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PMG Chapter 764: Taboo

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PMG Chapter 764: Taboo

The old man with the white beard looked around and said, “Alright, you’re the most outstanding geniuses of Tian Chi, get ready to go on a journey.” 

The crowd looked at him respectfully. They were finally going to traverse the mysterious world. Many of them had been preparing for such a long time. This time, they were going on an adventure, a journey. That journey was going to be filled with dangers and opportunities. Afterward, they would come back to Tian Chi as heroes. They might even come back with more determination and with great treasures.

However, they might never come. Their bodies would slowly decompose in the mysterious world. This might be their last chance to see these snowy mountains.

However, everybody looked determined to give it a try. Nobody was going to stutter, they had chosen this path. Since they had chosen to become strong cultivators, they had to walk forwards with indomitable will. Death and dangers were part of that journey. Strong cultivators had to face dangers bravely, there was no space for cowards on the path of cultivation. 

The old man, called Mister Bai Xu. Then he slowly raised his head to the sky, raised his hand, and in a flash a terrifying quantity of snow energy started rotating in the sky. 

“Eeeyaaa!” A few sounds spread in the air off in the distance. The snowflakes suddenly turned into a vortex as whistling sounds spread in the air. 

“Bestial Qi.” Lin Feng was stupefied, there was bestial Qi in the air. He raised his head and saw seven snowy-white beasts in the sky. They had gigantic wings which created hurricanes as they clapped. 

Those seven beasts were eagles, and they were glancing at the crowd on the ground. Their eyes looked like those of beasts, but at the same time revealed the intelligence of wise beings. 

“Snow Eagles, come down.” said Mister Bai Xu indifferently. Then the seven beasts came down from the sky and disappeared. They had transformed into human beings!

Those were Tian level beasts that could transform into human beings. However, those beasts had chosen the half-transformation option, where they keep their two forms instead of turning into authentic human beings.

Those snow eagles still had their wings projecting from their back when they transformed into humans.

“The snow eagles will bring you to the mysterious world.” said Mister Bai Xu. The seven snow eagles made a line and turned into eagles again. Then they crouched down and waited for the cultivators to jump onto their backs. 

“Go.” said Mister Bai Xu. The crowd bowed and then jumped onto the backs of the eagles. Each group had their own eagle.

“Clap clap clap!” The snow eagles clapped their wings and a strong wind started blowing again. The seven white eagles then rose up in the air and reached the clouds. 

“We’re off…” thought Lin Feng while looking at the ground. Some people were looking up at them excited. The snow eagles flew even faster as they went off into the distance. 

“Surprisingly, nobody else is coming with us…” thought Lin Feng. There were only the fifty-six geniuses and the seven beasts. Nobody else was accompanying them while they were flying.

But he quickly forgot about it, Lin Feng wasn’t going to focus on the small things. Tian Chi had its own policies and ways of doing things, in any case, nothing could happen to them. 

“Are you cold?” asked Lin Feng to Xue Ling Long in a low voice. The wind was extremely strong and they were very high in the air. Besides, the speed of Tian level beasts was incredible. 

Xue Ling Long’s small paws were on Lin Feng’s chest and she slightly shook her head. She looked delighted, one could see it from her eyes. She didn’t look sad to be a beast again, she could stay in Lin Feng’s arms all the time. Actually, the happy expression in her eyes was even more resplendent than in the past.

Even though she was small, Lin Feng’s pure Qi was surrounding her body to prevent any sufferings from the strong winds.

Being in Lin Feng’s arms gave birth to warm, sweet and tender feelings in her heart. 

“Isn’t it only a beast?” asked someone indifferently yet mockingly.

He slowly turned his head and looked at Bai Li Xi. He was just looking at the landscape below them, he was pretending that he had never said anything. 

“Who are you talking to?” asked Lin Feng coldly. He was glaring at Bai Li Xi who was only a few steps in front of him. Lin Feng’s eyes looked as sharp as swords.

Bai Li Xi remained silent as if he hadn’t heard Lin Feng. He was previously paying attention to Lin Feng back when he heard Lin Feng talking to a beast as if he had been talking to his wife or his girlfriend. He couldn’t help but take a jab. However, he regretted it when he remembered how Lin Feng had defeated and injured the strong cultivator of Tian Shu. Now he was ignoring Lin Feng, hoping that Lin he would forget about it. 

“I am asking you a question!” shouted Lin Feng furiously, his voice made Bai Li Xi’s heart shake. Even if he wanted to escape, it was impossible on these birds. 

Bai Li Xi turned his head and looked at Lin Feng, scared. 

“Lin Feng, don’t forget the purpose of our trip.” said Tian Chi Xue when she saw that Lin Feng was furious. 

Lin Feng slowly turned around and looked at Tian Chi Xue. He slightly opened his mouth, showing his teeth as he said, “You, shut the hell up!” 

Tian Chi Xue was speechless. Lin Feng was releasing a scary ice-cold energy, he looked extremely furious. Nobody could humiliate Meng Qing, no matter who they were. 

Tian Chi Xue looked at Huang Fu Long, he was lying down and his eyes were closed. It was as if he had heard nor seen anything. 

“Lin Feng, you’re really going too far! It’s only a wild beast, isn’t it?!” asked Bai Li Xi. At the very second he finished the last word of his sentence,  he saw Lin Feng arrive next to him and a terrifying oppressive energy surrounded his body. 

Bai Li Xi raised his hand to block but he just heard the sound of some cracking bones. A terrifying coldness invaded his entire body and he couldn’t breathe anymore. He couldn’t even gulp down, his eyes seemed like they were going to burst out of their orbits… All of this because Lin Feng had grabbed him by the throat and was slowly raising him up in the air. 

Huang Fu Long slowly opened his eyes, the six others were looking at Lin Feng and shivering. That guy was really scary when he was angry. He didn’t care about giving face to anyone. Bai Li Xi was a genius but he was a weakling in front of Lin Feng. 

“Talking about that beast is taboo… Lin Feng cares about it a lot.” everyone was understanding.

Bai Li Xi grabbed Lin Feng’s hand with his hands and tried pry him off, his eyes were bloodshot and his face was red. Flames of fury were burning in Lin Feng’s eyes.

“This time, I will let you off. However, if you dare offend me again, even if it means making Tian Chi furious, I will kill you!” said Lin Feng coldly, he particularly stressed the word “kill”. The atmosphere cold and people were all shivering, they could sense Lin Feng’s murderous intentions. He wasn’t threatening Bai Li Xi, he was making him a promise.

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