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PMG Chapter 761: The Battle in the Snow Palace

Edited: OddManOut
PMG Chapter 761: The Battle in the Snow Palace

“Zun cultivator!” Bai Li Xi was about to collapse. He had the feeling that his entire body was freezing, he couldn’t move… 

A Zun cultivator was with Lin Feng…. A real Zun cultivator… His teacher and the other teachers even bowed respectfully in front of him. They worshipped the Zun cultivator.

And the worst thing was that a moment before, he had been making fun of Lin Feng because a snow cultivator was teaching him, even though he was a sword cultivator. However, he could only admire that Zun cultivator, he was also afraid of him. And he was terribly jealous of Lin Feng. Why had Lin Feng obtained a Zun level teacher? His teacher had only broken through to the third Tian Qi layer! Was he really that far from Lin Feng?! 

“Hello.” said the snow cultivator, nodding and glancing at the crowd. He even glanced at Bai Li Xi but didn’t pay much attention to him. Bai Li Xi had the impression that he was going to freeze, how cold, very cold. The snow cultivator only glanced at him for a second as if Bai Li Xi didn’t even exist. Maybe the ice-cold expression in the Zun cultivator’s eyes was due to the fact that he was a snow cultivator. 

Apart from Bai Li Xi who was jealous, the others were also astonished. Tian Chi Xue’s heart was pounding… The dear and respectable Zun cultivator Mister Xue, surprisingly had been chosen to be Lin Feng’s teacher….. How incredible! Such incredible opportunities were usually ONLY for her Tian Chi Xue in the district of the Tian Xuan Mountain… But now, Lin Feng also had such an opportunity. She was astonished and one could see it from her beautiful eyes. She could still remember how Lin Feng had remained cold and indifferent, even proud in front of her. She felt uneasy, she had never seen a man feel so indifferent and even cold in front of her. It seemed like Lin Feng had never cared about her. 

“Teacher.” said the hunter while walking towards to the snow cultivator and bowing. 

“Is everybody here?” asked the snow cultivator to the hunter. The hunter nodded and said, “Indeed, teacher, they are all here.”

“Alright.” the snow cultivator was glancing at the crowd again. Then he said: “Everybody, maybe you are not familiar with the snowy mountains of Tian Chi. Let me explain some things to you, very briefly. The snowy mountains of Tian Chi are divided into seven big snowy mountains. The snowy mountains of Tian Chi have some rules, when you are in the outside world you are like one, you represent the snowy mountains of Tian Chi.” Tian Chi was divided into seven snowy peaks… It seems like they only knew a small part of the truth.

An empire of middle quality was incredible and mysterious, it was impossible for common people to understand how strong it really was.

“I am telling you this because you have to understand that apart from you eight, the other snowy mountains will also send eight geniuses, and they will go to the mysterious world with you. There might be some tensions between you guys but I am warning you, you are not allowed to fight against each other. Do you understand?”


“I understand…….” Everybody nodded one after the other. It seemed like what they thought before was completely wrong. They had thought that only eight of them would go to the mysterious world. They had thought that they were the only eight geniuses of the empire… However, there were actually forty-eight other people who were going to go with them. In total, there were going to be fifty-six people… And they were all going to represent the Tian Chi Empire, what a terrifying number of people to represent an empire. 

But there were going to be so many treasures in the mysterious world that sending so many people was probably worth it.

“Bring them to the Snow Palace.” said the snow cultivator to the hunter. He nodded and told the geniuses, “Follow me.” 

Then, they all started running in the snowy immensity. 

The eight silhouettes were flying in the air together, closely following the hunter. Apart from Tian Chi Xue, nobody knew what the snow palace was.

They travelled in the sky for an hour and then arrived in front of a gigantic snow palace. Everybody was shivering, Tian Chi seemed to be really gigantic.

Besides, they had just understood how incredible those seven snowy Tian Chi mountains were. On the way they had seen a few gigantic mountains, and at some point they had seen a mountain which was really high, much higher than the others. It looked majestic and domineering. 

“That is the seventh mountain, the Tian Ji Mountain.” said the hunter to the crowd. He then jumped forwards and landed on that mountain. At the very top of the mountain was the Snow Palace.

The eight geniuses were climbing the mountain, they had climbed half of the mountain so far. There were many snow palaces. The Tian Xuan snowy mountain looked small and miserable compared to the Tian Ji snowy mountain, many people sighed with exasperation. Tian Ji really deserved to be called the king of the Tian Chi mountains.

The Tian Ji mountain peak was a huge and vast piece of snowy land without any footprint. In the distance was a gigantic palace which looked majestic, grandiose, magnificent. It made people want to prostrate themselves before it with respect and pay homage to its creators.

The hunter slowly brought the geniuses to the top of the mountain. Lin Feng raised his head and looked at the snowflakes floating in the air. He had the impression that if he raised his hand, he would be able to touch the sky. Practicing cultivation in such a place would give any cultivator the feeling of practicing in outer space, giving birth to heroic feelings in their heart. 

They realized that several people had arrived already. They also realized that those people were divided into groups, those were probably groups formed by the six other snowy mountains where they came from. They were all wearing different sorts of clothes depending on the mountain where they were from. There were stars on their clothes too, which enabled others to know which mountain they were from. 

The crowned turned to greet Tian Xuan as they arrived. They were a bit surprised at first and then they looked at them in a mocking way. 

“People from Tian Xuan really are the weakest, their reputation is definitely honest. They don’t deserve to be with us, what will the other empires think of us if we accept such people?” said someone mockingly. The eight geniuses of Tian Xuan were upset, they couldn’t believe that someone would humiliate them immediately after arriving.

“Shut up.” said Tian Chi Xue loudly. Many people considered Tian Chi Xue as a goddess, but she was considered as a goddess only in the region o Tian Xuan snowy mountain. Even the seniors of Tian Xuan considered her as the best young cultivator, but outside of her region she was a nobody. 

People just assumed that she was simply representing Tian Xuan, nothing special. 

“Tian Chi Xue is prestigious in Tian Xuan, however, was what I just said wrong? Don’t forget that cultivators from Tian Xuan are the weakest, that’s why you get bullied by the others. Maybe Tian Xuan hasn’t taught you enough.” said the same person mockingly. Many people started laughing when they heard him. They all despised Tian Xuan. In the past, Tian Xuan was respected and admired, but then some incredible ancestors disappeared from Tian Xuan and it started falling in popularity. Until it became the weakest group of Tian Chi. Then it became the subject of various jokes and the six other groups were constantly making fun of them. 

“Your mouth is filthy.” said Tian Chi Xue jumping forwards. In a flash, a terrifyingly cold ice Qi spread in the air and rolled towards that person. It contained some ice and snow intent which started freezing that individual. 

“Tian Chi Xue, this is the Snow Palace…” said someone moving in front of the one who had just made fun of them. That person released a terrifying Qi which moved straight towards Tian Chi Xue’s ice Qi and stopped it. 

“Move!” said Tian Chi Xue while attacking the one in front of her, she was furious. Immediately after she used an ice-punch attack.

Battles were also a way of comparing the strength of the various snowy mountains.

“Get lost!” said that person while jumping with strength. Snowflakes started flying in a flurry and that person used another ice-punch. Rumbling sounds were spreading in the air, Tian Chi Xue was sent flying, her face looked even colder. 

“Hehe, can you see now Tian Chi Xue? The leader of Tian Shu, Ling Xue, is very strong! You could be married with him, you wouldn’t be able to find anyone better in Tian Xuan anyway.” said someone behind them.

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