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PMG Chapter 758: Sword Tempo!

Edited: OddManOut
PMG Chapter 758: Sword Tempo!

The sun was moving in the sky as time elapsed. Then, the moon appeared. 

In the mountains of Tian Chi, on a huge snowy area, a silhouette was practicing sword cultivation. His sword was dancing around in the air as snow was splashing around. 

Not far from that silhouette was Xue Li Jian, he was observing Bai Li Xi using his sword and snow energies. Xue Li Jian thought he was very talented. In one month, Bai Li Xi’s intent had increased, both his sword and snow intents. At that moment, Bai Li Xi had broken through to the ninth Xuan Qi layer, his sword intent was level three and his snow intent was level four. To a cultivator of the Xuan Qi layer, that was already incredible. He might even catch up with Tian Chi Xue, the pure and holy woman. 

“Crrrrr…. Crrrrr…..” Some subtle sounds spread in the air, snowflakes were being lacerated by the sword. Bai Li Xi’s sword had to kill, it contained some deadly energy. 

“Deadly energy?” Xue Li Jian frowned and said to Bai Li Xi, “Bai Li, is there hatred in your heart?” 

Ba Li Xi had released some deadly energy. It wasn’t only sword deadly energy, it was murderous deadly energy, he wanted to kill people. 

His sword light disappeared and he put his sword away. Bai Li Xi smiled at Xue Li Jian and said, “Teacher, I am alright.” 

Xue Li Jian looked at Bai Li Xi for a moment and then nodded. He didn’t continue begging the questions, since Bai Li Xi didn’t want to tell him, he was not going to  be involved.

“Bai Li, in just a month, with your strength and natural abilities.. Considering the progress you’ve made, you must be one of the three best. If you pay attention and are lucky enough, you will maybe be very lucky in the mysterious world and obtain some incredible treasures.. You have to keep the situation under control though, never forget that. You have to remember that your life is the most important thing, no matter what. Treasures are not important, you can abandon them if your life is at stake.” said Xue Li Jian to Bai Li Xi, who immediately nodded and said, “I understand, teacher.

In Bai Li Xi’s brain was a silhouette, it was Lin Feng. His obvious murderous intentions were because of Lin Feng. Actually, nothing had happened between him and Lin Feng, they hadn’t even known each other for a long time. But Lin Feng wasn’t like him or Han Qiu Yu, he wasn’t famous before the big test. He had suddenly appeared in Tian Chi and had drawn everybody’s attention.

Besides, Lin Feng was much stronger than him, to the extent that Bai Li Xi was just like a tiny little insect. Bai Li Xi’s prestige and fame had been hurt. Nobody cared about him anymore, nobody was closely paying attention to him anymore. Lin Feng had become an imaginary enemy for him, but it could be that Lin Feng didn’t even remember him. 

“I wonder what he’s been learning so far, since his sword intent was already level five, he mustn’t have made lots of progress.” thought Bai Li Xi trying to guess what Lin Feng’s cultivation was like. 

At that moment, Lin Feng was in a valley full of snow. His sword was emitting whistling sounds in the air and a terrifying sharp and deadly energy seemed like it could destroy everything. 

Lin Feng’s eyes were closed though, he was standing, but he was motionless. The entire atmosphere was filled with a terrifying sword Qi, especially above Lin Feng’s head in the air. It seemed like there were millions of swords in the air and they were emitting strident whistling sounds.

Suddenly, Lin Feng abruptly moved. Both his hands reacted as all the swords moved to another direction where he was pointing. 

Alone, he was controlling millions of swords and they were all performing the same actions. That was a perfect move, the sword formation was perfect. 

Lin Feng could control millions of swords at the same time, but any other strong sword cultivator could do that. However, Lin Feng’s goal was to make those swords fuse together and become one. That was extremely difficult, those swords seemed like they had become Lin Feng’s hands.

“Ten thousand Swords unity!” said Lin Feng. There were three people in that valley and they were standing there watching Lin Feng. That was the first try, could he succeed with just one try?

“Millions of swords in one breath! It seems like those endless swords were are all breathing at the same time, Lin Feng only needed a few days to succeed. How incredible!” said the snow cultivator while smiling. He felt very lucky to know Lin Feng. 

“He is even stronger than Jian Feng Zi when he was young. Jian Feng Zi couldn’t manage to make those swords breath at the same time when he was at the Xuan Qi layer.” said the fire cultivator, smiling and glancing at Jian Feng Zi who remained indifferent.

They wanted to first  teach Lin Feng a Tian level skill of lower quality called Sword tempo. 

Lin Feng was understanding and studying swords, that skill contained some terrifying sword intent.

“Boom!” A muffled sound spread in the air and then Lin Feng started running. In a flash, the snow around him was lacerated by some sword Qi. Mud appeared, Lin Feng raised his hands once again, slowly towards the front, and then millions of swords rose up to follow his movements. 

“Together, kill!” shouted Lin Feng all of a sudden. A terrifying sword light appeared out of his mouth and the millions of swords emitted incredible whistling sounds which moved in the same direction altogether. Those countless number of swords suddenly turned into one!

“Boom boom boom!” A terrifying sound spread in the air as the ground started shaking violently. That sword had penetrated into a mountain and pierced right through it. There was a tunnel in the middle of the mountain now. 

One sword had sufficed to open a mountain. 

“Pfeww… Tian level skills are very difficult… In more than ten days, I have only learnt the first part of the skill.” said Lin Feng, breathing in deeply. He felt like a hero in his heart, he hoped that he would be able to become a monstrously strong cultivator someday. According to the rumors, extremely strong cultivators could destroy mountains and make rivers go dry. Now, he could already pierce through an entire mountain and see the other side.

If other people had known his thoughts they would have spat out blood. In ten days, Lin Feng had managed to learn the first part of a Tian level skill and was complaining that it took too long… Besides, what he was learning was a Tian level skill of medium quality… Many cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer would have needed months or years to learn the first part of the skill.

“Teachers.” said Lin Feng while looking at the three old men and smiling. 

“Lin Feng, did you study sword intent too?” asked Jian Feng Zi. 

“A little bit, but I need to confine myself for a few days in order to improve my sword intent… Then I will be able to reach the level six.” said Lin Feng after remaining silent for a second. 

“Don’t worry, when I had the strength of the ninth Xuan Qi layer my sword intent was only level two. Many cultivators barely understand sword intent when they break through to the Tian Qi layer. It gets more and more difficult, even beyond studying and practicing day and night.. Don’t worry, there will be one day when your sword will reach the clouds. 

The sword cultivator was worried about Lin Feng, he didn’t want Lin Feng to push himself too hard. Actually, Lin Feng’s intent was already terrifying, he had relied on only himself to reach a level five sword intent…. After some time, he would break through to the Tian Qi layer, that would be terrifying. His intent would definitely reach the level six then, how scary!

Lin Feng nodded didn’t insist and didn’t say anything more,. He knew that he could increase his sword intent level, he only needed some time alone to visualize a sword. However, Lin Feng also understood that it was going to get harder and harder to become stronger, higher intent levels and higher cultivation layers would be harder to reach… 

“A month was too short, we don’t have time to teach you anything. But with your current strength, you can go to the mysterious world without worrying. Please be very careful there though. When you come back from the mysterious world, we will teach you more things and we will help you break through to the Tian Qi layer.” said the old snow cultivator. One month had passed too fast. Lin Feng had only learnt the sword tempo skill and used half of his time doing so, they didn’t have any time to teach him anything more.

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    Nothing is as it was told. I don’t know why the author writes things down if he isn’t going to follow through with them. Where is his mid level Tian fire skill? Why was sword tempo called a low level Tian sword skill at first, but then mid level later? Did he get a low or mid level sword skill? I hate when authors give their characters things and then forget, like powers they only use for a few pages then lose and are never used or useful again. This author is getting worse and worse.

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