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PMG Chapter 756: Fire

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PMG Chapter 756: Fire

A Tian level skill was something incredible for someone who hadn’t broken through to the Tian Qi layer, great sects and clans used to give them to their best disciples only. 

Most ordinary cultivators started understanding intent after breaking through to the Tian Qi layer and only just a little bit. Tian level skills required understanding intent, and through them you could improve your understanding of intent. 

A Tian level skill of a lower quality could even help a Tian cultivator become a Zun cultivator. Most Zun cultivators usually only learnt Tian level skills, nothing more.

Even strong cultivators of Tian Chi rarely had access to Tian level skills. Only the most outstanding geniuses could have access to them. Tian Chi was like that too. Giving extremely strong skills to Xuan cultivators would be a waste, they wouldn’t be able to understand it fully.

Lin Feng also understood how precious Tian level skills were. He had already learnt the Tian level nine days wind Qi. He had sensed the wind, he had understood it enough to improve his understanding of the wind and thus his wind intent.

Intent wasn’t easy to understand. Giving a Tian level skill to a cultivator of the Xuan Qi layer could help him understand intent and maybe save their life later on. A cultivator of the Xuan Qi layer could easily defeat cultivators of the same level who didn’t understand intent. 

“Mister Xue, don’t worry, he’s a genius. We’re lucky that he appeared here in Tian Chi, I will do my best to help him. If the Tian level skill of lower quality isn’t enough to make him understand fire intent, I will give him a Tian level skill of average quality.” said the old fire cultivator. He wasn’t joking, he was serious and took Lin Feng’s case very seriously. 

The snow cultivator looked at him in a deep and meaningful way. Then he slightly smiled, old friends were old friends, he could easily understand what he meant. 

“Alright, since you say so. I will leave Lin Feng with you. In seven days, if his fire intent is still level three, you will regret it.”

“You helped him break through to the ninth Xuan Qi layer, I will help him improve his fire intent.” said the fire cultivator confidently. 

The snow cultivator looked at Lin Feng and said “Lin Feng, you can stay here with him, don’t worry about your two friends, I will teach them some things.” 

Lin Feng nodded, and in a flash, the snow cultivator disappeared.

“Lin Feng, come with me.” said the fire cultivator. Then they moved back to where he lived. Even though he was a fire cultivator, it was still snowing all around him. There were thick layers of snow on the ground and around the house. 

“Sit down.” said the fire cultivator while sitting down on the snow. Lin Feng also sat down and waited for the fire cultivator to teach him. What a dream! Lin Feng was definitely overjoyed to be able to have a Zun cultivator teach him.

“Lin Feng, what is the intent that gives birth to fire?” asked the fire cultivator to Lin Feng. He was starting from the very beginning, what gave birth to fire?

Lin Feng remained silent, he had never asked himself that question, that was a very subtle one. 

“The will of destroying!” said Lin Feng after thinking for a few seconds. Fire was violent, it was brutal, it required a strong intent to kill. It had to be deadly intent. 

“Peasants use fire to cook food. Fire intent belongs to deadly intent. How do you cook food? You destroy the molecules of vegetables and meat, fire can break the molecules, right?” said the fire cultivator slowly. Lin Feng was surprised.

“Lin Feng, you’re like many others because you singularly want to be monstrously strong. You want your strength and power to be deadly, but you neglect the sources of the energies and different sorts of strength. The very source, the very cause of things, is essential. If you don’t understand those essential sources and reasons, you cannot understand intent. Understanding those things will help you in your studies and will help you use them more efficiently. Your sword is very strong because you understand swords, you have to understand that sword intent is also deadly, you can use it to slaughter people.” continued the fire cultivator. Lin Feng remained silent and was calmly listening. He had neglected the very sources of intent, a sword was deadly because it was in harmony with his murderous intentions. He knew that studying sword intent had started when he let murderous intentions invade his heart.

“People often neglect the simplest things. The source of fire is easy to understand, fire starts when it ignites, and then it starts burning.” said the fire cultivator. Lin Feng thought about it. That was as simple as that, fire started when it ignited.

“No matter if you use fire to cook or to kill, fire must be ignited in order to burn. Besides, there are different methods to ignite a fire and those different methods have different results. Fire burns differently depending on the way it is ignited. The method used to ignite a fire also determines the intensity of the fire intent. Lin Feng, look at this flame.” said the fire cultivator while raising his hand. He then shook his hand and a fire started whistling. A fireball shot out and crashed into a mountain in the distance, a gigantic mark appeared and the snow melted. 

“Huh?” Lin Feng didn’t understand what the fire cultivator meant. However another flame appeared and it was exactly the same as the one which had just appeared.

“This fire has the same strength as the fire I just ignited a moment ago, but look.” said the fire cultivator. Immediately, his fire became more intense, he shook his hand and just like a moment before, a fireball shot out. However, some subtle sounds spread in the air and that thick fire became black and then turned into a beam of light. Snow was melting around it as it crashed on a wall of a mountain, its power was terrifying. 

“Lin Feng, do you understand?” 

Lin Feng slightly nodded. The way fire was ignited and burnt determined how strong it was going to be, it determined its explosive power. For example, sun Qi had limits when attacking people. However, a black lotus contained terrifying strength and explosive power.

“Lin Feng, look over there.” said the fire cultivator while pointing at a place in the distance, there was the facade of a mountain. Lin Feng looked over there and heard the Zun cultivator continue, “Lin Feng, try and attack that facade. Remember, just use fire strength, don’t use anything else.”

Lin Feng looked nervous, he had to use flames to destroy the facade of a mountain.

“Remember, burning fires can make things melt.” said the old man. He then waved and said, “Go ahead.” 

Lin Feng stood up and slowly walked towards the edge of the mountain. He looked at that mountain in the distance, he had the feeling of a huge stone weighing on his shoulders from the pressure. Use fire… To make things melt… 

“Burn!” said Lin Feng in a low voice, his fire strength moved towards the facade of the mountain. However, only a small bit of snow melted, leaving him feeling exasperated.

However, Lin Feng didn’t give up. He was trying to understand what he was doing wrong, he was learning from his mistakes. 

The mountain was still huge as a few days had passed already. Lin Feng was sitting motionless, he was seemingly thinking about something.

In the distance were two people sitting and playing chess. Those people were the snow and the fire cultivators, the two old Zun cultivators. Next to them was another old man, his facial expression looked sharp just like a sword.

That person was glancing at Lin Feng every now and then. Level five sword intent was very rare. 

“Jian Feng Zi, stop looking at him. It’s disturbing him while he’s studying…” said the fire cultivator, glaring at Jian Feng Zi. 

“Studying? What could he study with a teacher like you? You’re such a bad teacher.” said Jian Feng Zi in coldly. The fire cultivator ignored the remark and said, “He will definitely understand.” 

Lin Feng stretched out his hand, a flame appeared, condensed, then it slowly moved away from his hand. That flame looked normal but when it crashed on the facade of the mountain, lots of snow melted. The explosive power of his fire had increased a lot.

“Burn, burn…” whispered Lin Feng. It still wasn’t enough. The source of fire intent was the way it ignited and burnt. Lin Feng had to understand how fire burnt before understanding fire intent.

Six days later, Lin Feng was sitting at the same place and bathing in a sea of fire. His fire had become so much more powerful compared to six days before. Lin Feng was sitting and studying, and while he was thinking his burning fire intent was seemingly increasing. 

“Fire intent depends on the way it burns, understanding that is the only way to make fire stronger. I must control it in a better way.” Lin Feng slowly stood up and in a flash, a fire appeared and immediately surrounded the mountain. The mountain was covered in an ocean of flames. 

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