood swords too? 

“You are unfriendly, you can stay here alone, let us pass.” said the snow cultivator sounding impatient. 

“No.” said the fire cultivator. “If I don’t accept him as a student, do you really think that Jian Feng Zi will?” 

“So you’re really curious to see what he can do.” said the snow cultivator. Then he looked at Lin Feng, smiled and said, “Lin Feng, open his eyes, make him regret his constant humiliations. You know that the region is huge, there isn’t only one Zun cultivator here! I can find other friends for you.”

“Ehhh….” Lin Feng was stupefied. Those two Zun cultivators were arguing. Their tongues were sharp! 

In the past, he used to think that Zun cultivator were like deities. Now, he was seeing two Zun cultivators argueing and had the impression that they were normal people. However, he still worshiped them for their cultivation level. 

Lin Feng shook his head and smiled wryly, in a flash his entire body turned into a sharp sword, whistling sounds were spreading everywhere in the sky. Then he released some terrifying sword intent too. 

The fire cultivator was astonished, he even moved back. That sword intent was swift and fierce. 

“Level five sword intent!” said the fire cultivator looking astonished. Level five sword intent! Besides, it was extremely ripe. It meant that Lin Feng had been using it for a long time already! He had probably learnt it when he was still of the eighth Xuan Qi layer.

When he still had the strength of the eighth Xuan Qi layer, he could already use level five sword intent and level three fire intent. That was much stronger than being at the ninth Xuan Qi layer and only having level three determination. 

“You guessed right, at the beginning when we met, he had only broken through to the eighth Xuan Qi layer. And then he broke through to the ninth Xuan Qi layer.” said the snow cultivator. Immediately after, he looked at Lin Feng and said, “Continue to surprise him.” 

Lin Feng understood what the old man meant. His sword intent disappeared and in a flash a hurricane started sweeping away in the atmosphere. His body turned into an illusion and started dancing in the wind at incredible speeds, like an illusion. His entire body seemed to be in fusion with the wind. 

In a flash, Lin Feng made a gigantic loop and came back to his initial position. The wind disappeared, however, the fire cultivator was astonished. Level two wind intent! 

Lin Feng could understand three different sorts of intent.

“Lin Feng must have started practicing sword cultivation at the very beginning. Therefore, his strong point is sword cultivation. Then he must have started learning sun skills that he found coincidentally. Then, he must have started studying wind cultivation.” said the snow cultivator indifferently. Then he jumped forwards and said, “Alright old man, you don’t like us so we’re going to see Jian Feng Zi. He will probably be happy to see us. Now, move away.” 

“Wait wait wait!” said the fire cultivator hastily not letting them leave. He then smiled and said, “It’s a misunderstanding, Mister Xue, it’s my fault. Who said I didn’t like you? Let’s go back together.” 

“No need.” said the snow cultivator while shaking his head. “You are unfriendly and rude. We will go and see Jian Feng Zi, he will probably be more polite. He won’t let us wait outside and then be rude and block our way.” 

The sun cultivator wanted to insult the snow cultivator. That bastard! He was playing with him! 

“Isn’t it all due to a misunderstanding though?” Even though he wanted to insult the snow cultivator, the fire cultivator was smiling. He looked at Lin Feng and said, “Lin Feng, am I wrong? Your sword intent is level five, with your great cosmos-burning sun, your fire intent could also reach level five! I am a benevolent old man, I want to help you with that.” 

“No, Lin Feng, he was rude to you a moment before. If you accept his proposition now you will lose face. Don’t worry, even without him my other Zun level friends can help you.” said the snow cultivator. 

“Lin Feng, I have a Tian level skill here, it’s called Spark Explosion. A single spark can start a gigantic fire and destroy everything. It would be perfect for you.” said the fire cultivator trying to tempt Lin Feng. 

“A Tian level skill of lower quality, whom do you think you are fooling?” said the snow cultivator in a disdainful way. The fire cultivator’s heart was beating faster and faster, that old bastard was humiliating him!

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